Epic 4G Touch rooted

If you went out and picked up a Samsung Epic 4G Touch and have plans to hack at it, here's your starting point -- zedomax at XDA has worked out a root method for the new handset, and has full details and downloads to get you on your way.  You'll need to have Samsung Kies and Odin 3 installed and running (boo!), which means this is Windows only for now, but long-time users of Samsung's Android offerings should be used to those requirements.  There's also a note that things are still in the "experimental" stage, so caveat emptor and all that.

Warnings aside, early reports seem to be positive, so if you're ready to get things rolling head to the source link, read the directions and watch the videos, grab the files, and give it a go!

Source: XDA-Developers. Thanks everyone who sent this in!

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Samsung Galaxy S II Sprint Epic 4G Touch gets the full root treatment


Verizon isn't getting this phone, hopefully they get the nexus prime. But still a great job from the xda devs.

Make sure you read all the comments over at XDA before rooting - or at the very least the most recent comments. Many people seem to be experiencing a belated loss of 3G/4G connectivity after rooting. Sometimes a soft reset fixes the issue, sometimes it doesn't. I'm going to wait until all the quirks are ironed out.

The latest i heard on XDA which was yesterday was that 3G/4G are now working. But yeah I'll wait until everything gets worked out too.

Me too, It's been Hell for me. I check the Fedex Tracking every couple of hours even though it has changed in 3 days.

What i hate about Fedex is they always deliver my packages then a day later it updates on the Fedex tracking site.

Pulling what little hair I have left out. My upgrade isn't until Oct 1st and the battery life on this thing is the main reason for my wanting it. It's being reported as simply ridiculous and that's without root. Once there are some Cleaned up and tweaked Roms out this think will just be insane. Kinda liking the new Touch wiz when playing with it in the store and if I don't I can get pretty much the same experience as the rumored Prime by just flashing an AOSP rom

I did it las night and this morning when I woke up and check my phone there was not 3G/4G and no cell phone conection... I just soft reset it and fix the problem but hope not happening again because it is gonna be super bad if the phone lost connections when go to sleep.... good look to the rest.

I just wanna know how to get rid of all of the Sprint B.S. like the start up screens and bloatware. Customizing my startup screen is Ideal and puts me like a kid in candy store status ;-)

Also what is the sticker on the phone informing customers of privacy and tracking??? Does the phone always track even when GPS is off?

Bought the Sprint Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch (short name eh?). My area gets spotty coverage, but I use Sprint because they do get coverage here. I had a HTC EVO 4G Shift which got good reception and the hot spot worked well for 3g. But... being the tech nerd I am, I wanted the large display and dual processor of the Epic 4g (there's no 4g out here, but 3g has been fine).

Bummer... the 3G signal would just vanish even through I had 2 to 5 bars on the reception meter. My HTC would work fine on 1 bar. The Samsung would not hold a connection long for the HotSpot. I returned the phone (within 14 days) and the NEW (not refirbished) phone also lost 3G connectivity. There were a few dropped calls too (although the HTC nor any other prior Sprint Phone did this). I could get 3 to 5 bars on the reception, and then zilch, then 5 bars again. I'm sure it was roaming for 3g most the time, and because obtaining hotspit internet connectivity was so poor, I had to return the phone. I returned it for the IPHONE 64gig (white). I did this because I put an IPHONE next to the Samsung for a trial run (family phone) and the IPHONE had no 3G issues, and no HOTSPOT issues. The IPHONE I purchased performed likewise.

BUT.... I miss the Android operating system. I miss the large screen. I miss the apps for Android. I actually liked the phone. However, no 3G made it worthless for me. So.. now.. withing my 14 days return policy for the IPHONE, I'm still looking for ways the SAMSUNG 3G might have been fixed. Sometimes I catch a message that illudes to 3g/4g connectivity being fixed, but I wonder if this is with a hack and how reliable the hack is for people in poor receptino areas. (yes... I'm looking to see if I can in any way still make the Galaxy work for me.)

Anyone know of a tried and true reproducable FIX for the Samsung Galaxy S II 3G problems?