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Samsung's smart watch leaks ahead of its IFA debut

According to sources at Venture Beat, you're looking at a prototype of Samsung's upcoming Galaxy Gear smart watch. It was sent to a trusted partner, who showed it, and a demo video, to Venture Beat.

The watch is said to be about 3-inches diagonally, with an OLED display and a 4MP camera and speakers built into the strap. On the function side, the watch is said to come preloaded with health and fitness applications, which will connect with your Galaxy smartphone (and possibly all Android phones) to be a companion device rather than a stand alone solution. Also included are social integration apps like Twitter and Facebook, and the ability to initiate calls from the watch itself.

Smart watches are nothing new. Motorola has tried and apparently given up (for now) with their Motoactv series, Sony has released several models with limited success, and the Pebble is enjoying a limited, but enthusiastic, user base from fans of wearable tech. With the three giants of the mobile industry — Apple, Google and Samsung — said to be developing smart watches, we expect to see big things this holiday season. 

For more details about today's leak from Samsung, visit the source link below.

Source: Venture Beat


Reader comments

Is this the Samsung Galaxy Gear smart watch?


Looks like something you wear under a court order.
Why not just strap the whole phone to your wrist?

It can't be a Samsung watch, where is the Home Button??!!

I hope it can store music and be used as a stand alone device, if it has to be tethered to a phone there is really no point n having it then.

That's what SHE said!

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I don't care for smart watches as I think they're pointless, but maybe this is a prototype? Either way it's ugly.

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How's it racist to say that the only people that will buy this are Korean consumers in Samsung's home market?

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>"Is this the Samsung Galaxy Gear smart watch?

If it is, they should put it on a large man's arm for promotion, not some woman.... looks ridiculous.


i will either use "agreed" or "this" as a reply to a lot of post and upping my post count is no concern of mine.

on the internet, it is usually good to see multiple people saying the same thing, instead on one random person saying something that nobody believes. and if it was said good enough the first time, why just parrot everything back. it is totally common place in all of my other forums when somebody is looking for an answer and there is a post that has the correct response.

Was hoping that Sammy's watch would be a nice accessory for my S4 but this thing is FUGLY.....wont make the cut on my arm.... I predict mass failure on this one unless it's a decoy.

Looks like it could be an encasement of some sort with a sleeker design hiding underneath. You can see shadows between the band and the face I think. Hope so anyway, that thing is hideous otherwise.

Nope. This is in a marketing video, so what we're seeing is the actual watch.

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An internal promotional marketing video. Could just be a video Samsung had made to show developers possible use cases or just how to use it in general to try to kick off development before the thing is released. Wouldn't have to look like the final product to accomplish that.

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On the other hand, if developers think the final product is this ugly, they won't waste time developing for the 3 visually impaired consumers who might actually buy something that hideous.

Then again their phones are just as ugly and people seem to have gotten used to them...

The functions sound promising but that thing is huge. It looks too thick to the point where it would get in the way when you try to get anything out of your pocket.

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It looks like a toy watch designed for three year olds

Posted via a naked Nexus 4 running 4.3 (No cover for me!)

Samsung has in the past put new hardware into a fake shell to keep the final design under wraps so to speak. Lets hope this is in a shell... The ugly duckling may yet turn into a swan!

So a lot of the comments prove than only a few people can read the fact that this was the picture of a prototype..

Explain why it was in a Samsung marketing video for the production watch then?

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This is most likely just a temporary case they are testing the device with. Samsung seems to try to market their products for looks. I don't think they're stupid enough to have a final design as this. Besides, when was the last time someone made a smart device with visible screws on the front?

Posted from the incredible new Nexus 7

Huh? You said Samsung markets their products for looks?
Maybe it's me but Samsung hasn't cared about looks in a long time or they would have abandoned the tired, old design they've used for just about their last 5 or 6 phones. In my opinion the photo falls right in line with what they keep dishing out, a tired old design that looks just like their S2, 3, 4 and Note series.

If wearing this abortion meant ending world hunger....well, looks like a lot of people are going to bed hungry.

I think the other commenter doesn't understand that this is a marketing video, so no fake casing here.

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Yeah, the thought crossed my mind that, that post, would have been more appropriate for my comment, however my initial thought was that the "watch" looked like on iPhone strapped to a wrist.

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A worthwhile smart watch needs to useful, practical and aesthetic. I think that blend is almost impossible with current battery technology. Apart from the look (I hope this is not final Samsung) what is this thing actually for?

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I think at this point it would bode well for Samsung to partner with a design company. They have the engineering and software down pretty good but man they have no taste esthetically speaking.

there's no way samsung would put out a watch that looks like this...NO WAY.

my guess is that the watch debuting on the 4th will more closely resemble the patent application shown in the source article (and elsewhere).

i wonder how many unique visitors VB is racking up?

