Verizon NE2

Verizon today confirmed the WSJ story that confirmed the news we broke to you two weeks ago in the first place -- the New Any 2 upgrade program is no more. Still don't believe us?

New Every Two was a marketing program available to customers who signed up for a two-year plan of at least $34.99 per month. Enrolled customers were eligible for a $30 or $50 credit toward a new phone depending on their monthly access tier.

New lines of service will no longer be enrolled in the New Every Two program. If you are currently enrolled, you may redeem your New Every Two benefit one more time for up to six months after fulfilling 20 months of your two-year term.

So there you have it. Let's all move on now, shall we? [Verizon]


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Yes, Verizon's New Every 2 is finished ...


Primary account holders get a full upgrade credit every 12 months...of course we are now stuck paying $10/month/smart phone. So yeah, who else here wishes t-mobile had a real 4g network, and better phones?

The beauty of T-Mobile and AT&T is that users of those services, if they so choose, can use virtually any GSM phone in the world. Not a bad deal, especially if they support the correct 4G frequencies. A "real" 4G network? That would be nice. I'm sorry, but I don't think rebranding a frequency should be considered 'another generation'. But what do I know, right?

So why would I stay with em once my 2 yr contract is finished? I can just pay $0 for a new smartphone and go to a new carrier...

Why one year?
Go month to month, buy your own phones contract free, and do the math.

Its a lot cheaper that way.

How does paying $600 for a device in contrast to only $200 "a lot cheaper"? You can't include the ETF because that's only valid if you actually leave early and this scenario is assuming you are not. Even then, by the time you get to that 20 months, your ETF plus the original $200 will STILL be cheaper than buying the device outright. Where you getting your math?

The price (the full frigging price) of the phone is baked into your monthly payments. Go ahead and pay full non-contract price, and calculate that out for two years and you will see the saving.

Plus you can ebay the old one when moving up to your new one for usually more than half.

Um ok... still not understanding your math. Month-to-Month plans costs the same amount as contract plans so that negates your "baked in" theory. As far as get far more $$ from Gazelle - but this still has nothing to do with your statement about savings??

And to humor you...calculations on a $600 device over a 2 year contract shows a 'baked-in' cost of $25/month. With a subsidy, you are look around $16/month 'baked-in'. Since the plans cost the same whether you contract or not, buying the phone out-right at full price actually costs MORE because you are still getting charged that $16-$25 a month. If you sell your device, you are actually losing money. You lose either way going your route. Even if you sold your device for "more than half" that's still money you're out, and you are still paying the $16-$25/month on top of the difference to purchase your replacement device. If you want to say "what about 1 year contracts" then you are even MORE shafted because that increases your 'baked-in' price that you were trying not to pay for anyway. Lose-Lose, for you.

You are right. icebike has some fuzzy math.

1 YR contracts = new discounted $270ish phone every 10-12 months
M TO M = new $600 phone when ever you want.

If you like upgrading every year like the old policy allowed, 1 YR contracts are now the way to go.

Actually, for those of you paying $600 for a phone and continually staying with Verizon, you could argue that Verizon charges you more than EVERYONE ELSE because you get NO SPECIAL DISCOUNT on plan pricing. In essence, you're helping Verizon subsidize everyone else's phone! And to that I say THANK YOU!

Exactly how is it cheaper? You pay the same price per month either way but with out a contact. I have heard this many times but yet I am still not sure how it's cheaper?

Obviously, I am not the only one with that question.

I think it has to be a T-mobile user. They have a cheaper non-contract price. ($10 of voice plus $10 data per month off) You have to call them or be a current customer see/hear the non-contract price.

Either way you look at it, it's a load of dookie.
Verizon is going to be loosing allot of faithful clientele (I personally been with them since the good ole Bell Atlantic days) if they don't come up with something that's worthy enough to replace "NE2".

3 stars just for your use of 'dookie'.

As far as the NE2, they are not going to lose a significant clientele base because of a policy that 'might' get someone $50 off a phone in 2 years. People will stay with VZW because they know about the service. VZW doesn't need any 'sugar-coating'. Personally, I would rather not have people that care about things like NE2 on the network anyway because 'free-loaders' and 'incentive because I chose you' people are what drives up costs for everyone else.

Remember,like the memo says,Verizon's only "simplifying" the upgrade process. We should be so lucky Verizon's looking out for us.

What's the difference? Once your contract is up, you just renew for the subsidized device price. Same thing as new every two. I'm failing to see what the point is.

Cheapskates want their $30 or $50 because they feel VZW should give them an entitlement for picking their services. It's all a crock and the typical 'greedy' mindset of the traditional American consumer.

Yeah can someone please explain to me what the big deal is? After your two year contract is up you can still get a new phone at the contract price. It seems the only change is you don't get 50 dollars more off.

It seems the only change is you don't get 50 dollars more off.

Which is the exact problem these people have. Remember...if they can't get it for free, they want it cheap. They would rather a company bankrupt if it means getting things for free. I would rather invest money into a company that builds its infrastructure and takes care of its employees...which VZW does.

i think its all about equal nothing much price wise has changed. 2 years or 20 months is a little long warranty will run out before then so if your phone really does die ull be paying full price for a new one...1 year contract a little more upfront but get to do it again in a year and some relief in that year money wise if something tragic happens to your phone

You won't be eligible for the annual discount until month 20. You can upgrade at any time for full-price.

Originally on a 2 year contract with a plan of $49.99 or higher you would be eligible for an annual upgrade around the 13th month.

First I read that you could only upgrade after 20 months (which is what i usually do) then with all the whining I was picturing that every phone will now be full price (Read $500-$600) for any good smartphone at any time even when my full contract is up. Then I realize people are complaining about that $30 off thing they give you. If the biggest thing is that small incentive, I can deal with it. And if $30 is that big of an impact in my life, I would not be buying a new smartphone anyways, if anything I would be downgrading to a dumbphone.

The subsidies are not going away. People are griping and moaning about their measly $30 they have to cough up in 2 years to get the hottest gadget.

For the people crying over losing $30-50 dollars...How about you all save $1.50 month in a jar somewhere for the next 20 months.
Problem solved.