Sprint Epic 4G Touch update

Sprint today is rolling out the EL29 update for the Epic 4G Touch (aka the Samsung Galaxy S II). This is the update we first told you about a week ago when the source code dropped. And today, the update has begun to push out to devices. Here's the official changelog:

  • Security update
  • Dismissing multiple calendar alerts
  • Commercial Alert System (CMAS) activated

The Epic 4G Touch update -- officially to software version S:D710.0.5S.EL29, if you're into that sort of thing -- will be released in stages, Sprint says, with all devices scheduled to receive it within the next 10 days or so.

We're also expecting the Carrier IQ software to have been stripped from this update, and that may be included in the "Security update" bullet point. (But why not just come out and say it?) Sprint previously announced that it has quit using Carrier IQ for analytics data after a couple of months of user outrage, and we've already seen Sprint remove the softare from its HTC ROMs.

To get the update for your Epic 4G Touch, just look for the notification in the aptly named notification bar, then send things on their way. Or if you've told it to install later, head to menu>settings>about phone>system updates>update Android to get things going.

Source: Sprint; More: Epic 4G Touch forums


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Sprint Epic 4G Touch EL29 update rolling out now


Checking for the update doesn't do anything on the E4GT. You have to wait for the puuuuuush from the GOTA servers.

What will this update do if you are rooted? Will this unroot my phone (not that being rooted has helped me with anything since I can't get wireless tether to work anyway)?

Just wondering. Thanks.

If you're rooted, DO NOT accept any OTA updates. Either unroot or wait until the package gets rooted and posted at XDA. I haven't rooted my GS2 (yet), but for my OG EVO 4G, that's what I had to do.

If you rooted via sfhub's automated root tool, and did not modify anything, then you're free to take and install the update. You will have to re-root though. If you modified ANYTHING from the stock system (ROM, kernel, recovery, modem, or system apps and/or framework) then the update install will fail. However, a rooted EL29 stock system has been on XDA for a few weeks now, so you could manually flash it right now if necessary.

It's a little more difficult to re-root if you take this update OTA. EL29 patches the zergling exploit used by sfhub's tool, leaving only Odin. It's best to flash a pre-rooted EL29.

I just received the update and I noticed a few cosmetic changes. When I received an incoming call the display was different. It was more modern w/ red and green circles to receive or dismiss the call. The green phone icon now has 9 blocks inside of it. Other than those 2 changes the phone is snappier than ever.

Update: There's also a change to Youtube. You can now +1 and make a new playlist. The thumbs up and down are on the bottom instead of the top

Does this update to the EL29 modem too? Cause I have Venum VCS on this bad mofo of a phone (EL29 kernel and Custom ROM [thanks TeAm VeNuM]), but I still have the ek02 modem.

this update destroyed my phone! i updated and my phone shi**ed out. it turns itself on, freezes, locks up, turns car dock mode on. ive factory reset 5 times and it still wont work. ive removed my s.d card and tried to run it with out the card and still the same problems. im at a loss here. this phone is just stock with no mods of any kind. so now im forced to use my rooted evo 3d until my replacement s2 comes. so pissed right now. i love this phone but this update killed me. i have seached everywhere to see if im the only one with this issue and so far i am. so im not sure what happened, but im upset. could i have got a bad dl? i waited till it was forced by samsung.well thanks for hearing my issue. any input would be greatly appreciated as im not sure if i should do the update when my replacement comes. i guess this would have been a good time to be rooted so i could have just restored a working rom. oh well we live and we learn.

Has anyone noticed any GPS issues? I didn't have any GPS issues until this update...now it either takes forever to get a GPS lock or gives me the wrong location

Compared to my EVO the GPS on the Epic is horrible, I did follow someone's suggestion... start GPS from the pull down menu then restart your phone, still takes up to a minute to lock but a lot faster then before I rebooted, and actually working more efficiently now.

What was not listed above is that is also does away with wallpaper being scrollable. I use MultiPicture Live Wallpaper to have a different wallpaper for every home screen, which this update makes useless.

As usual, this update didn't help, it hurt. I should know better than to let my perfectly running phone apply an update. I was getting almost 2 days of battery, after the update my FULLY CHARGED batter dropped to 10% and warned me to plug it in just 2 hours after the update. This is the same thing that happened to my Epic 4G with the keyboard after one of their "updates". I guess I keep applying updates in the hope that improvements would be made although the only real improvement I am waiting for is the ability to delete IMAP email again in the stock client. This phone has always had this problem and my original EPIC got the problem after updating to Gingerbread. So it must be a Gingerbread issue. Maybe ICS will fix the email and the battery problems? (Wishful thinking). Get with it and fix things samsung instead of breaking working phones.

And somehow I doubt Carrier IQ was removed, they probably just hid it better or replaced it with something else.

The first and only time I accepted an upgrade I was VERY upset at the results! All my ring tones and other tones that I had saved for text alerts, etc. went back to factory settings and it took me a long time to go back and reset everything. But the main thing I hated was my virtual keyboard layout had completely changed! I use Swype to text and had memorized where all the letters were. Now I had to relearn a new keyboard. It hasn't been long since that upgrade and now I am being harassed by my phone to accept another. I DON'T THINK SO! Is there a way to OPT OUT? All I can do is keep selecting "Install Later". I really want to "Decline" the upgrade. Any suggestions?