Nexus 4 wireless charger.

It's simple, it's stylish, and it chargers your phone wirelessly - it's also a little pricey at $59

There's really not a whole lot to say about the Nexus 4 Wireless Charger. It's a $59 Qi-standard compatible wireless charger that charges your Nexus 4. Plug it in, put the phone on it, and go. No muss, no fuss, thank you, drive through. This one's made specifically for the Nexus 4, though presumably other Qi-standard phones will work with it. Unlike, say, the Palm Touchstone, this one relies less on magnets to keep phone in place on the inclined face of the charger and more on the tackiness of the face of the charger itself. The rubber of the charger meets the glass of the phone, and it's not going anywhere. (It is quick to collect dust and lint, though.)

Nexus 4 wireless charger.Size-wise, this thing's about like a sawed-off tennis ball. Only less fuzzy, less yellow, and more likely to actually charge your phone. It very much look like it's in the same family as the spherical Nexus Q, but it's much smaller. (In fact, the whole package is smaller than we imagined.)

The wireless charger will kick on the new Daydreams feature -- just be sure to set it to do so while charging in the settings. (It might take a second to kick in.)

The charger comes with a microUSB cord and wall wart, and some quick instructions that you'll never need. Plug it in. Place the phone. Charge. A plus is that your standard TPU case appears to not keep the phone from charging, and the official Nexus 4 bumper doesn't hinder anything either. Because it's a bumper. (Your mileage may vary with other cases, of course.) It outputs at 1.0A, which Google says should take about 4 hours to charge from a dead start.

If you're just dying to see the Nexus 4 wireless charger in action -- which sounds more exciting than it really is -- we've got a brief bit of video after the break.


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The Nexus 4 Wireless Charger


These qi charges are overpriced as a rule. Bought an Energizer charger from Amazon for nearly $50. Is the coil REALLY that expensive? Or do you think we're still paying for the cutting edge technology at this point?

So it sticks because of the magnet, not sure how good that is for the device, but I guess must be perfectly fine haha, don't know much about how magnets affect tech these days, so this must be fine as it's designed to be held by a magnet :)

I thought it used some sort of magnetic adhesion to pull the phone onto the tacky sruface as a couple other review/tech sites say, but perhaps they are wrong and it really is all just the tacky surface, if that really is the case then my bad :) all hail Phil ;P

(when I say couple I mean the one's I've read so far with more than just pictures of the charger but have actually had hands on time)

Not that it works the same way, but... I tried out the Nokia wireless charger on display at the local VZ store and it does feel like it lightly pulls the Nexus 4 to it. For this reason, my guess is that there is some magnetic action going on, if only a slight one. P.S. The Nokia one worked pretty well and they sell it for $50 in store ($60 for the soft charging pillow).

"this one relies less on magnets to keep phone in place on the inclined face of the charger and more on the tackiness of the face of the charger itself. The rubber of the charger meets the glass of the phone, and it's not going anywhere."

You expect people to read Phil? We ain't got no time for that. We will just pull our impressions out the air.

Haha I actually work in Oklahoma City as a news photographer. This was from our competitor. If it were me as the Photog I wouldn't have been able to keep my composure :)

Sorry but I can't see a reason to spend soo much money on something that will charge the phone slower than a plug in charger, especially with more hassle depending on the type of case you use if you have to take it off to charge it.

I'm a former Pre owner as well. Wasn't the Touchstone $50 retail price when it came out? So, I don't think $60 is outrageous. Yeah, wireless charging is gimmicky, but I love it and I still miss my Touchstone.

why do you miss it? i still have both of mine handy...sadly i own a rezound now. Someone should see if the touchstones will charge these guys =)

The touchstone, will not charge any of these devices(nexus 4,Droid Dna, etc.) because it does not support the Qi standard...

Yeah it does, I read a review of the charger before seeing this one pop up, and they show images of it sitting perfectly fine on the charger with the bumper case

Would love it if the bumper cases actually came back in stock on the UK play store, btw Phil have you tried the Shenit copy bumper case at all, comparing to the official bumper case?

