Verizon Galaxy Nexus announcement

With all due respect to the Mobile Generation Verizon retailer in Bloomington, Minn., we're pretty sure the Verizon Samsung Galaxy Nexus hasn't actually been announced yet. And we're pretty sure when it is, it won't be done with the GSM version shown in the pictures. Stay tuned, folks. We're sure it'll happen soon.

Source: Facebook; thanks, @andrew_53517


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This is not an official Verizon Galaxy Nexus announcement


It's not an official announcement, obviously. But it's a pretty good confirmation that we'll see it on the 15th! And last I checked no one ever said it was an official announcement. I think we all know that nothing is 100% official until Verizon puts it on their website.

I just talked to a verizon rep and he said it might be out in the next two months. I really hope he is completely off.

I just received a call from the Verizon store that I go in all the time and they said it is releasing on Thursday and I can come check it out right now! I'm almost there! Haha...

I just want to add that today, this afternoon, I stopped at a Verizon store to chat and the manager showed me his nexus he received today to "test out" . He wouldn't tell me anymore than it should be out soon.

I work for a retailer as well and we have gotten emails stating when the phone arrives it is not to be sold until the 15th too or you will be terminated. Nothing official but the POs are in our computer

A Verizon lady just called me to remind me that I'm due for an upgrade, and she would be glad to hook me up with the local store to do my upgrade. She then tried to sell me a RAZR. I told her I was waiting for the SGN to be released. She said she never heard of it. She said she'd check into it and get back with me. Didn't expect to hear from her, but about 30 minutes later, she called back and said she had an appointment for me with my local Verizon store to upgrade to the SGN this Thursday, December 15th. She said they'd be holding one until my arrival. I guess that makes the 15th official!

My store wouldn't let me play with but he did tell me to come back on the 15th. Take it for what it's worth.

The 15th aint happening. Verizon told me they are waiting on a software update. After xmas seems more likley of course everything at this point is a rumor.

Google should buy Sprint so they can release a real Nexus without carrier interference/labels/bloatware/etc...

I literally had a GNex in my possession and activated on my line for a whole 30 minutes :) then when time came to pay it wasn't registering at the register. All this happened at frys...I was deeply sadden, but because of all the trouble the manager put it aside for me :) it needs to be Thursday already!!