Galaxy Note 7s

Update: Samsung has now disabled the link, which currently redirects you to your local Samsung support site. It's likely the tool will be relaunched in the near future.

Original story: As promised a few days back, Samsung has launched a new online tool to let Galaxy Note 7 owners check if their phone is affected by the battery issue causing some units to catch fire or explode. The process is as simple as plugging your IMEI number into Samsung's form and pressing a button; you'll then be told if your Note needs to be replaced or not. The IMEI number is unique to your phone, and so provides an easy way to see whether it's from a batch affected by battery issues.

To find your IMEI, open the dialer and enter *#06#. Alternative you can also find it printed on your Note 7's box.

As we reported last week, Samsung is also marking the boxes of "safe" Galaxy Note 7s to make these easier to spot. However the IMEI lookup is a foolproof way to tell either way.

To confirm that your Galaxy Note 7 is safe, hit up Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 Checking site.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7