Last year Sprint detailed their plans to rollout their Network Vision -- a unfied system to bring all their network capabilities into one seamless network and in that time, they've been working hard to get things rolling. They're now going to be ramping up their efforts and are ahead of schedule. The combined networks now have a goal of full scale consoldation by 2013.

During their 4G Strategy/Network Vision Update event in New York, Dan Hesse, chief executive officer of Sprint also detailed Sprints National roll out of 4G LTE services on its 1900 MHz spectrum. The complete roll out expected is to be serving 250 Million people by 2013 so, for customers this is great news but what does it all mean?

  • 3G Network Improvement:  Sprint expects an improvement in customers’ 3G network experience, including expanded coverage, improved network reliability, better voice quality, and faster 3G data speeds. Based on forecasts of data demand, Sprint is confident its 3G network will meet customers’ growing data demands.
  • LTE deployment expected to reach 250 million people by 2013: Sprint expects to launch CDMA-LTE devices by mid-2012, with approximately 15 devices coming throughout the year—including handsets, tablets and data cards.  Additionally, CDMA-WiMAX devices, such as the award-winning HTC EVO 4G, Samsung Epic 4G and Nexus S 4G, will continue to be sold throughout 2012.

Better services and more devices -- we like the sounds of that. You can hit the source link if you're looking for the finer details of what to expect from Sprint in the next few years.

Source: Sprint


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A little more inside Sprint's 4G Network Vision


Sprint should invest more money into their network instead of dumping so much money into Nascar... Most Nascar fans are in rural areas which means they probably have Verizon or AT&T. Luckily I'm in Dallas Texas with spotty 4G coverage.

Yea very dumb i got sprint because of nascar most nascar fans have sprint because of the sprint cup mobile on the phones and sprint takes care of the nascar fans charlotte is nascars home and guess what it's a 4g city not the biggest city in the country but they know its one of there most important cities

I'm hoping there is a new EVO with LTE when it starts getting deployed. I don't know if I could handle that.

I find it weird that they'll be selling last years phones (Evo 4g, and Epic 4g) into 2012. They've already marked the Epic as EOL this month... I would love to see enhanced 3g coverage. I spend most of my time in 1x coverage (old Vision network), not even in 1XEV (PowerVision network = 3g)

But this is GREAT news for Sprints loyal customers, even with them cutting out major perks like the Premier program. A lot of people will miss the yearly upgrade cycle.

The EVO 4G has already been put on the chopping block, I would hope he means this years phones like the EVO 3D, etc.

That's sprint biggest problem. Their network is a bit weak sometimes especially when inside doors.

Yea! Sprint...totally Awesome. I always knew that one day Sprint would actually give me something to smile about. Now watch the other carriers imitates Sprint's plans. Sprint _always a leader never a follower.

That's the dumbest thing I have ever heard. You do know if Sprint hadn't tried wimax instead of lte they would have the largest lte network right now. But now they have to play catch up to Verizon. Sprint isn't leading anything right now except nascar.

>Sprint isn't leading anything right now except nascar.

And pricing, and best selection of high-end Android phones.

This is what Sprint needs, not to cry to the government and tell other companies how to manage their networks. I give them credit in doing this.

Can't wait to see what devices they have next October when my upgrade is due. Wimax was nice having recently when I was in Atlanta but at times it was really sub par and there is no wimax on Long Island :-(

Damn you know what? i just signed a contract with tmobile yesterday, but i feel that i want to help sprint out so i think i am going back to sprint, what do guys think should i go back to sprint for the soul purpose of helping sprint cost?

Sprint is risking bankruptcy by doing this, as they will deplete their cash reserves for at least three years. But it had to be done in order to remain the nation's third biggest carrier (and in my opinion, the least evil). They earned my loyalty as a NEXTEL customer way back in 1997 and I will stick around to see if my loyalty will finally pay off with a Verizon-quality high speed data network.

