If you're planning on purchasing a shiny new Samsung Galaxy S III, and have an existing Android phone that uses a MHL to HDMI adapter for video out, you'll be needing to replace that adapter. According to Samsung the hardware differences -- the Galaxy S III uses a different pin layout than previous phones did -- make the old adapters incompatible with the phone. 

While it's a bit inconvenient, it's almost to be expected. There's even more stuff crammed inside a thinner phone, so hardware has been redesigned and things that plug in need redesigned, too. It's probably not a conspiracy to force everyone to buy a new adapter (most of us probably will never use one anyway), and the parts themselves retail for about $25 bucks for a Samsung branded OEM model. 

If you're in the UK or Europe, you can grab one at Clove (£20.82-- check out the video after the break), and we're pretty sure you'll be able to find them at your carriers store here in the US when the SGS3 launches. Just don't try your old one -- you don't want to be the guy who finds out what happens when you plug it in and turn it on!

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Mikey47 says:

Just please don't say micro USB chargers aren't going to work...

I don't think this will affect phone chargers, rather this has more to do with transmitting video/audio from phone to another device.

Jayshmay says:

I thought the same thing Mikey!!! I like to buy cheap
micro-usb chargers on Amazon, the kind that aren't
data cables, cause they charge faster.

Jimmy_Jo#AC says:

My old BlackBerry micro-USB charger is by far the best micro-USB charger money can buy! It's not for data transfer it just plugs into the way and works. All others have had issues shutoffs etc but this little guy keeps trucking.

icanrule says:

Sometimes a conspiracy is just a conspiracy. Unless they give a good reason why it will not work with a standard cable then the conspiracy is all we have. I don't care about speculation. This is android and not apple.

DWR_31 says:

New MHL protocols that will enable things like 3D mirroring is the reason for the change.

icebike says:

And you know this how?

JonJJon says:

Google? :P

dbattenfl says:

People can bad mouth and hate Motorola all they want. But I have been using the same cables and chargers since I had my Razor 2 flip phone. I can buy Micro USB anywhere as it is standard. The HDMI output/cable has been the same for the all the models as well. It is also a standard Micro HDMI cable.

It looks to me like it is just a way of making accessories sales. I cant stand having to buy new cables with every phone change.

IceDree says:

Same thing here

I smell conspiracy $25 at a time.

IAmSixNine says:

This is bs. My mhl adapter has worked on my EVO 4g, epic 4g, evo 3d, epic touch and now my EVO LTE. That's 5 phones spanning 3 phone generations and now Samsung wants to change it. I don't buy it as being a design issue. I would have gotten a gs3 eventually but I have to draw a line somewhere as a consumer and for my personal preference this is a big negative in samsungs corner.

Impulses says:

No you didn't. The original EVO & Epic used micro HDMI, like Motorola's still doing. MHL is not as set in stone as HDMI, because it's not really a standard... It's more akin to Thunderbolt, it's a protocol for transporting power and video, but it can be used over different interfaces (not just USB), which is why Samsung can change the pin out on their end.

MHL will EVENTUALLY be awesome because charging and displaying your phone with just one cable straight to the TV is simpler... HOWEVER until more TVs sport MHL ports it's kind of a kludge to have to carry the adapter, the charger + cable (because the adapters need power to work), and possibly an HDMI cable.

bigrey81 says:

Yeah it is a head ache i like the htc connection a lil more

bdmridgback says:

So... My Samsung MHL from my S2 wont even work!!!

That is BS!!!

cmunic8r99 says:

This wouldn't be caused by a move to support MHL 2.0, would it?

thank you very much!!!

Geikamir says:

Its not really a conspiracy. Its called capitalism. If a company can find a new way to take your money, they will.

