Die, Upworthy, Die.

Facebook, in a decision that could change the course of humanity as we know it, today announced that it's going to "reduce click-baiting headlines." That is, it's going to give less relevance to post with headlines like the one we used on this post, and instead give preference to headlines that actually give facts and allow the reader to choose whether to read the story.

Imagine that.

Writes Facebook:

"Click-baiting" is when a publisher posts a link with a headline that encourages people to click to see more, without telling them much information about what they will see. Posts like these tend to get a lot of clicks, which means that these posts get shown to more people, and get shown higher up in News Feed.

Facebook says that a survey showed 80 percent of the time "people preferred headlines that helped them decide if they wanted to read the full article before they had to click through. Of course, that doesn't do anything about the fact that we were all gullible enough to click on those links in the first place, but that's neither here nor there.

Facebook today also recommended that publishers share stories not as images with links inserted in the captions, but in the proper link format, with Facebook using hidden metadata to parse out titles and images.

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What Facebook is about to do to your News Feed will SHOCK you!


Oh my... This is a life changer. Funny they won't change people's news feeds back to the way everyone wants but they're fixing idiotic shit. Glad I dumped shitbook last year.

Because he obviously had something to say as a previous Facebook user. Why did you comment on his comment when his comment doesn't pertain to you?

Nice, I agree with you. People like that have their days ruined from a comment. Must live a sad life.

>I'm the kind of guy who stops a microwave at one second to feel like a bomb defuser.

I stop it so I don't have to hear the "finished" beep at the end. It makes me feel like I've bested the microwave. It's beneath me.

I continued the sarcasm that was presented in the article and then pointed out how they (like most out of touch companies) fix things that aren't broken or are of little concern while ignoring big issues costumers continually point out. If that's too much to handle continue scrolling.

I still use FB, but I agree with this. I hate not being able to switch to most recent in the app.

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Oh how obvious. It almost seems like they're not trying to hide it to phase out people using it. Almost.

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But u have to keep doing it each time u get on Facebook.. I'm still on an older version of Facebook where the option is still available as a default.

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Exactly my point brotha. Though it was never gone, it's no longer the default news feed setup but rather an option under "more". I kind of missing the old version because of that reason. But then again, the newer version gives us more flexibility especially Improvements for reliability and speed.

There has yet to be a change anyone anywhere has ever made that didn't piss off people stuck in the mud.

Actually, if you used social media, you would see that they're addressing a pretty major issue.

Not as annoying as like-baiting. Was always unnecessary seeing a picture of a 5-day old baby born with a physical deformity in my news feed.

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Block the person who posted it? That's what I do, fuck your "friends" once they show their true colours. Or put up with it, whatever.

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whoever the twenty percent is that would rather be surprised by what's inside the article: i hate you

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The only reason I opened this article with the "Click baiting headline" is because I saw Android Central posted it, I kinda trust you guys.

I clicked this article hoping it was about Facebook allowing to set most recent news when you open it instead of top stories.

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It's such a relief having quickly phased FB out of every day use, then to have uninstalled it. "Top stories" was the catalyst, but just look at how much time we all waste putting up with these mounting inconveniences. Kinda takes the convenience out of mobile networking, no?

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Haha nice joke, but failbook's not doing jack shit if it's not fixing most recent newsfeeds.

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Nearly every user uses it for zero dollars and accepts their terms and conditions before being able to use it at all. Lawsuit for what? If you don't like something that is FREE don't use it.

How much money have you lost because of Facebook? If you don't like it then stay off. Pretty simple concept!

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How does "click-baiting" not tell people much information about what they will see on the article? Correct me if I'm wrong but those "click-baiting" headlines do tell the people what they will see after clicking on it. There's the name of the headline describing the article, a picture showing what it will be about, and a comment made by the publisher who posted the headline on their Facebook page. Doesn't that tell people enough information about the article we are about to click on?

They are deliberately vague telling you just enough to get your interest, and they are likely stretching the truth in the process, for example, with regard to the headline in the article, it didn't actually shock me.

A more informative headline for this article would be "Facebook to reduce click-baiting headlines in news feed".

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Then that's a problem of the naming convention of the headline. But even though with a redefined headline, there still is enough information for people to know what the article should be about.

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Not really. They often say things like, "You won't believe what this actor did.." Some even have incomplete sentences, leaving off the last word that would supply the context.

I've seen posts similar to that on publishers such as The Huffington Post, or other less known publishers or websites that some of my Facebook friends like. That's the Web, and it's full of articles like that. I don't understand why Facebook wants to reduce those posts. It's up to the end-user to decide if they want to click on the article to read more about it.

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Here is a better idea, Facebook. How about you show me the most recent posts by default and throw in an ad or two every two pages or something. I would like that much better.

That's it I don't think I can keep going with my life, after this dramatic changes.

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I haven't been on FB in month's and deleted the app off my phone. Its just filled with pictures of what people are eating and drinking at the the time. Like I care that your drinking a Starbucks coffee SMH. The only social media site I use is Twitter and it will stay that way.

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They should release the algorithm that identifies click-bait headlines so that the open source community can bake it into browser plug-ins that hide all click-bait headlines across the web.

Can you imagine how empty most web pages would look if click-bait articles were automatically hidden? The internet would cease to exist.

I'm sure those click-bait companies are advertisers on FB, so I highly doubt they will do much of anything to hurt their customers and their cash flow.

Killed off News Feed - and a number of Facebook's more irritating 'features' - on its full site some time ago with FB Purity, so this sort of nonsense I don't even see. As for my iDevice's Facebook app, well, I simply ignore all the bumpf not posted directly from Friends.

Only had fb because of spotify, now I have a new spotify account not linked to spotify, so that means bye bye Facebook, you will not be missed

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I thought you were going to say it would cause my phone to shock my fingers.

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