Sprint is big and very reliable where I live, work and play (NYC and Vieques). So I admire their risk taking and strategy here. They are correcting a mistake (WiMAX) before it is too late.

Does any of this help our current 2.5G in the near term or do we have to put up with a dog slow network until all this is done?

In Chicago the data speeds are dog cr**p and the GOOD news is that it might be only 2 MORE YEARS of the same! WTF? What about this dog and pony show do you find in any way positive? IMHO just a big glass of Sprint Cool Aide!

EVO 4G (OG) owner here. Just became eligible for my (formerly) annual upgrade on 1 October. So... if I buy a new phone now, I'm stuck with it for 22 months, which is August 2013. So... I'd have my non-LTE phone while LTE service is widely available.


My other choice is keep my EVO 4G until, uh, mid-2012, and get an LTE phone... ugh.

I am SO going to miss my every-12-months upgrade. :(


I know what you mean. I got the Evo so that if Sprint got a new Pre I could do that in the yearly reup. Well we know what happened with HP (%^&*(*()%$#@@%^&..pardon me). So now I have a great phone that's showing it's age. And since they decided to place me in silver I got the short end on the yearly's anyway.

So now just for laughs I checked the eligibility of getting a iphone from apple. Can't do an upgrade until April 1st next year. I know April fools day and that's me. All I can take solace in is that by the time I can upgrade, an LTE nex prime or something should be out for Sprint. That would be very nice.

Ride it out until the new LTE models are available. It's not like your EVO is a terrible device. Right? I'm gonna stick with my EVO Shift until the new devices are available. So much can change in this industry within the next 9-10 months. Patience is key.

Your report seems quite complete compared to others I've read. That's appreciated.

I hope they'll stay on track and get things done properly. It would be good to see them as they were in 2007 with 3G data networks--ahead.

Glad they are going to launch LTE however the fact that they will still be selling the evo and WiMax just says that WiMax devices will end up likely being the cheaper 4G version and that LTE will likely cost another extra $10 or tiered. The only other reason I can imagine that they would keep selling WiMax would be because they will start by launching LTE in different areas then what is currently covered by WiMax. Either way I am happy for the new tech but sad that inevitably my cell bill is likely going up.

I believe the reason our 3g speeds were throttled down a few months ago, is because Sprint was probably testing the LTE capability and needed the spectrum. LTE handsets were not ready and so they opted for Wimax knowing they would be the FIRST to offer a true tri-mode phone (LTE/Wimax/3g). When the new network rolls out and the I####5 (with LTE) is available, they week gain market share with their unlimited plans. That's why they paid so much to a#### for the phone. But by then, HTC will have the first quad core LTE/Wimax/3g handset and that's when I'll upgrade from my EVO.

the 3g has taken a serious hit latley from sprint upgrading there towers. so bad I got them to let me out of my contract 14 months early. I liked sprint alot 8 months ago. can't take the 50 kbps 3g speeds anymore. used to be over 700 kbps

Let's hope they stay on track with this. The Sprint Stock is a $2.41 a share. How low does it have to be to get de-listed?

It has been already reported that the iPhone will use the "SIMPLY EVERYTHING PLAN" which is $99.99. Hopefully, they will eliminate that $10 "premium data fee" for the 4G that we won't have with the iPhone. Then again, with the stock trading at $2.41. Hopefully the iPhone on Sprint will help with that. They need every penny they can get.

I think sprinT has the best phone line up of any carrier, but their 3G and 4g network is trash. I hate it sooo much, I'm always roaming and having network issues. Smh...i hope it gets better.

I lost my 4G Wimax connectivity on 6/1. I just talked to Sprint who told me they began cutover in my city (Baltimore) on 6/1 to 4G LTE. The rep further told me that I will have to basically deal with 3G connectivity until August, at which point 4G LTE will be fully cut over and will function with my Photon. Not sure how accurate all this is, but figured I'd pass the info along.