Verizon Galaxy S3 updateVerizon Galaxy S3 update

Verizon's Galaxy S3 is getting its update to Android 4.1.2, with the new build hitting phones right about ... now! Here's the full changelog for VRBMB1:

  • Keyboard Predictive Text feature has been improved
  • User can take pictures while on a call
  • Manual refresh button has been added to lock screen stock ticker
  • Email syncing has been improved
  • Bluetooth® performance has been improved
  • VZ Navigator and Amazon have been added to stub applications

Not huge improvements, we suppose (with Bluetooth being the exception), but we'll never look an update in the mouth.

More: Verizon Galaxy S3 forums; Thanks, Craig!


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Verizon Galaxy S3 seeing its Android 4.1.2 update today


Thanks! I just got the update and was wondering what had changed. They also changed the camera app so holding down the camera button does burst shots instead of focusing. It can be turned off in the settings though.

Damn. Figures, haha. Can someone remind me if just running Voodoo OTA Rootkeeper after the update will get me back to root-tastic goodness? If not, another easy way, maybe?

I have CW recovery on mine and it prompted me about keeping root while I was doing the update(don't remember the exact wording). Just verified, I'm still rooted.

CW recovery kept your root state? It always asks me about not overwriting the recovery image so CW is safe but it never once asked me about root. What version are you running?

Mine also asked me. It said something like, it looks like an update has removed root access, would you like to restore it. I said yes and can also verify mine is still working.

I thought other S3 versions got the multi window with 4.1.2? If that's true why didn't the Verizon version get it?

better late than never Verizon. I just hear Amazon and stub app, and I'm reminded of why I switched From verizon to sprint when my contract was up with my bloated DX. being in Indy just makes it better because Verizon is no better service Than sprint here.

better late than never Verizon. I just hear Amazon and stub app, and I'm reminded of why I switched From verizon to sprint when my contract was up with my bloated DX. being in Indy just makes it better because Verizon is no better service Than sprint here.

I'm scared this update will slow my GS3 down like it did my Nexus. I think I'll wait to see if all is well first.

I had one of my s3's die and even with scuffs on the case (one of my teenagers phone) they had one back to me in two weeks. No charge to me. Great repair tracking also while its there. Probably quicker for someone closer to the repair center in huston

Is anyone noticing any change in battery life? My wife has the S3, and her only gripe is how fast the battery discharges compared to her iPhone 4. If this update improves that at all, I'll be a hero today.

I updated today as well since I have been running stock out of the box. I have to say the S3 became even more responsive after the update. Not sure what Samsung put into but its nice.

Mine seems a little snappier as well. However, not so snappy that I can conclusively say that it's something more than a placebo effect.

Haha, Verizon Galaxy S3 is ahead of Verizon Galaxy Nexus in terms of OS version.
This is wonderful news for toro owners.

Battery seems better. Also, when place on wireless charger the pop-up notification telling me "Your Device will now charge wirelessly" is GONE! The screen turns on and shows charging and the red charging notification light illuminates.

Yesterday my s3 updated to the new 4.1.2 since then I cant pick up my Comcast emails...It say server password has failed. I re-entered my password and it still has the same error message on all 3…

Having the same problem with a Gmail account even when another Gmail account is working fine. I tried removing the account and then adding it back in but it still won't recognize the password.

Strange that nobody mentions the GPS problem.
Mine has been unable to get a "GPS lock" since January (the last major upgrade).
To say that I am unimpressed with Samsung + Verizon is to put it mildly.
BTW: The problem has also been reported with other carriers (ATT and I'm not sure about TMO + Sprint).

Before that I had a Nexus ONE then a Galaxy Nexus. I'm never again buying a phone on contract and I'll
do my best to stick to Nexus phones.

