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Two words that should never go together -- "charging" and "proprietary." But that might be what we see in the Samsung Galaxy S3 (or Galaxy S III, if you prefer), if a Korean publication is correct. DDaily is reporting that the SGSIII might well have a proprietary inductive charging system -- a la on the now-defunct Palm line of phones (and modded onto a number of Android devices) -- included as the stock back. (Or it might be optional. DDaily's not sure.) It also would have some sort of magic that would let it charge without actually touching the charging pad. (Woe is the child, pet or insect who steps foot between them.)

Hey, sounds great. Wireless charging (or at least charging via plugless contacts) should become the norm. But anytime we hear the word "proprietary" included with "charging," the hairs on the back of our neck start to stand up. Charging should never be proprietary. We've finally gotten all the manufacturers on board with microUSB (even if they do cheat sometimes -- say, in the case of the Nook Color's extra-long microUSB plug, or that not all manufacturers' chargers play nicely with each other's phones). We don't need a wireless charging war.

Anyhoo, we're still a long way out here, and there's a better than average chance that things will shift by the time anything's announced.

Source: DDaily (translated); via The Verge
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Samsung Galaxy S3 might come standard with wireless charging


If the result is as elegant and functional as the Palm Tuchstone, I'd be fine with it.

If being "standard" means it has to be as big, janky and expensive as most of the Qi based charging behemoths I've seen, no thanks.


I've been eligible for an upgrade for the past 5 months, but have been holding off simply to see what the SGSIII would bring. I loved the inductive charging on my Palm Pre, and hopefully this will be similar. It will need an angled "dock" so video's can be watched while charging :-)

I think you need to calm down and take a step back.. I'm sure it still have standard micro USB charging, and there isn't a open standard tech for truly wireless charging yet (not inductive). other rumors state it will have a range of over 6 feet( again, that's not inductive charging).

I'd take a propitiatory 6 foot wireless charging method over nothing any day, until open standards are released anyway.

And I'd like:
A teleporting device.
Anti-Gravity device.
A Time Machine that will allow me to travel backwards in time.

Seriously? Non-Inductive Charging? Beyond six feet?
You need a clue.....

I think you need to do some reading. do you realize the voltages and size of inductors required for charging at 6ft?

You are thinking power generation. This would be power transfer. It is essentially a souped up RFID transmitter connecting two magnetic fields to transfer energy charges between them. In this case the base station would take the homes AC power from the outlet and radiate it in a 6 ft. radius around the mag-antenna. It isn't that big of an area, less than the width and length of most bedrooms, and so it wouldn't be sending the charge that far and therefore wouldn't have to be oversized to maintain the magnetic field.

Yeah, when they were demoing the technology in 2005/6 I remember them powering a 100w light bulb at 10 feet. This was the main reason I was seriously disappointed with the inductive chargers when they were released several years later since they had such a crappy range.

Jeez it's only March.... these are turning into the Apple Rumors... something new Everyday and we have NO Idea what's real and what's not

Samsung has really turned things around big time over the last year or so. Their phones are top notch, hardware and software. They are a hackers dream not like the other big names have turned into. The Rezound being a great device is still locked down tite, that is a joke. Motorola is another locked down joke. Samsung phones are IMO the best devices for the hacker. They have the smoothest interface and they are selling like hot cakes. I guess that is why Apple stays up all night cursing at them.

I know it's cool and all and it's all new tech stuff, cutting edge sh!t, but no one ever talks about the lack of mobility while charging. I guess no one uses their phone while plugged in anyway.. right? :)

Absolutely! The most sustainable way to power you gadgets!

I've watched videos online about DIY hand crank battery chargers. Unfortunately the ones on the market don't provide enough current...

Ugh, no!

1. There are physical limits to how small a battery can be.
2. Moving to 28 nm process now, and 22 nm in the future, will ensure chips will be more efficient and not need that much power.
3. Increasing battery capacity is a last resort measure that you take when you're short of any smarter options. Examples: Razr Maxx, new iPad.

As I recall there is no non-proprietary system right now, so that leaves proprietary as the only choice. As I recall the whole goal of Power Mat at this point is to license their stuff out to manufacturers/construction to become the standard.

Thats interesting , but not exactly new to Android
Motorola have wireless charging on the DROID 3 & the DROID BIONIC , but the back cover (the one with the )is sold separately

Also , I remember reading about accessories made by Energizer , but they add too much bulk to the phone (Think ThunderBolt with an extended battery)

I think implanting the wireless charging system might be a good idea if its done right , but it got to have the standard Micro-USB port

YES! I would be very interested in this, should it...especially after them completely blowing off the S2 last year because of the iPhone. I can upgrade at any time and I've been in the local Verizon store playing with all of the new devices. Problem is, I'm just not seeing anything that blows me away that makes me want to pull the trigger.