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Samsung has added another device to its ever growing portfolio, and this time it's a minor -- very minor -- change to the Galaxy Camera. Until now, the Galaxy Camera has only been available to purchase with a cellular radio inside, and cellular radios always add something to the price of a device. Today Samsung announces the launch of a Wifi-only variant of their connected camera. 

Other than the lack of a radio, everything else about the Galaxy Camera remains intact. You still get a pretty impressive 4.8 inch HD display on the back, with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and Touchwiz Nature UX on there, and a quad-core processor inside making everything hum along just nicely. Samsung promises that the Wifi-only Galaxy Camera will be more affordable than its LTE capable counterpart, but fails to provide an actual price at this time. Or any availability information. But, we're sure we'll see this appear in the coming days and weeks. 

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Samsung launches Wifi-only Galaxy Camera, promises better affordability


I want to want this. If the LTE version could make phone calls, I'd rock this as my cell phone. If they can get a wifi only version out the door for sub $300, it may be time to upgrade my (barely used) Sony point and shoot.

I get the concept of the camera, but honestly I like feel like I would ever need one with LTE or wifi. I like to download my photos to my computer review them clean them up do whatever before uploading them anywhere. Besides if I want to take a photo and directly upload it to Facebook, isnt that why I have a camera on my phone?

To everyone asking for a sub-$300 price, you know that's never going to happen. Why would Samsung lower the price by $200 to just take out the cellular radio? I'm guessing $400, at the least.

I want something like this moreso for video than pictures.. I take alot of performance footage of myself and/or my other partners at local shows (Hip Hop)..

What are the advantages of having this camera against a good smartphone with a good camera like many top tier smartphones recently released???

I really dont get it.

Because it's a camera with a smartphone tacked on, not a smartphone with a camera tacked on.

The Galaxy Camera has a 16 megapixel sensor that's larger than a smartphone sensor, with a higher max ISO and usable ISO. It has a far better lens, with over 20x optical zoom. The camera itself is far more controllable.

Basically, as a camera, it's superior in every way.

I've always said this sounds like an interesting design for a camera, but I don't see why I need to pay $10/mo to use it (on top of the outright buying price).

With my cell plan I can legally WiFi tether so a WiFi device seems ideal. I have the option to DL to my computer, or upload directly. If the price is right I may get one.

I've never been impressed with smartphone cameras, not by Apple or Samsung or anyone else. (Granted, I haven't tried Nokia's stuff, but I'm not curious enough to go the Windows Phone route.) Something with real camera guts running Android, giving me the ability to do a lot of image processing right on the device,

There are just too many size tradeoffs preventing decent CCDs, lenses, flash and optical zoom on a smartphone camera. While my first digital camera, a 1.3 megapixel Kodak from 1999, had a much lower resolution than the Galaxy S3, it took far better low-light pictures due to its enormous CCD, had much better color fidelity, its zoom was actually worth using, and had much less motion blur. (You'll hear people say things like that on discussions about the HTC One's camera too, though it still suffers from many other smartphone-camera issues.)

If, unlike any other Android device I've seen to date, it can give me the ability to focus manually or at least hold an automatic focus when I get it the way I want, and if I can change the optical zoom level while I'm shooting video, I'll definitely pay $300 for this, which I imagine will be its price point by xmas this year. But I still see network connectivity and apps to be non-essential features for a camera, so it wouldn't be a high-priority purchase even at that price. I'm not even an amateur photographer, just like to take vacation pictures and videos I won't cringe at when we look at them on a big screen years later. My girl's phone takes acceptable 1080p video in broad daylight, but I'd like something more versatile.

I agree that it's non essential right now. But I really think once a few shutterbugs get their mits on them, the connectivity and features will start to stand out as must haves.


I understand some people don't need a camera in addition to their cell phone, but I do and would LOVE for my real camera to have the full suite of android apps. A few things that would be great for me:

1. Being able to automatically upload my pictures and not worry about losing a whole vacations worth of shots (via Google+). I had a camera stolen in Ecuador, and I lost some pictures that were not replaceable.

2. Having editing software in the phone (and no, I don't mean an Instagram filter). Sometimes a shot is almost perfect and I'd like to use it in a blog post or for work. Being able to do something to make it work for what I need could be priceless.

3. Being able to share a few photos when I want to with out relying on an internet cafe when I travel overseas. Most hotels and cafes I frequent have free wifi. I could use this to share a better version than my smartphone is able to.

If it had a regular cell sim card and not just an LTE one, I would take this instead of my phone when I went on an international vacation. I usually don't need the phone much (with an international sim), but it comes in hand when I need to connect with the locals (for hotel stays, day trips and the occasional new friend).

If cameras are going to last in this connected world, they are going to have to become connected themselves. Wifi only isn't cutting it. We are too used to being able to do amazing things with our images to keep using a regular point and shoot.

My Canon is breaking. This will be my next if the price is right.