Samsung Galaxy S5

A quick reminder, folks, that T-Mobile's Samsung Galaxy S5 is now available for preorder. The Galaxy S5 will run $0 down and $27.50 per month when paired with one of its Simple Choice plans, or you can buy it outright for $660. Pre-order here.

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T-Mobile Galaxy S5 now available for preorder


For T-mobile, at least, you can preorder today and get it by Apr 11.

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I had the Nexus 5 too for about 2 weeks when I switched to T-Mobile. Deal breaker is it doesn't have wifi calling like the rest of the T-Mobile lineup. I work in a hospital with bad cell reception. Other than that I loved the phone. Hope you enjoy it.

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It's been announced since last week that pre-orders start today for T-Mobile. It shouldn't be news for you. This is course if you're not being sarcastic.

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I guess I was being sarcastic in a way. But I did forget that it was announced already

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Spent some time at the Best Buy store yesterday, I have to say I'm not overly impressed with the phone. The back is nice, but the side bezels are bigger than my LG G2. Performance is somewhat sluggish as well (granted that it's a display unit with Samsung retail software running). Also, I don't see the 32GB and other color options available for pre-order. I think I'll sit this one out until I've seen a few reviews.

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As someone else said, where's the 32GB option? They really need to phase out this 16GB BS. With this being Samsungs flagship phone, it should come in 32/64GB versions ONLY (for now). If Apple offers 64GB of internal storage, why can't Samsung? Again, "internal storage," yes I know Samsung has SD cards, but internally it's time for it to be increased.

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Link please! It's not anywhere online or over the phone.

Yes, there was that leaked picture last week showing a 32gb version available via web only but it's not anywhere to be found.

not true. Internal is the only place you will store apps if running 4.4x with out a little work. Plus touch wiz is large. i think there is around 9gb avail to the user.

I would have agreed with you until they added DocumentSync with Dropbox. Its a pain to disable without losing your files and can't be stored to the SD without rooting your phone. 32 GB is a necessity now if you use a phone for business.

Agree 32gb should be Base model for all flagships and 16gb for mid range and 8gb for low ends by the oems greedy standard today but in reality it should be even more considering how cheap these memory's have gotten over the years, for what we are paying for a flagship it should be 64gb, mid 32gb and low ends 16gb. It's funny that after 5 years we are still being ripped off by being charged the same for 16gb storage and 8gb should be eradicated considering storage literally costs dollars.

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At the top right corner of the page, once added to cart, u should see two tabs, one says installments, the other says one payment or something like that. Click on that tab to get outright. Anyone else discover that downpayment is only 0 down for well-qualified customers? They eant 300 plus tax down from me.

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Close, but not quite what I was looking for... I was hoping to buy it outright without a monthly plan. Again, unless I'm missing something.

I don't need a monthly plan, I already have a T-Mobile prepaid SIM. Also don't need the SIM Starter Kit.

That's not possible. I was on prepaid last year when the Galaxy S 4 came out. What I had to do was start a Simple Choice plan and buy the phone at full price. Then when I received the phone, I called to cancel the service on the Simple Choice plan and I just popped my prepaid SIM in the device and was good to go. Didn't get charged anything for canceling the Simple Choice plan, it's just a little inconvenient with prepaid.

It's always been $0 down for well-qualified customers. Apparently you aren't well-qualified if they require $300 down from you.

Just ordered the s5 white 16 gig for my wife, she has no idea yet. She currently has the s4 and 16 gig is plenty for her, we will pass the s4 down to the kid. I will be waiting for the Note 4 and hopefully all its glory in 32 gig. If Samsung drops it to 16 then I will keep the Note 3 and hope for better luck next year.

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