Earlier this week we heard about the acquisition of T-Mobile by AT&T, which was shortly followed by a Q & A from T-Mobile. We appreciate T-Mobile providing so much information, as many customers are left wondering what will happen to them, and more importantly their devices and service. Some of these new answers address things such as:

  • Your rates for your current plan will not be affected.
  • Forums are a great place to express concerns and have questions answered
  • Great time to join T-Mobile, they are continuing to expand their own network while working through the acquisition

If you have any questions in regards to the AT&T acquisition of T-Mobile, be sure to keep your eye on the Q&A posting here, and be sure to express any concerns in the T-Mobile forums. [T-Mobile]


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Updated Q & A from T-Mobile


Joining T-Mobile would mean joining AT&T. Why would I want to do that? If anything I would be trying to get out of that contact

Of course customers' plans won't be affected. To do so would give customer right to leave the carrier and take their number with them.

Well . . . I have two phones on T-Mobile: A Nexus One and a Nexus S, both of which are not compatible with AT&T 3g. Looks like I am forced to a different carrier. This merger is lame.

You are not being forced anywhere.
T-mobile will continue to run its network for the forseeable future.

Stop spreading FUD.

If he cherishes the qualities that T-Mobile brought to the market, and AT&T assimilates T-Mobile, then he is, effectively forced to switch carriers.

Google does not make an AT&T Nexus S and AT&T has already stated that the frequencies will change so the Nexus S is unusable (except for edge). That, my friend, is fact, not FUD. I upgraded my account with T-Mobile to get a Nexus S and in a year, pending FCC decision, I will have a virtually worthless device. It sucks, but I will be selling both Nexus phones while they still have some value and waiting on the NS4G on Sprint. I do not want to do that, I am FORCED to.

Some people aren't seeing the opportunity ahead. This could be exactly what T-Mobile customers need. The networks voice coverage will definitely increase, a quicker turn to LTE and an opportunity to do this all and keep your current Tmobile rates. I see it as a win for current customers as all this will occur and by the time your device is rendered edge only, you'll want a new one anyway.

You are forgetting resale value. Currently, you can expect to flip a phone you want to upgrade for a pretty good amount. However, that will dwindle to just about nothing if the network it relies on is shutdown.

This is really unprecedented. I'm currently selling a Nokia 8290 on eBay from 2001 that still works on T-Mobile's network. Previously, you upgraded if you wanted better technology, not to keep your current phone from becoming useless.

I suspect the upgrade fever will die down as the handset manufacturers settle on commoditized features. At that point, more people will want to keep their phones longer. People like me, who don't feel the need to upgrade every three months will be shafted as our phone will become obsolete not just figuratively, but literally.

Yes it will. AT&T has announced plans to repurpose the 1700Mhz band T-Mobile uses for 3G, for LTE. Thus, my phone becomes hobbled when that happens. The only FUD is here is being spread by you.

Yes and no. A lot of folks and media are reporting this re-purposing of T-Mo's 3G bands as though AT&T will be turning off the T-Mo's 3G the moment the deal closes. That's not accurate.

Yes: AT&T is planning to re-purpose the 1700MHz band for their LTE network.

No: Your T-Mo phone will not cease to work the minute the deal closes. You will be able to use it for a few more years!

As contracts come up for renewal, the T-Mo phones will be swapped with ATT phones. Once a given threshold is reached, then the T-Mo 3G is turned off. You're looking at a minimum of 2-3 years AFTER the acquisition closes, which itself isn't for another year.

I never said that it would happen the moment the deal closes.

I'm not on contract. I own my own phone. Thus, if I keep using my phone and the merger goes through, I will eventually have no 3G. That's a fact.

Yes, in 3 to 4 years you'll be forced to change your phone if you want to maintain 3G. Technology, unfortunately, has forced obsolescence. As LTE grows, someday, everyone will need new phones.

Really it's the fact we'll probably lose the "Even More Plus" plans that worry me the most, more than the 3G going away. Like you, I don't pay the contract rates.

It's this probable loss of the budget plans as to why I hope this doesn't go through. If we're really lucky, there will be some sort of grandfathering forced upon AT&T. But at least we can use our phones for some years yet before we need new ones.

Even More Plus is the way to go. I'll never sign a contract with a carrier again. It's voluntary slavery.

You know, we're all in agreement here guys. All I'm trying to do is balance it a bit. A blanket statement like "AT&T plans to turn off the 3G forcing all T-Mobile users to buy a new phone" is just misleading.

You won't have to buy a new phone any time soon, and the point where the 3G will stop working is in all likelihood 3-4 years away. The quote in the article even states it will be done through the normal upgrade process (i.e. as contracts expire). There's no need to fret over it. If you're planning on jumping ship over this 3G issue, you'll be buying a new phone anyway, you know?

Like I mentioned above, those (like me and ScottJ) on the non-contract plans have more to loose than the fact we'll need a new phone in 3-4 years. The only thing that will be "locked in" as far as existing plans and prices, are the contracted folks. AT&T has only said it will "look closely at" the non-contract plans.

"A blanket statement like 'AT&T plans to turn off the 3G forcing all T-Mobile users to buy a new phone' is just misleading."

It's not misleading. I don't upgrade every year, or even two. My Blackberry lasted me three years. I only got rid of it after I got my Android phone. Guess what? I sold it on eBay for $50. It had worth because Edge is still supported. Fast forward three years when 3G is gone. Will I be able to flip my phone on eBay at that point? I highly doubt it.

For those that, in effect, lease their phones and upgrade often, the change doesn't mean a lot. I'm not one of them and I suspect I'm not alone.

If in 3 years T-Mo's 3G is gone, your phone will still work just fine on Edge. If Edge support - which is really just basic GSM service - is what gave your Blackberry residual value, so would it be for your Android.

I have been a Sprint, VZ and ATT customer they all suck. If Tmobile gets bought any of those three I will stop using any service. None are worth my $$$$. I am sure another one will pop up sooner than later..

Would like to know what happens to prepaid customers as well. I posted a message in the t-mo forum...