US Cellular galaxy s iii

US Cellular has begun shipping their version of the Samsung Galaxy S III to customers who have pre-ordered the device. The tip comes from a lucky Forums member who received an email with the tracking number that listed today as the ship date!

For all you anxious US Cellular customers who have been waiting to get your hands on the newest and coolest Android device (see our review), and you won't have to wait much longer.

If you have received a similar email or even have your phone already, please shout to the Samsung Galaxy S III Forum!

Source: Android Central ForumsThanks Kingtony63!


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US Cellular now shipping pre-ordered Galaxy S IIIs


Great, now I have to guard my front door for half the day so it doesn't end up in some obscure distribution center in the middle of nowhere. Definitely glad U.S. Cellular wasn't left out of the new device party this time around.

FYI only the 16GB units are shipping. The 32GB Galaxys will be shipping no later than July 23 according to USC Customer Service. Some of us are still going to have to wait.