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£649 with a free Gamepad with pre-orders for Samsung's giant tablet

Having been unveiled back at CES in Las Vegas a few weeks ago, Samsung's giant new Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 has been officially priced for the UK. And as we expected at the time, it's quite high. £649 worth of high to be precise. It's a lot of tablet for the money, sure, but still a pretty hefty investment. As a sweetener, if you pre-order through Samsung UK, you'll get yourself a free Gamepad thrown in for good measure. 

You can pick one up in either black or white, and shipping will start on February 4. For more on the Note Pro 12.2 and the Samsung Gamepad, be sure to check out our hands-on look at both devices!

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Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 gets a giant price in the UK


No one should be surprised by a ridiculous price. Samsung always over-prices their tablets. I'm sure it's nice though. But a big fail: no front facing speakers.

So in my investigative research 649 British Pound Sterling equals 1074.22 US Dollars. Which means that this tablet is either made with gold components, will cure cancer, or will replace a deteriorating organ if you hold it close enough to it. I can't imagine something that expensive doing anything else.

I'm still getting one btw. I read somewhere that a guy sold a kidney for an iPad...soooo....

Haha your post is the best one today haha but actually most of the time samsung offers the same price that's in Europe in the us. So this means since it's e649 that in the us it should be about $649 also. I'm happy that it's this low because I was expecting it to actually be e899!! I can't wait!!!

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At £200 above the equivalent iPad it's definitely a little over the top.

And to the Americans who will got insane over the $1000 price tag when they do the conversion. firstly the UK always gets screwed on prices and you guys will be looking more at $650 not $1000. Secondly, this price will almost certainly be inclusive of our 20% VAT so the real cost of the tablet will be over £100 under this minus tax.

I hope you're correct! Im thinking more like $800-$900 USD. The note 10.1 2014 was $600, so I dont think that it will be $650

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Way too steep, not wallet friendly.

This message was brought to you by the numbers 0 and 1

Well, that's give or take $1075.
That kills any daydreams I had of purchasing one. The hardware in that tablet is very good, but it is nowhere near tempting enough at a price point i'd guess is around $999.99 or even $899.99 in the US. Especially when the ASUS Duet TD300 will dual boot Android and Windows 8.1 for quite a bit cheaper.

It looks tempting.

But that's a pretty steep price for a large chunk of plastic, and electronics, and Android.....

Samsung, I have one request. DO NOT become the next Apple!

Thats a lot of money!!

p.s. Hey AC guys could you save me a bit of googling and put the dollar amount in parentheses. thanx!

As another poster suggested, I don't think it's wise for us to think the price can be a literal translation to the US dollar. Having lived in the UK previously I can say without a doubt that our prices in the US seldom translate. I think we are likely to see between 7 and 800.00 not 1k. Just my opinion and experience.

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UK prices aren't representative in any way of U.S. prices. Our prices all have 20% tax included in them, and we're prone to having to pay more for our electronics anyway

even still if i dont know the currency its easier to have an idea of what it cost in a currency i do know. if i told you a car cost 1.2 million flapjacks in some country in south america. how would you know if thats a lot or a little.

Can't wait until there's a 12" transformer tablet that also runs windowed apps.

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How does a 2.1 inch increase justify a $500 increase. I really hope the price is different in the states

Will you guys STOp being so cheap and just buy whatever it is you want? This is what I've noticed with android. Almost everyone here is dirt cheap and girls don't like cheap guys so I'm assuming most of you don't even have girlfriends bottom line is if you want prestige and a bit of happiness learn 2 spend. Your actually paying for quality here.

posted with a galaxy note 3. h8ers gon' h8. live2win#swagface#switchedOn*_*

It all started when Google started selling nexus devices. Every hardcore android fan complains about price nowadays. The boys at Crackberry, WPCentral, and iMore have no problem throwing down the cash for stuff full price all the time, but the most common complaint on AndroidCentral is price. They getting spoiled with those devices Google sells.

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Its not about not being able to afford it. Its about whether something like this is actually even worth so much money? I mean come on, you can find a good laptop nowadays at that price so why pay so much for a tablet? Also, I think your narrow-mindedness and your rich boy attitude have taken over your brain and made you a complete dumbass. How can you possibly imagine that everyone reading AC has wads of cash to throw away on electronics. I mean there are other more important things too such as rent etc which could be on a person's mind

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wait who is this guy?? all of these gadgets cost significantly less than we pay for them to make them. the companies have to make a profit right? of course. now there are well paid people who research how much people would be willing to pay for these things. where else you gonna find a 12 inch android tablet? so these well paid people take that knowledge put a premium price on it. besides the 12in screen theres isnt much to else to justify the price

I can't say I agree with everything you wrote in your post, but in general I do agree with your thought.

I'll say many, because there are obviously exceptions, people on this site who do complain primarily about price. It appears that many want top notch specs, the best hardware, a boat load of features and functionality, all at a price point that is unreasonably low.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 2 cost over $800 on Amazon
The iPad Air cost $800 for the top model

What many people fail to see with Samsung is that you are not just buying the hardware, but you're also paying for their ecosystem as well. Samsung Link which allows seamless file, photo, and video sharing between your devices. AllShare which allows screen mirroring between phones, tablets and Samsung tv's. Media Hub, Samsung App store, and host of other feature and value added services cost money.