JonJJon says:

I was gonna say the same thing, it reminds me of the whole Sony PS Vita with the proprietary memory cards however I have since been informed that not only is it to guarantee some money for Sony but also to keep a standard across all Vitas of a constant data rate and quality control (rather than using a cheap possibly corrupt slow data rate friendly third party memory card) so maybe this premise can be applied here.......but I doubt it :P

wshwe says:

If this isn't really needed why was this offered at all. This is Verizon and AT&T's way to screw over their customers. They can get away with this because of their monopolies.

This isn't about the carriers dude... calm down

glazedfaith says:


frettfreak says:

lmao. its Samsung. did you read more than the title before commenting?

Fillyo says:

who cares.

21plays says:

wow, so much hate just because of some adapter. all these people or most of them anyway that are bitching are the ones that werent gonna buy the s3 anyways. " well i was gonna buy the s3 but now how could i, the 30$ adapter is simply a deal breaker" LMFAO!!!!

JonJJon says:

Not that many people even know what MHL is or means and also even people that do kow what it means probably won't use one as it's a smartphone that the average person uses as a smartphone not a home media device to view stuff on tv. So tbh Samsung probably don't get much from the sales of these anyway, so I find it questionable that it would JUST be for money, but that it must have something else there at least as a factor for the change. As you imply, bitchers be quiet till more info is known!

Suntan says:

32GB pebble blue version on pre-order here. That said, it sucks that you need to have an adapter dongle *and* a charger plugged in just to mirror your phone on a display. Double so that you have to buy a new one with each new phone.

I'd much rather have the separate HDMI/USB connector ports like Moto still chooses to do. Then all you need is a little, $5 cable to carry around and you can hook your phone up to almost any display.

Is it a big deal? Not huge, but for those of us that tend to mirror our phone displays often, it *is* still a negative.


Gearu says:

These cables will be $500 in Australia. Because Gerry Harvey.

phonegeek says:

This is one of the reasons I am done with Samsung, Apple, RIM. The industry decides on a standard (MicroUSB, which yes Apple refuses to adopt..) then the phone makers decide to adapt it differently for their products...

kenyee says:

Anyone know if the SGS III uses the new Silicon Image MHL 2.0 chip?

Here's the press release and features:

If the SGS III specs 1080/60p over MHL, it's pretty much a certainty.
A lot of older MHL adapters can only to 720p...some of the better ones can do 1080/30p.

Not sure why there's a pinout change though...thought the pins were fixed position in the spec...

Cubfan says:

Really was the last straw for me. Caused me to come to my senses and realize that the Epic Touch is 95% of this phone, and I don't have to replace my dock, extra batteries, and now MHL adapter. Preorder cancelled. Everybody moves up one in line. You're welcome.

bdGDL08 says:

It's a freaking $25 cable. How important is it to be able to hook your phone to your TV?! I have never seen the need to do this, but I also don't have a problem with paying $25 for an adapter. It's not a damn conspiracy. Get over it!

bdmridgback says:

Its just the fact that I bought a more expensive Samsung MHL For my S2 and now I have to buy another one for my S3. And on top of it everytime the wife wants to use her EVO 3D on the tv after i have crawled behind the tv to mine to it, she will be bitchin too because she has to change it again. Besides if it has changed pin locations and can damage something if one is plugged into another, the plug should have changed shape as not to fit from one to another.

Just stupid if you ask me!

Ricky Babalu says:

There will always be a reason for some to complain.

Suntan says:

Just as there will always be a person to sit and be an apologist.

Do you think consumer electronics improves more over the years due to people voicing their displeasure with features of the product they buy? Or due to people just rolling over and defending every move the company makes?


tronthedon says:

well said Suntan

Rrennick says:

Why are they doing this? It would not be environmentally friendly.

kenyee says:

Dug a bit and ifixit claims they use the SiI9244 chip for MHL which is not MHL 2.0:

so no clue why they'd change the pinout.
MHL is a standard w/ standard pins...that why the adapters work w/ different phones as long as they all support MHL. No clue why Samsung would change the pinout...