Verizon Galaxy Note II

If you've got a Verizon Galaxy Note 2, you should now have an update to Android 4.1.2 waiting for you. Thanks to Roustermiller in the Android Central forums, we have the build.prop information:

  • Android 4.1.2
  • Baseband version I605VRAMC3
  • Kernel version 3.0.31-1098177
  • Build number JZO54K.I605VRAMC3

Head over to the update thread for changes posted as they are found. We'll update this post when we get more information from Verizon.

And here's the full changelog:

  • Download images via Enterprise Exchange email
  • Download ring back tones through VZTones version 5.1.2 preloaded application 
  • Access downloaded languages on the Samsung keyboard
  • Use Multi Window support for more applications
  • (YouTube, Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon Kindle, Viewdini, Google Maps and Talk)
  • Search or filter by Name in the dialer screen
  • The snooze option in the Alarm Clock app is set to “ON” by default
  • All Alarm Clock options are now viewable without the need to press the “more” button
  • Added a Notification Panel editing menu under Display Settings
  • Transfer content from your old device seamlessly with the
  • Samsung Smart Switch application, now supported

Source: Verizon (pdf); More: Android Central Forums

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geoff5093 says:

So very little new for us running a TW ROM on 4.1.1.

deadlock4400 says:

@Casey Rendon

Thanks for the exciting news.

Verizon Note II owner have some fun.

Thanks in Advance

Raptor007 says:

Not bad since it was lauched 5 months ago, Verizon crippled the bootloader shortly after launch when it was breached and now users get an older JB version. Really Samsung you couldn't put 4.2.2 on this or even 4.2.1. So much for the Flagship GN2.

The LG Optimus G Pro is launching with 4.1.2 and I bet it will get 4.2.x before the GN2 does.

luniboy26 says:

I'm willing to take you up on that bet



RaiderWill says:

Half Way to the Galaxy Note 3 and the Note 2 is just now getting 4.1.2 ??? Really? What a joke...

I've been running 4.2.2 Jellybean on my Note 1 for a while now :-) all the more reason to Root & Rom..

This is so sad.

BrianBaker says:

Correction..Verizon Galaxy Note II users are getting 4.1.2 half way to the Note 3..The rest of us have had it for months now.

hoosiercub says:

There's nothing preventing Verizon Note II owners from rooting and ROMing to 4.2.2 so your point is kind of moot.

peterfares says:

Yeah you can run 4.2 on the GN2 if you want a really unstable device. It's Exynos based so third party ROMs for it suck, you have to use stock based ROMs. The original Note had a sllloooow Snapdragon S3 but that allows for good custom ROMs.

I've been running liquid smooth latest 4.2.2 Rom for my Verizon gnote II as my daily driver. Everything works, and works well! Perfectly stable, even when it comes to GPS, which I was shocked about, considering the trials and tribulations of trying to get GPS to work on aosp.. seriously, not one thing wrong that I've noticed so far. So, I guess your point is moot :-P

Jowlah says:

Here's the crazy thing: I was under the impression that the Galaxy Note II already got its update when the Galaxy S III got its update. For those that are getting the update, have fun with all the new features. I have the S III and I'm waiting for 4.2 now.

jorgeix says:

Just installed the update but don't see any difference. What would be a good reason to have 4.2.1 or 4.2.2?
My note 2 runs so perfect that I don't really have need for rooting or installing unofficial ROMs like I use to do with my HTC phones or the galaxy S2.
What would be a good feature on newer versions of android? or custom ROMs for the Note 2? anyone...

the1m.polo says:

Thank you!!!! I'm fine with my note2. ..people just like to wine and complain. ...I could understand from ics to jellybean but these other updates aren't worth crying about ....your damn phone works just fine...please tell that your really gonna be so blown away by 4.2.2????

hmmm says:

Come on...use the picture of the Note 2 with the button. You know what I mean...THE button...

I just noticed a big issue since applying the update. When linking from emails it no longer allows me to choose from the other browsers installed on my phone. It forces me to hyperlink with the default browser only! This is major BS!

Mtn_Scott says:

Reset Default applications on browser

dxhunter says:

Apparently the original Note from AT&T is getting 4.1.2 also. It's nice not to be forgotten.

skyboxer says:

Oh crap I just looked and realized I'm on 4.1.1. Should I be furious, since it works perfectly? I could understand the rage if we were on gingerbread waiting for ICS but these are small changes. I have noticed that most of the bloatware updates through the play store. It's a shame that stuff like the keyboard and multiwindow doesn't as well.

coolpher says:

I downloaded the update and right after it restarted the devices now in a boot loop at the Samsung galaxy note 2 screen right after the black screen

I forgot to leave the phone in developer mode with debugged USB port on
If anybody has any ideas of how to reinstall earlier OS let me know

Verizon is sending me a replacement unit to fix the issue

E90 Commie says:

On normal (unlocked, unbranded that is) Samsung devices, Odin can take care of bad flashes. Download the latest factory image from Samfirmware, install Odin on the computer and reflash it.

Another option is to use KIES and make a factory restore that way.

K_Daddy says:

Smart stay icon is on all the time. Seems to work better.
Folders look different. Better

chuckh0308 says:

First thing I noticed is the herky jerky swipe action for unlocking is now smooth and instant. Also, the screen shots are different in that instead of the screen brightening across with the path of your hand, it now just flashes a frame around the edge of the screen, if that makes sense?

return_0 says:

What did it have before? 4.0.x or 4.1.1?

Ronnie2 says:

That's hilarious because the AT&T Note 1 just got the same update today. Verizon is definitely the slowest carrier when it comes to updates.

Chocu1a says:

Yawn...CleanROM ACE has been on 4.1.2 since forever(international base). Booooring.

eirrom says:

Is anyone having issues with battery life?

I'm down to 32% and the phone has only been off the charger 5 hrs. I just used it to check emails this morning, nothing else.

Chad Fettig says:

I have noticed the same things. It seems to die so much faster. I have noticed a slight up tick in reaction to commands but no not enough to draw the juice that it does.

eirrom says:

My phone is just a mess. It has been off the charger 10 hours and it's at 13% left. I have sent about 30 texts and ready some news articles on USA Today for about 10 minutes. That is it! What is going on? This is driving me crazy!

crcpeach says:

I've updated an now cannot seem to get 4G :( Anyone else having this problem?

Sucks the personal background for messages is now tinted. Also when I send a picture it asks which gallery to use. So I hit the gallery and hit always use this. But then it asks me that everytime.