SanDisk 64GB micro SDXC card

As we move through technology, storage capacity has just about become a major concern when purchasing a new device. With HD content becoming more readily available, music services offering direct to device downloads and camera reaching 8MP or higher -- we need places to store allt his content and sometimes the built in storage just simply isn't enough. SanDisk knows this and now they've announced a new 64GB microSDXC card designed for mobile devices.

Mobile phone sales are expected to reach 1.7 billion in 2014, and the majority of these handsets will include microSDXC card slots, according to Strategy Analytics, Slotted Phone Shipments Forecast, 12/10. Mobile phones allow consumers to create and enjoy an increasing amount of digital content, ranging from user-generated Full HD videos to full-length feature films and videogames. High-capacity mobile memory cards provide the storage expansion consumers need to keep up with the explosion of digital content.

Sounds great right? Lot's of storage space to save anything you do so wish and always have it available to you on your smartphone or tablet. Plus, you can get up to 30MB/sec4 transfer speeds with Class 6 performance needed to capture Full HD videos.

But not so fast -- the cards require that you have a microSDXC card slot available but most tablets and smartphones on the market these days simply are not equipped with those. Current standards call for microSD which only supports up to 32GB and sadly, the microSDXC cards are not backwards compatible. But again, the technology age is ever growing so now thanks to SanDisk when microSDXC card slots become the norm, at least there are options available -- that is, if you are willing to fork over the $200 it would cost to pick one of these up.

Source: Sandisk; Thanks, Wilson!


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SanDisk Announces 64GB microSDXC card but don't get too excited


support in 2013 is better than no support at all. Android devices will support these cards in 2012, apple devices NEVER will.

Ugh, I was really hoping that my Samsung Fascinate would eventually support a 64GB microsd card, because 32GB is far too little for me. This is pretty disappointing, but at least by this time next year I'll have a new phone.

By the way:

"at least there is options available" should be "at least there are options available."

Because it'd be twice the space? If I could get a 128GB microsd card right now that's compatible with my phone, I probably would. But I'll settle for a 64GB microsd card (which, unfortunately, still isn't compatible with my phone).

Then shouldn't you be "really hoping" for something more like 500GB? I guess I don't understand the point of "really hoping" for a marginal increase that still won't meet your needs

32+32=64 fyi. They're pretty tiny little cards. I keep 1 in my wallet. At least I did until google music was born! Now the only thing filling up my SD is cm7 nightly's!!!

Smart devices will catch up soon enough. :)

I hope this helps drive down the cost of the 32s. I've been waiting.

All you'd probably have to do is change the file format on the 64gig to fat32 and it should work in current phones there are plenty of programs that you can put on a computer to do this. Because your phones card reader is set to recognize fat32. I've seen test on line with ppl getting incompatible cards to work on old outdated card readers just by changing the the file format. I'm almost 100% sure that would work.

I was waiting on the 32gb class 10 ones to drop in price, but it took so long I just started putting my music in the cloud (Google Music and purchases from Amazon). For me, they missed their window. I'm no longer in the market for an ultra-high capacity micro sdhc.

Actually MicroSD only supports up to 2 GB.

Most phones these days have MicroSDHC which support up to 32 GB.

"most tablets and smartphones on the market these days simply are not equipped with those" -
Ok fine. So, wanna fill us in on what cell phone DO accept the larger cards??? If there are only a few, it would certainly be peachy to know rather than just saying "most don't".

For the price they can keep it. I have often wondered where it was going after SDHC had run it's course, I was anticipating dual SD slots in devices. RAID 0 class 10 cards would be pretty nifty! My electronic and computing purchases have always been best bang for buck so would prefer to carry a few cards around if it came to than pay a hefty premium for convenience.