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Press invites are starting to go out for Samsung's Aug. 15 special event in the U.S., and all signs seem to point to a Galaxy Note 10.1 unveiling. The event, previously teased by Samsung a "major product announcement" for the "newest Galaxy device," seems likely to set the stage for the U.S. launch of Samsung's 10.1-inch stylus-and-tablet combo. The invitation is accompanied by the graphic above, which is is a dead ringer for the back of the Galaxy Note 10.1, leaving little doubt as to what Sammy's got up its sleeve.

The Galaxy Note 10.1 underwent a major redesign following its original debut at Mobile World Congress back in February. It's now sporting a 1.4GHz quad-core Exynos chip, along with a slot for its "S Pen" stylus, just like it's 5.3-inch sibling. The Note 10.1 is expected to be joined shortly by the Note 2, which Samsung will unveil in Berlin on Aug. 29, but about which comparatively little is known.

However, as we reported this morning, U.S. retailer Negri Electronics has already gotten its hands on Galaxy Note 10.1 stock, which it intends to ship over the next few days. So come Aug. 15, we could be in the very odd position of having devices in the wild before the official Note 10.1 announcement.

In any case, we'll be live from an undisclosed location on the date to bring you full coverage of the U.S. Galaxy Note 10.1 launch. Check past the break for the rest of the invite, with secret stuff redacted.

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Samsung's Aug. 15 event gets official, Galaxy Note 10.1 unveiling likely


Please, pleeeaaase ship this with Jelly Bean, Samsung. The ability to draw lag-free with a stylus would make this a very compelling alternative over a Windows tablet with Photoshop.

No they Are two different tablets. The Galaxy Tab 10.1 2 is already on sale, and this is the Galaxy Note 10.1.

How is a rectangle a dead ringer for the Note 10.1? It's like a dead ringer for anything that isn't the Xyboard.

This should be a nice tablet but Samsung has solidified for me that I will not buy another tablet from samsung due to their slow update process with future OS. I have the original 10.1 from release day still with honeycomb. This is unacceptable. The epad has ics and the zoom is getting jellybean.

I just ordered one from Negri and received the tracking number. I will have it on Monday and will provide some initial thoughts for those wondering if the SPen will work with all of the other inking apps in the Play store like: Write, Quill, Lecture Notes and EZPDF. I want to replace my Thinkpad Android tablet.