Android Central @ CES

The Eye Tribe was at CES 2014 showing off their eye-sensing bar, which lets users navigate without tapping or clicking anything. This has been available for awhile for $99, but what was really interesting was the micro USB dongle they showing running on an Android device. This enabled gaze tracking on a few productivity apps, but most the most impressive demo it ran was Fruit Ninja, so you could play just by looking at different points on the screen.

The more serious and slightly foreboding application here is that tracking gaze can be used by advertisers to figure out which ads you look at and for how long. Obviously that kind of data would be hugely useful, especially to an ad giant like Google, but this is likely pushing the boundaries of what people are comfortable with. 

The infrared camera dongle isn't being sold, but is being used as a proof of concept for mobile, with the final goal of getting manufacturers to integrate the technology directly into devices. Developers and other early adopters can snag a PC sensor bar now for $99. It's also worth noting that it's difficult to go completely finger-free; your eyes are always on and always moving, often involuntarily, so touch is still useful for confirming selections, or activating eye tracking mode. 

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