Galaxy S4 S View case

Picking up your Galaxy S4 this week? Check out some of the top accessories

The Galaxy S4 is finally upon us, and that means many of us will be looking for some shiny new accessories to go with the latest Samsung smartphone. Here's a quick roundup from --

  • Samsung Flip Cover case for Galaxy S4 ($34.95, pre-order)
    Replaces the back cover for the Galaxy S4, and protects the screen with a felt-lined front. Comes in white, pink, black and blue.
  • Case-Mate Folio Case for Galaxy S4 ($32.95)
    An alternative to the official flip cover, Case-Mate's version also features a slim pocket interior.
  • Samsung external battery charger (47.95, pre-order)
    Official external charger for the Galaxy S4's 2600mAh battery. Comes with a spare battery.
  • Otterbox Defender Series Case for Galaxy S4 ($47.95)
    A tough protective shell for the Galaxy S4, consisting of an outer silicone layer and a polycarbonate shell, complete with screen protector. Silicone plugs protect the ports from dust and debris.
  • Seidio ACTIVE Case with kickstand ($31.95)
    A sturdy case for the Galaxy S4 built from of a rubber polymer around a hard shell skeleton. Also has the added bonus of a metal kickstand
  • Samsung Multimedia Dock ($44.95)
    The official Samsung dock engages desktop mode when connected, and works with the Samsung flip cover attached. Also comes with a travel adapter.
  • Samsung 'S View' case for Galaxy S4 
    Not available in the store yet, but check out our review of the official windowed flip cover, which displays info through its cut-out area.

Reader comments

Samsung Galaxy S4 accessory roundup


I just bought a WaterField case for a different electrical device, and I love it. I will most definitely be checking these guy's products out once I get my Verizon S4 on the 23rd.

Flip covers are so classy. I'd really like to see that Smart Cover ported over to the Note 2.

Do they have all the colors or just the black and white?

Also, does anyone know if you change launchers do you still get the pop-up info in the window?

I'm sorry but the flip covers are a no go for me. As great as they look, I think it would bother me too much that the magnets aren't strong enough to keep it closed, kind of like the iPad Smart Cover does (sorry to compare it to this).

Guess I'll be waiting for the Seidio Active then...