Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Book Cover.

Here's a more traditional folio case for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 -- the Book Cover. It's basically the same flip cover you can get for the Galaxy S3 and the Galaxy Note 2. The difference here is it's a full shell that fits over the back of the tablet, as you can't remove the battery cover. So you gain a little thickness.

Note the hole for the front speaker/earpiece, so you can still listen to the conversation with the cover closed. But then you'd be someone holding an 8-inch tablet to your head, looking like a maniac. Don't be that guy.

Like just about every other flip case of this design, you can fold the cover back onto itself to make a little stand.

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cjbrigol says:

What's wrong with using this as a phone? I'd totally do it...not like I'm on the phone all that much anyway.

victor3451 says:

Off topic question: does anyone know how to get the ICS lockscreen on Jelly Bean? I really liked the lock ring in ICS but in jelly bean when you touch it it becomes lots of small dots.

d1g1n1xy says:

Widget Locker

sfreemanoh says:

Using it as a stand, does it stay in place well? I have a Poetic folio case for my Nexus 7, and when I swipe my finger across the screen to change pages when I'm reading on it, the cover stand gradually slips out of place. It's annoying as hell.

jasongeiger says:

I have the 10.1 version and the magnets hold it in that position well. For a more vertical angle it has rubber feet that keep it in place but its not as solid. Overall I really like the design. It doesn't add much bulk at all and don't notice any flexing on my 10.1 like the reviews show.

jlo3378 says:

So just like the Samsung case on my Note 10.1, taking pictures or videos is horribly uncomfortable. There is not a cutout for the lens when the case is open. It's tough balancing the half open case so I don't block the lens and hitting the record button at the same time.

ericcorp says:

Does the cover have any magnets to hold it closed? Specifically when it's covering the screen?

Babus100 says:

Does the case wake the tablet up when you oren it?

vinny jr says:

Like it, must have with the pad. This is a great package that just about does it all.
Great job Samsung

toddjy says:

Like holding a four inch slab doesn't look stupid. Since we're all doing it, we pretend it's okay.

So a "regular" sized phone looks stupid?

I don't understand.

JLG1985 says:

Umm, let me get this straight, they already have the book cover for the Galaxy Note 8 but there STILL ISN'T AN OFFICIAL BOOK COVER for the Nexus 10 made by Samsung?

Go figure!

P.S. - talk to me like I'm a 2 year old... let's add this up, Note I + Note II + Nexus 10 (+ Note 8 - if you're a sucker) = way more expensive than anything Apple put together at this point.

Umm, wasn't Apple supposed to be the over-priced gadget company? I'm a little confused, is it just me (no I'd NEVER buy anything Apple, ever), just sayin'

sageleeone says:

All this crap about not wanting to be seen with this phone up to your head....nonsense.

I don't frickin care what others might think...I want this one device so I don't have to carry two or three.

MrMLK says:

Does anyone know where I can order one of these?