Facebook started testing its AI assistant for Messenger — simply called M — back in 2015, and the company is finally rolling out the service to everyone in the U.S.

Facebook Messenger M

Facebook says that M will pop up into conversations to suggest contextual "content and capabilities to enrich the way people communicate and get things done" — which sounds a lot like how Google Assistant works within Allo.

M's initial actions will include "fun" sticker suggestions, facilitating payment transfers, location sharing, coordinating meetup plans, and the ability to list ride-sharing options near your locale. M will automatically serve up suggestions once it recognizes intent in a conversation. From Facebook:

To experience M, simply chat with a friend or a group as you normally would. M may make a suggestion in a conversation relevant to one of the core actions listed above, and then the M logo and suggestion will appear — it's that simple. And M learns: the more you use it, the more it can help.

Facebook says that you can easily mute M if you don't want contextual suggestions, and that more features will be added in due course of time. While it didn't detail international availability yet, Facebook is rolling out a global update to Messenger that makes it easier to share videos and images. Starting today, you'll be able to share content with a long press from within the text compose window.