Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Book Cover.

Here's a more traditional folio case for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 -- the Book Cover. It's basically the same flip cover you can get for the Galaxy S3 and the Galaxy Note 2. The difference here is it's a full shell that fits over the back of the tablet, as you can't remove the battery cover. So you gain a little thickness.

Note the hole for the front speaker/earpiece, so you can still listen to the conversation with the cover closed. But then you'd be someone holding an 8-inch tablet to your head, looking like a maniac. Don't be that guy.

Like just about every other flip case of this design, you can fold the cover back onto itself to make a little stand.


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Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 Book Cover


What's wrong with using this as a phone? I'd totally do it...not like I'm on the phone all that much anyway.

Off topic question: does anyone know how to get the ICS lockscreen on Jelly Bean? I really liked the lock ring in ICS but in jelly bean when you touch it it becomes lots of small dots.

Using it as a stand, does it stay in place well? I have a Poetic folio case for my Nexus 7, and when I swipe my finger across the screen to change pages when I'm reading on it, the cover stand gradually slips out of place. It's annoying as hell.

I have the 10.1 version and the magnets hold it in that position well. For a more vertical angle it has rubber feet that keep it in place but its not as solid. Overall I really like the design. It doesn't add much bulk at all and don't notice any flexing on my 10.1 like the reviews show.

So just like the Samsung case on my Note 10.1, taking pictures or videos is horribly uncomfortable. There is not a cutout for the lens when the case is open. It's tough balancing the half open case so I don't block the lens and hitting the record button at the same time.

Like holding a four inch slab doesn't look stupid. Since we're all doing it, we pretend it's okay.

Umm, let me get this straight, they already have the book cover for the Galaxy Note 8 but there STILL ISN'T AN OFFICIAL BOOK COVER for the Nexus 10 made by Samsung?

Go figure!

P.S. - talk to me like I'm a 2 year old... let's add this up, Note I + Note II + Nexus 10 (+ Note 8 - if you're a sucker) = way more expensive than anything Apple put together at this point.

Umm, wasn't Apple supposed to be the over-priced gadget company? I'm a little confused, is it just me (no I'd NEVER buy anything Apple, ever), just sayin'

All this crap about not wanting to be seen with this phone up to your head....nonsense.

I don't frickin care what others might think...I want this one device so I don't have to carry two or three.