Samsung Galaxy Tab

Samsung has made the Wifi-only version of the original Galaxy Tab officially available today.  If you weren't lucky enough to get yours a few days early, you can now jump online and order one, at the reasonable cost of $349.99.  Samsung lists six "official"  retailers that are selling the tab, and interestingly enough Frys and Amazon are both already sold out.  Whether this is because of demand, or supply issues is unknown, but it's worth mentioning.

Also worth mentioning is the fact that the Tab is still a Froyo tablet.  I hope there are plans for an official update, but with the changes Google has made that's anyone's guess.  There is an unofficial update in the works, and I'm pretty certain that if Google does release tablet-centric source code we'll see some great implementation of it on the Tab, but it is what it is.  We recently asked readers if they would choose the Wifi Tab or the Barnes & Noble Nook Color, and the Nook was the more popular device with readers who had plans to purchase one or the other.  I think both would be a fine choice, but I already have a Nook Color so I think I'll pass on this one and wait to see what Toshiba has for us.  But if you're in the market for a very nice, low priced Android tablet, the Wifi Tab is certainly worth looking at. [Samsung]


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Wifi-only Galaxy Tab officially available from Samsung


While I'm interested because of the size, why would I want this over the eee pad Transformer for $50 more? What I'm really interested in is the 8.9" Tab that Sammy is releasing this summer.. Should hit the sweet spot for size, but price remains to be seen..

I've been comparing sizes both on paper and with Sizeasy. Unfortunately, although the 8.9" will be about halfway between the GTab 7 and Gtab 10.1, it appears to me that it will only be marginally smaller than the Xoom (the Gtab 10.1 is bigger than the Xoom).

I'm hoping I'm wrong, or that I have the wrong measurements, but from what I can tell, the excitement everyone has for the 8.9" tab form factor may be wasted. Even in the pics from the announcement you can see that the 8.9 is just a hair smaller than the ipad. Still, it might be worth the wait just to save the 1/2 pound in weight compared to the Xoom.

I had a tmobile galaxy tab but brought it back to get a xoom with honeycomb, which you can see why but in all honesty I would gladly get another tab because 7 inches is the perfect mobile size for me and its not bad device. Just lacking the latest Os.

I'm torn. After playing with my wife's Nook Color I think I really like the 7" form-factor. But, I'm also interested in the 8.9" and the HTC Flyer. So many choices... :)

I'm also interested in the 8.9. I've played with the 7" Tab, and I love the form factor. But, the OS is more important. I'm sure I heard it would drop at $469. I would take this for that price once I can test drive it.

hopefully BestBuy has it around for mothers day. i'm more interested in the 10.1 thats is coming out later this year.

I ordered mine online yesterday and can't wait for it to come in!! I was looking at the 10" tabs but they're too big for my liking.