To this many, especially those complaining about cost, would balk and say "I don't care about those services." That's understandable and perfectly within a persons right to have such a position. But if that is the case then I would say, simply read the article and move on. Why get on and post comments and complaints if there is no desire to purchase the product anyway? Just seems strange to me.

I will likely purchase the product and see if it can fit into my lifestyle. If it does then I'll keep it. If it doesn't then I'll return it.

I dont think that 650 pounds (around 1100 euros) is too much if it also has a phone. My Note 10.1 (phone model) was 700euros when it came over a year ago and the screen is basic 1200×800. 12.2pro has much better specs, it's a high-end device all the way. I think, nowadays, products are just too cheap and makes people only consuming and complaining about "high" prices when they cant just 'go and consume' as they want to and they even need to save some money before getting that new toy. Tablets and phones are ridiculous cheap nowadays - which is good thought - so please dont always complain the prices. They are cheap!

I wonder why they removed front speakers and im not so enthuastic to have a physical home button. It would be in an akward position when keeping the tablet in a portrate mode. I would be very interested in that 12.2pro (if only it is working as a phone too) BUT Samsung has failed me to keep me satisfied. Owning their first Note 10.1, supposed to be their premium class device, they have forgotten it totally. Every other budget price phones/tablets are upgraded but my Note still has Android 4.1.2. So no, I have other plans and it has nothing to do with Samsung anymore... The product itself is very attractive, but the company is a bad joke.

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You're usually a joke(r) but you've taken NoNsense to a whole new level here. BTW, where's Frack?

In my humble opinion this will not sell very well. If someone was going to carry around this monstrosity they may as well carry around a ultrabook (convertible type if you really want a touchscreen) that can do everything better.

Can you make calls with an ultrabook? Sketch? Make notes with a pen?

Im carrying my Note 10.1 in my bag all day long without problem and it is also my phone, the only one. My main reason to buy Note in the first place was to get a tablet and a phone in the same package. Why on earth I would like to carry the phone and the tablet when I can have then all in the same device? 12.2 isnt much larger than 10.1, so I dont see any problems to carry it.

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For that kind of money I could get a decent ultra book that is much more powerful, productive and just as portable.

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Whilst that is steep and it probably means that only those who really really want a screen that big will buy one initially, one thing you should remember is that this is just the RRP.

Prices seem to tumble on this stuff within a few months. Expect to pay closer to GBP550 for this which is probably a bit more reasonable (though still a lot).

its not complaining. guy reads article, sees price, too rich for his blood, decided its not for him. shut up

Actually, it's pretty easy to complain about the price when the functionality and apps are not there. For this amount of money you could buy a Surface Pro that has way more functionality. Don't get me wrong, I love Android, but this thing is priced way too high WHEN COMPARED TO THE COMPETITION.

Yeah..the competition has a 12" with that resolution and a stylus .

Couple of years back asus had the ep121 win7 with wacom tech..but not that kinda screen

... ( 0ppo F5) ...

That's a pretty steep price for a tablet, but I guess it all boils down to what's the tablet being used for, or how much extra cash someone has laying around. However, if I was to consider paying that much for a tablet, it'd better have the option to dual-boot into Windows for those few programs I still rely on.


Outrageously overpriced. If the 12 incher is this expensive, wonder how expensive the 8 inch or 10 will be. Really like the 8 inch new tablet, hopefully its around the original 8 inch or like the LG G Pad.

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Is there a US version of Android Central where I can filter out anything but US news and pricing?

Yeah I'm pretty sick of seeing ATT this, Verizon that blah blah blah, so filtering out US stuff would be nice

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Personally I think the issue is object size and how you plan to use it. For some the 12.2 inch device will be perfect. I think it will be a bit heavy and huge for true portability; but you really need to handle it and judge then.

I would be much more interested if Samsung offered a keyboard dock; like my transformer. That device changed the way I do things, it makes a tablet the most practical device about 70% of the time. Unfortunately ASUS do not build truly reliable and flexible firmware. For example plugging in the keyboard cuts out the spell checker in some applications - WHY? Sorry . . . rant over.

In the UK the launch price often drops after about 3 months. In about June or July this could be a much better option. I will look at it then. The UK price also includes a big chunk of VAT (Sales Tax).

I think most American prices are quoted without the sales tax element; which makes the prices look SO much better. Have I understood that correctly?

Okay.. really people...i get it the price is important but keep in mind, a digitizer stylus, huge screen, great battery, $600 worth of software, new ui, a gamepad, and free apps....they could've charged this tablet a lot higher than it is... look on the bright side of things because if your always going to look at the glass half empty it's never going to be full. Be great full it's not e940 or higher!! It's called a pro tablet for the reason that they have taken years to find out what everyone wants and combine it into a bunch of pro devices and this note is the leader of the bunch so yeah its going to be expensive... But just remember all of the good sides and bonuses

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I think this is ridiculous because its Samsung. Samsung can afford to take a hit in profits. But they won't.

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