"According to sources at Venture Beat, you're looking at a prototype of a hideous device that no self respecting person would ever wear"


This is, what, your fifth post about that "this is a marketing video" BS? It was explicitly said that this is a prototype that may not resemble the final product.

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If this is the final design then I will be waiting for Google's smartwatch. This is way too bulky.

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I'm sure it is. Notice the screws on the front? Samsung would be crazy to put large screws on the front of one of their mobile devices,

Posted from the incredible new Nexus 7

You mean like the ones on the back of the s4 active?

Samsung has never been great at design, so no one should be surprised at how awful this is.

I'm getting me a Galaxy watch for sure. This might not be the final look, we all know they make lots of prototypes.

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I chuckled when I saw the photo. This is sad if this is the best Sammy can do with wearable tech. I really hope its not real.

With a design like this, I sincerely hope to see a calculator function. That would be AWESOME! *troll*

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Can assure you that I will never own a smart watch.... Why oh why this is beyond nerdiculous!

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I think my next smart watch will be a Samsung Note Watch! Just think a watch as long as your arm!

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Why in the hell would you need camera in your smart watches? I'll rather stick with the Sony smart watch 2, which will come out somewhere in September.

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Everyone RELAX. Samsung just announced that this is not the real prototype, it is actually an item from the 1999 Inspector Gadget edition Happy Meals.

That looks terrible. If the screen is going to be that large it needs to be curved to look half way decent.

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Fortunately Samsung is a SOUTH Korean company.

If Samsung is from NORTH Korea, the dear leader
will probably have the top Samsung executives and
designers executed for coming up with this ugly
looking device.

Did anyone bother to read the article? They have no clue if this is the final product. "sends off prototypes that don’t mirror the final design. But it won’t be far off"
So, they have no clue what the final version will be.

It is just as easy to make suppositions without clicking the source code link and actually investigating something

From the source:

Note that Samsung is highly security conscious in protecting its designs, and occasionally sends off prototypes that don’t mirror the final design. But it won’t be far off.

I am guessing it will be a bit more polished then what you are seeing there..

Did you actually read what you just posted? It didn't say it was a prototype, it just said that Samsung has been known to do that.

As for your second post, again, did you actually read? The video was paid for by samsung, for Samsung to show off the watch to its employees. The sort of video that wouldn't feature a prototype.

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First line of this article states you are looking at a prototype
Second line of the second paragraph in the source article says "a source showed us one of the prototypes"

I know you are usually trying to argue from a position of disarmed, but ITS A PROTOTYPE. The article above says it, the source says it. Say it with me, I will go slow... I t i s a p r o t o t y p e.

Nowhere, not this article nor the source, does it say that Samsung paid for anything.

The article above doesnt really mention it, and here is the mention from the Source "The video was not developed by Samsung, but by an independent team working closely with Samsung."

Some of the nature of the word "independent" is that no one is paying you. No where does either article mention who paid for the video.

The other article posted here in the comment section also states it is a prototype and that a more finished product will be released this week.

Come on, even you need to see this. I cannot point it out to any clearer.

This has to be a joke! I'd never wear something like that in today's world and I'd laugh at anyone who did! (probably behind their backs though) :-)

This thing looks horrible. I hate to say this (not really actually) but if apple comes out with a smart watch, you can bet it'll look 10 times better than this crap.

What I don't understand is why it has to be portrait. I have a lot of room up my arm for a landscape layout, so why not?

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Come in Star Command, this is Buzz Lightyear... I am now out on parole.

Seriously, cut the straps off and you might get away with it, as a pendant thingy.

That watch looks as if it would swallow me whole. I'll put it on to it's tightest setting and watch it slide to my elbow.

Regardless, It's so fugly that I have to go poop...serious....

That is so terrible but the good thing about it is, that design will usher the smartwatch out to pasture in a hurry.

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oh Samsung... Couldn't you have just waited till apple released theirs first before making something on your own??

Apple don't have one until they announce one or a decent leak happens. It's all speculation.

I'm sure that this photo was taken at "toys r us"

If it's true..... one thing I'm sure.... I will not be a owner of a phone looking like this!!!

How stupid are all of you?
Pretty stupid by looking at the comments.
This is a prototype and the real one will not look anything like this one.
Also before you comment read the article first.

Stop spamming that crap from Kickstarter.

AC need to get some moderators to clean up the comments, they're long overdue.

Weren't they supposed to be with the new flexible display or something? If yes then they're going to rock

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Everyone needs to calm down there's no way in the world Samsung would put a smartwatch out that looks like this. Its a prototype and I guarantee it will look a lot better than the one shown in the picture above. Not to mention, I will own one. That'show much I trust Sammy.