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Black and white color options only at present

AT&T is now listing Samsung's Galaxy Gear smartwatch for pre-order with a $299 price tag. At launch, the watch will only support the upcoming Galaxy Note 3, with other Samsung phones getting support through future software updates. Currently the Gear is available in black and white colors from, and will ship on Oct. 1 along with the supporting phone.

The Galaxy Gear is being promoted as a companion device for the Note 3, allowing owners to make calls, view messages and even take photos (using the built-in 1.9-megapixel camera) without removing the phone from their pockets. It's the first serious Android smartwatch to emerge, however its relatively high price tag and Samsung handset requirement will its appeal at launch. If you're planning on picking one up on launch day, leave a comment and let us know.

Pre-order: AT&T


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Samsung Galaxy Gear up for pre-order from AT&T, priced $299


Wow and I thought $99 would be too much for this POS but Samsung must be high if they think it will sell a paltry 10K at that price.

In the end the law of supply and demand will tell if Samsung was right at pricing it that high. But you can't blame them for trying.

Lets all be reasonable here; if you dont spend $300 on regular watches, this device isnt being marketed to you.

How many people have gotten a "k" or "lol" text message while they were busy, had to stop what they were doing, and ended up irritated at the amount of effort put out just to read something not worth reading? Now imagine having to whip out a Note 3 just to do that? Now compare that to looking at a watch while keeping it moving.

If I'm in the market for a watch that I would normally spend $300+ on, while at the same time being in the market for a new phone, this is a match that doesn't really require love, just logic.

Im not buying it either, but If i had a collection of $300 watches, this would be among them.

For an accessory that can only be used on select Samsung phones with no guarantee that it will even be supported on future Samsung phones, $50 is the limit.

Samsung, when this device fails, it's not because people don't want smart watches, it's because you executed it horribly.

This should have been a $100 device that runs on any smartphone.

I doubt Samsung's goal for this watch is marketshare. It's a niche product being sold to those who can buy it. The best thing is that if Samsung is willing, in six months after the holiday season is over, they can turn around and sell it for $50 and still make money. Samsung is the price leader in tech, they can do anything they want and still come ahead. Much unlike HP.

I am with you 100% at this price and only being able to work with 1 device its not worth it. Watch Google come out with a smart watch for $50 that works with Android and iOS and take over the market

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1000% agree here. i want a smart watch in a bad way. But just not this one.

I have been a fan of samsung in the past, but they are becoming increasingly like apple it seems like. Not as bad because i am sure this thing can be rooted and will work with other phones if there is any kind of dev support. But the point of android is openness. Why make something that ONLY works with your products. I know the answer is so people will buy only your products, but this is going to hurt them not help them. ANy time i see some crap like this it makes me want to NOT buy their stuff no matter what.

Even at $299. IF it had more sensors for thing like heart rate, and maybe even a way to track calories burned ALONG with everything else it does AND make it compatible with most Android phones, i would pay $299.... MAYBE. but not with the limited crap this does..... oh and WHO CARES about a crappy camera in your watch that prob wont take pictures worth a damn!! AHHHHH

they have guaranteed it will work on the Note 2, S3 and S4 with the upcoming Android 4.3 update in October.

Who would buy this for that kind of money? They should have left this concept in R&D.

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The same type of people who will pay $300 on contract and $750 off contract for a Note 3.

There's plenty of people who pay $300+ for watches that just go tick-tock, why wouldn't there be a market for one that does so much more?

Meh... I'll wait and see what Google comes up with. $299 is too much also. I don't want to pay as much for an accessory as I do for my phone.

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make it available on all smartphones or at lease Samsung phones, and reduce the price and i'll buy it.

Agree with everyone else. Way to over priced. That's what you get for being on the cutting edge of new tech toys I guess.

I can understand only working with Samsung phones but only the Note at launch? Really? Not even S4 currently. Plus with only Samsung phone support I would have thought it would have been priced better. $150, I'd pay that.

only working with samsung phones is the BIGGEST reason i wouldn't buy it, and i LIKE samsung phones!!

It reeks of Apple-ism. They are trying to make a walled garden in the middle of our open one and its just not right. I like android because i have choice! if more OEMS start pulling this crap and we buy it we're telling them its ok, and its just not.

It will work with the S3, S4 and Note 2 in October. Samsung is releasing Android 4.3 for those devices at that time, and the Gear will be supported. And I agree 299 is too much for this thing, but it's not meant for the average consumer. It's meant for the person who would spend this much on a normal high-end watch. They can buy this high-tech watch instead for a similar price. I would easily buy this over a fashion designer watch. Because it actually is functional other than just showing you the time. However, I do think that if they made it 150-200 instead of 299, they would sell more.

I don't think it's overpriced for this initial launch. Back when the first DVD players hit the market they were priced at nearly $600 for a base model. Today, you can get a dvd player with all the bells and whistles for less than $150, and if you only want a base model, Magnavox will sell you one for $30 at Wal*Mart.

It's priced so high because the technology is new. Just like there were folks back then who paid $600 for a dvd player, and $1500-$2000 for things like Google Glass, there are people who want the latest tech toy regardless of the price.

In a few years, when the technology is mature, and other manufacturers start rolling out their versions, the price will drop. But for now, the price to play is $299.

I for one, are one of those guys who buys way too early in the technology cycle, and thus pays the premium price. I will have the smart gear when it comes out.

The only question I'm trying to get an answer to is whether the Gear is tied to the phone or to the carrier? I would hope it's not tied in anyway to a specific carrier thus leaving it open to work on any Galaxy Note 3 regardless of the network.

It's connected to the phone, via Bluetooth low energy.

Oh, and yeah, I completely agree with your comment.

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Move the decimal over two places to the left and throw in a year subscription to the cake of the month club and I'm sold!

Still won't wear that ugly watch though

Posted from my brand new, super slim, gorgeous red Droid Ultra

299 for a watch that only works on one phone and the phone is not out yet...

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In an economy where various companies are lowering the price of goods due to the global economic crisis, you would think Samsung would get a clue. People can barely afford to keep food on the table and gas in their cars, let alone a watch that is made of plastic. Google seems to get it, which is why they are gaining traction compared to Apple and Samsung.

Don't know where any of these sites get their info but unfortunately there are no preorders. Makes me wonder who ever did this post where they got their info and if they are just imagining a pre order page.

Anyone here knows if I have a rooted custom ROM Samsung, can I inject the .apk file or a zip file to get the Galaxy Gear to work on my S3?

I would love to have a Galaxy Gear, IF, it would work with any android phone and was under $200.

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Must Be Nice..
A Professional that has climbed the ladder.. and has $700.00 for a cell phone and $300.00 for it's companion Smartwatch.. Just throw it on the American Express shake the lucky salesperson's hand and be on there way..

Hey.. There are those that can afford this combo without blinking an eye.

God Bless'em.. :-)

I'm just not one of them.

I was trying to figure out how Sony was going to sell their smartwatch 2. Samsung provided the answer for me. Smartwatch 2, here I come!

Way overpriced and it only works on GN3 and new 10 out of the box. They need to lower the price and make it compatible with other devices then I might consider.

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I collect watches and have many that cost over 300, so price is not a problem if I really want it. My problem is the fact that it's more of a accessory. It only works if I have a compatible phone, so if I have a working phone please tell me why I need this. They already made something for me to make calls, text, email without dropping what I'm doing. It's called a bluetooth headset. Now in a few years from now if they can make it a stand alone I'll buy it.