It's upgrading right now and if the damn thing does't get fixed soon, I'm thinking of going CM10.
Anone has a fool proof set of instructions to root the Verizon GS3 and install CM10?
- C

New member. I am on my second S3 since the first of the year because the first one stopped vibrating and was warrantied. Anyway, I was just getting around to rooting it and started to look up the files necessary and noticed that 4.1.2 is out, currently on 4.1.1. My question is can I update the phone first and then use the current available files to root my phone or should I root then run OTA Rootkeeper before updating? Thanks in advance for the help!

Galaxy S3 on Sprint Network... I was initially in love with the keyboard update but every once in a while ill select a word from the predictive choices and it'll delete everything I wrote and insert just that word. OBNOXIOUS!!!

I'm also experiencing the GPS location issue. Cannot lock my location so I'm unable to navigate, check in, use local yelp or "nearby" apps. Plus its always trying to locate me so battery drains. For some reason even when I turn off the GPS locator it turns back on. Beyond frustrating!!!

Yeah i get that same thing, ill write something then hit a predictive word and it erases everything else I hate that, done it a few times now. But never had the gps cut on by its self. Only WiFi and that's with the Sprint Connection Optimizer, that is off.

I have Verizon and it deletes my entire text to auto correct a word every time I use auto correct on any word other than the very last one. It is very obnoxious. I hope they fix that quickly.

Also, the last update took away the shortcuts to punctuation and substituted a next suggested word shortcut, which I could definitely do without.

Before the update I had everything on my keyboard as silent (no vibrations or sounds). After the update, no matter what I turn on/off, I have vibrations and sounds when I text/type. Any ideas? I can't seem to turn either one off.

click menu, then language and input. Then click the gear tab next to samsung keyboard. Go down to advanced. There you can select vibration and sound as on or off...

Updated today and now my Verizon network extender no longer works. I get a busy signal when trying to make a phone call. I live in an apt. building and depend on the network extender to make and receive calls. I can make calls when extender power is off but lousy signal. Thanks for help in advance.

just got my update, haven't really played with it yet, though. regarding the gps issue however, i got my s3 last december and never had any issues until sometime january. what worked for me was that i started uninstalling apps that i thought may have "tweeked" or messed something up with my gps setting....'til i found the culprit...and it worked for me. my trustgo add on from my dolphin browser actually warned me about the app ya. also, after that, i uninstalled and reinstalled maps updates, refreshed the phone, even all the way to removing and replacing the battery, just to cover my bases, to see which would work. so ya, hope that helps you guys out. watch out for the apps you install....i read somewhere fr another user that it was the same for her, the app though was different for me and for her. mine was a pic app that had all kid frames...forgot what twas called...again, hope it helps!

Why can't I get this update? I went into the settings and I checked for updates, but it said that everything is up to date. I am in 4.1.1.

I got my 4.1.2 update on my S3 and it seems to have broken the type ahead feature.
I type a few letters (for example "Mic") the type ahead gives me some choices ("Michael") I select the choice and it appends it to what I have typed ("MicMichael"). Very frustrating. Anyone else seeing this? Is there a setting that needs adjusting?

I'm just guessing, but I suspect that it probably means that the camera functionality can now be accessed while talking on the phone, while previously it presumably could not.

So you're on the phone. You hit the hard button, start the camera app, take a picture. While the call is in progress.

I am totally new to this and we are looking into buying a Verizon Samsung Galaxy S iii with the 4.0 ICS OS and then upgrade to the 4.1.2 Jelly Bean ~ our questions are these...Is it worth it? How do you do the upgrade? Is it an app and where do you get it? Is it free?

Android is free, and upgrades are usually provided by your cell carrier. A big file will download to the phone, ask for permission, then your phone reboot and upgrade, which takes 15 minutes tops.

If you are running stock, (not rooted or anything), it's a no-brainer.

I'm trying to find out if Samsung has fixed the auto correct/predictive word/type ahead feature. It seems that this has been a problem for a while & I haven't seen anything that says it's been corrected. It's really making me hate this phone!

How long does it usually take from when people first start reporting a problem to when it is repaired?

Thank you.