Samsung Galaxy Apollo

Samsung's Galaxy Apollo, a mid-range Android offering, is now available to Canadians on Telus. 

Here are the specs: 

  • Android 2.1 (Eclair)
  • 3.2-inch screen
  • Swype
  • 3 MP camera
  • Internal memory: 150MB
  • External memory: up to 16GB

As far as pricing, Telus presents a few options for customers:

  • No contract ($249.99)
  • 1-year contract ($199.99)
  • 2-year contract ($149.99)
  • 3-year contract ($49.99)

The Galaxy Apollo presents users with a good, mid-range device if they don't want to pay the fees for the Galaxy S. [Tulus via unwiredview]


Reader comments

Samsung Galaxy Apollo available in Canada on Telus


Sammy is a marketing juggernaut.

The Galaxy is well on its way to being the the most successful android platform of all time.

This blows holes in the myth that Carriers want their own distinctive handsets. (No, they just want a carrier lock, and their own bloatware).

Samsung made a great choice putting a high end device on each.major carrier, only problem is they all came out at erratic dates.

In the grand scheme of things thats not a major problem, and may well have been intentional.

On any given date there are only a certain number of people in a position to switch carriers or upgrade their phone.

The carriers with the first bids and/or the highest bids probably got to name their dates so as to beat the competition or schedule the release later after the phone proved itself.

Andr3w, there's a problem with that statement, why are we settling for mid ranged devices when we could be getting good top end devices? This is why Canada is being flooded with low-mid ranged phones and very few top end, we're taking what we're seeing. You GET what you PAY for, the HTC Desire and Samsung Galaxy Vibrant and Fascinate are a wakeup call for Canadian cell carriers due to its high demand and backorders and hopefully they will start bringing in better quality devices.

I have played with a live Apollo and it's not bad, but the display is terrible (jagged text), after a while it became clear that Samsung severely cut corners with this device compared to their other releases (including the older Spica).

Otherwise if we continue to buy $200-250 phones with shitty display quality or shitty OS (still running Android 1.5), we won't see much of what the US are getting like the Droid X and Evo 4G.