BB10 keyboard

If you're interested in smartphone tech, you've surely been peeking at CrackBerry checking out all the BlackBerry World coverage. It's OK, we've been checking it out, too. The folks over there are killing it with the coverage. What seems to have impressed people the most is the new on-screen keyboard we're seeing in BlackBerry 10 devices. It has awesome text prediction, uses gestures, and is a step in the right direction when compared to RIM's previous software keyboard options. Surepress. *shudder*

Well, it should look good, as well as look pretty familiar -- we're certain we've seen it before. I'll come right out and say it. RIM is using technology from SwiftKey in their new keyboard, if not in the physical layout, then at least in the prediction engine. Our scientific testing all but proves it, and yesterday's video confirms our suspicions. But it's a good thing. Of all the software keyboards out there, we think SwiftKey would be the one to use if given a choice. Tie it deep into the OS, and we imagine the fellows from England can work magic with it. Hit the break, and have a look for yourself. And be sure to keep an eye on CrackBerry to find out all there is to know about BlackBerry World 2012.