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It seems like the good news week is set to continue for Nexus fans, with reports emerging that the hotly anticipated update to Android 4.1 is set to starting rolling out to the Nexus S over the next couple of days.

Down under, in Australia, Vodafone Australia has posted to their blog the following in relation to to the Jelly Bean update: 

Approved by Vodafone, roll out by Google scheduled for 1:00pm AEST, 19th July 2012. Keep an eye on our blog for further information.

Don't forget, that July 19 in Australia is actually July 18 in the U.S -- albeit only just given the time. That time translates to around 04:00 BST 23:00 Eastern, and 20:00 Pacific.

Elsewhere, SFR in France, also has something to say on the update, which pretty much ties in with Vodafone Australia:

However, the deployment is slightly delayed on the Nexus S! Jelly Bean should be deployed July 18, 2012!

So, the signs are looking good. We'll be keeping a close eye on this one, but remember, it's pretty likely that this will only apply to the GSM versions as with the Galaxy Nexus -- sorry Sprint users. Until we see it though, as ever, let's treat it with a slight pinch of salt. Carriers have been known to give out incorrect information in the past let's not forget. 

We'll be keeping a close eye out for this one, but if any of you guys happen to see an update notification, hit us up in the Android Central forums or in the comments below. 

Source: SFR, Vodafone Australia

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deviantartjr says:

even for some galaxy nexus still not get the jelly bean ota update (yakju(xx) version)

Huschke says:

People with yakju(xx) can easily get Jelly Bean if they so desire.

Step 1: Unlock Bootloader (How-To:
Step 2: Flash Takju Factory Image(How-To Flash a Factory Image:

I did it a few days ago and instantly got the OTA notification to update to Jelly Bean.

deviantartjr says:

yeah.. i did it a weeks ago,but manual flash ,not the ota which better Ota or manual flash?

Xanth18 says:

I got fed up waiting for the yakjuux update from Samsung... also, angered by the fact that I have a Nexus device and it was NOT running the latest Android (only 4.0.2 upon purchase!).

So I flashed Yakju 4.0.4 and within MINUTES of booting it up, it was pushing 4.1 OTA to me. \o/

I HIGHLY recommend any Canadian Yakjuux Galaxy Nexus owners to flash their phone using these instructions:

As long as you follow the instructions it's really easy and really fast.

keithz says:

I shouldn't have to do crap this to get an OS update.

And I'm definitely not going to risk that on my gf's phone.

My phone is still on 4.0.1.

If this is how Nexus phones are going to be, what's the point of staying on Android at all? I am not a guy who wants to waste time rooting and managing ROMs. If Google can't even keep the Nexus line updated, I'll have to reconsider my loyalty to Android.

At least the Nexus 7 is great because there are no carrier, OEM issues.

Blame your carrier, not Google. Google has NOTHING to do with the lagging-behind of updates to CDMA Nexus devices.

deviantartjr says:

yeah..sometime i confusing why samsung make so many yakju version...

davey0728 says:

Sorry DUDE but NOT Google's fault. If you wanted a STOCK yakju Galaxy Nexus and direct updates from Google you shoul've bought a stock yakju version from the play store but NO, you and you're dumb girlfriend bought a Nexus through VERIZON of all carriers! You screwed yourself, now instead of having an awesome JellyBean Galaxy nexus like ME you're stuck with a still awesome ICS Galaxy Nexus that probably won't get the JellyBean update from Verizon for about 12 months (not being a jerk either, it will take at least 6-12 months for Verizon to approve and mod their 4.1.1) so try this while you wait; extend your right arm straight out in front of you, now quickly bend back at the elbow and SLAP YOURSELF IN THE FACE FOR BUYING A NEXUS PHONE FROM A CARRIER! Everyone knows that a TRUE vanilla Android Nexus MUST come from Google.

davey0728 says:

Personally I feel the OTA direct from Goolge is the best. Manual flashing means that the version you have could possibly be different than the offical Google version and unless your good with phones you might never know you're missing out of some great features. I say you buy or flash your Nexus to the STOCK yakju Google branded version and if you do it right you'll get Jelly Bean OTA from GOOGLE within about 5 mins (I got mine instantly)

ChuckG73 says:

Are there any updates at all about VZW CDMA Galaxy Nexus JB?

KaiserJay says:

The image is up on the Google site, so you should be receiving it soon, or you could install it yourself

bjones521 says:

How do you install it using the binaries?

KaiserJay says:

Sorry, should have clarified. I didn't mean to install it from the binaries; I meant find a 4.1.1 ROM (which would be based on the official binaries), and install that.

Here's a good guide if you don't want to wait for the OTA

dEcmir says:

SFR and Vodafone seems to be quite "android friendly". I like this.

Sprint gnexus?

Ziptied says:

Good luck, sprint and vzw are usually left in the cold.

F U sprint!!

rjwriter78 says:

I'm with ya on that one! Not fair!

shyamnat says:

I don't understand how the VZW iPhone updates are rolled out to all devices at the same time. Do these updates comes directly from Apple or does VZW tweaks it before it is pushed out? Why can't this be true for Galaxy Nexus?

I think the updates come from apple themselves.

shyamnat says:

So why do the updates for Galaxy Nexus come from Verizon? This looks like double standards.

So when they say nexus s, this does not include the nexus s 4g?

BartmanJax says:


BartmanJax says:

I'm holding off upgrading to JB on my NS. There are several programs I use for flying that aren't JB compatible yet and HBOGO isn't compatible either.

Any signs of JB on the Xoom yet other than to the people in the Motorola improvement program?

starvends says:

I am in India and I have nexus s. Eagerly waiting for jelly bean update. When will I get the OTA in my mobile. Please revert.