Looks like Sprint decided to make good on unveiling that secret webpage we uncovered a couple of days ago.

Going to www.sprint.com/evo3d now redirects the user to Sprint's new "All. Together. Now." page, which also covers the HTC EVO View 4G, the Kyocera Echo, and the Nexus S 4G.

You can view 360-degree models and spec sheets for the EVO View 4G and EVO 3D, and get redirected to dedicated pages for the Echo and Nexus S 4G.

It's good to see Sprint drumming up some excitement, especially with the lineup they're packing. Pleased with what you see? Head on over to the forums and discuss!


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Sprint unveils landing page -- EVO 3D, View 4G in the spotlight


You know, Sprint has now officially taken their url.sprint.com page down...

There was a lot of good secret stuff on there...BEFORE they took it down.

Ok what is so exciting about this? Am I missing something cuz its just the specs and we all have known those since the announcement of it. I signed up for the email already, seen a 360 view of it and everything. I was hoping for a release date or something.

It's just a follow-up to a story we've covered previously. Fret not about the release date; as soon as we know, y'all will know!

Ok jw and Im sure I will find out within seconds when they announce it since Im a Twitter nut and it will be everywhere. I actually went to the Sprint website this morning and seen this so thats why I was confused. Just the whole 4/11 announcement was exciting for a moment ha

Looks like sprint is about to have a lot of great choices this summer. The Htc Evo 3d, Nexus S4g, Motorola Atrix 4g to go along with the Htc Evo View tablet, Blackberry Playbook, and the Motorola Xoom 4g to go along with all the other 4g devices the current Evo 4g, Epic 4g, Evo Shift 4g, and the Galaxy Tab 4g all I can say is not many carriers have a 4g line up like this. Wonder how the sprint haters feel now... I Proud to be on sprint

I know this comment will probably get rated down but whatever....i feel once the tmobile-att deal goes through, sprint will be screwed trying to contracts on high end new devices. At the moment i see these devices as their year holders, and nothing is wrong with that... I do however feel that with verizon having probably near 20 new devices this year, they will have maybe 7. Not very much including these....

These are basically all refreshes...the nexus...old....true google but old....the view 4g...oh ok, and the moto xoom, sure but thats pretty much their tablets for this year i think...the kyocera echo...don't even get me started....and the htc evo 3d....yah its cool, would have liked a kickstand and speaker...but ill keep my thunderbolt.

I mean theres nothing that wow's me, not even those "4g" speeds...though they are better than tmo's or att's...just not mine on verizon. I might be a verizon lover true, but i do respect sprint, just wish they had more hmm...."pzaz...lol" i feel old now...and im only a teen...but...

Your thunderbolt IS last years evo. Just sayin.....

When the evo 3d drops it will once again be the best phone on the market for months. Just as the original evo.

Ok, but 1 question....are you actually ever going to use 3d....it only has a little viewing angle....and omg a dual core...so?.....there are 6 dual core games for tegra's on the market....give me a break.
Besides those 2 things and the new sense....nothing new...that i see.

How about 1 Gig of ram versus 768megs on the Thunderbolt. That's a huge difference in a phone. A lot less apps will be quiting when you're multitasking large programs. Dual cores will also save battery life, not to mention the 1730mah battery compared to the Thunderbolts 1400. 960×540 screen res versus the Thunderbolts 800x480. Dual core, and just the ability to record HD 3D is simply amazing. Don't like 3D? Turn it off. Amazing Phone the Evo 3D will be. It will be in a class of it's own for months.

Hate to burst your verizon bubble but let's be serious nothing exist on verizon that has any kind of real desire. All of there smartphones are LAST YEAR DEVICE SPECS WISE. Thunderbolt is last year's evo 4g just faster the droid charge 512 of ram, droid x2 another 3g device, Incredible 2 is nice world phone but 768 ram 3g device. Verizon has nothing that will compete with sprint not even there droid bionic with 512 of ram yeah dualcore but week dualcore definitely no Motorola Atrix or Htc Evo 3d or Galaxy S2. Yeah OK great LTE speeds but only on data with (1) smartphone utilizing the network. Verizon is not sprint that's for sure sprint and there network uses data and voice on the same network and has over 10 different 4g devices running on there network..Verizon is always behind sprint and late to the party as usual.

You do realize the Bionic is the exact same as the Atrix, it just uses 512mb of DUAL CHANNEL RAM, so it's still a GB of RAM just divided between cores.

Dude... you're describing verizon. And even though I'm with T-Mobile I'm on Sprints side on this one... why? Because they actually do bring something new to the table every year. I mean come on verizon did a big deal over a freaking upgraded Evo with horrible battery life!!! LTE? Yeah its fast... but not enough to make me switch. Verizon just doesn't have any "pzaz"... ever. They release last years tech just like da iPhone 4 and this phone of yours the Thunderbolt and call it new... lame. Btw save the "I'm just a teen" crap... cuz we ain't cutting no slack just cuz you're a teen... that's if u really are one. There I said it.

so you are on this site bragging about the TBolt (a last gen phone that should have come out last year) that doesnt stck up to the next gen phones. Vzw throws a mkt campain behind a phone and its enough to (supposed to be phone geeks) go out and buy a 2010 phone and say its the bomb!!!!.

If ur not a sprint customer, why in the hell would u feel the need to comment. Talking about HATERS..... Stick with ur old Thunderbolt and us sprint customers will just be one step ahead.

I want to get the Evo3D, but will wait to see how this one plays out, along with waiting for a couple of hardware revisions.

Why do you guys always leave off the last period in the slogan? It's always "All. Together. Now" on Android Central, while on Sprint it is clearly "All. Together. Now."