Sorry Phil now i see, is just that im more of a visual person than a reader! But thanks for the review, mine is getting here today im exited to get it! im waiting right now :)

my UPS man is actually a woman. Her name is T (short for Tina) with short blonde hair, blue eyes, and QUITE feisty! I have things delivered by her 5 times a week, so we have a re-pore.

Received mine this morning, works like a charm.
Ordered it because I always go to bed after my wife and can never find the cable at night and it's also a hard fit on the nexus to insert the cable so now just need to drop it on the charger and it's perfect. Pricey indeed but it looks cool, the phone being at an angle will make it easier to see the time and snooze the alarm too.

I'm not sure this would sell my wife on a $60 charger, but it seems like a perfectly valid reason to me. Plus all that fiddling around with the charger in the dark (or even when I'm waking up and not so coordinated) can't be good for the micro USB port. I hate to admit it, but...the JesusPhone5's lightning port makes connecting the cable so much easier!

My Wireless Charging orb just arrived an hour ago. Seems to work very well and from what I can tell actually charges faster than on the Standard cable that came with the Nexus 4(although I think my cable that came with the N4 is a bit wonky since it fluctuates between USB/AC charging right from the wall at times grrr) Haven't noticed anything wrong with the orb yet so good start in my eyes. Unnecessary sure, but very sweet none-the-less.

Awesome awesome awesome feature! I loved the wireless charging on my Pre and have missed it ever since. Now if we could only get Samsung to make use of the Pogo pins on my Galaxy Nexus and my Nexus 10!

Hey Phil, it would seem that I got mine today as well. Quick question for you though. Do you know why Google would have excluded a NFC chip in the package to program some settings? I've read the instructions and it would seem that they advise you against putting any metal on it (like coins and paperclips). I have some NFC tags that I'm tempted to attach to it, however I'm afraid I might damage my phone/puck as they contain metal. Does it have something to do with the placement of the qi coil and NFC chip within the Nexus 4? It would have been nice for the price to have something like thus included in the package, like the set up on the large JBL play up speaker being sold for the Nokia 920. Any incites you or Jerry could offer would be much appreciated, thanks!

I got mine this morning. Works fine with the Ringke Slim case.

I noticed even though I have Daydream turned on it never pops up, I'm guessing this has to do with the fact I have a pattern lock?

EDIT: never mind. I didn't wait the "sleep timeout" which i had set for 2 minutes. I do notice though that if the display is already off, it doesn't actually turn back on to go into Daydream. I have unlock the phone then put it on the charger and wait for the sleep timeout.

That's the same way my Galaxy Nexus works with the pogo pin dock. The daydream starts when the screen would normally shut itself off.

What color Ringke did you get? I ordered blue, which is awesome, and white, which is terrible and makes the phones slippery as a fish. So weird that the two colors are so drastically different in function.

Glad to know it works with the Ringke Slim, since I have the dark blue one. BTW, I like the color but wish I got a black one or clear one, only because everyone thinks I have yet another SGS 3.

I know you said it was really grippy with the Nexus 4 but how well do you think it would work with a droid DNA? I don't want to buy it and have it slide off.

To bad that the shipping date was pushed back till June for that. I pre ordered one of those. Went to their website the other day to just get another looksee and noticed the shipping got pushed back from april. Wasnt happy about how they didnt even mention to those that pre-ordered that it got pushed. I canceled. Hoping to win one of the orbs if they ever put em up!

I bet this would also work with the Qi receiver I have for my sgs3.
I'm using the 1st gen chinese qi transmitter but tested it out to work with the lumia charger and AT&T's charger/boombox doohickey as well.

I feel like this is more of a novelty than anything. It cant charge my phone while I'm holding it. If it could charge it from 5-6 ft away, that would be something to talk about.

Phil, can you sneek a peek at the charger to see if it is 120-240v compatible.

Want to know if it can be used while travelling on business overseas.


sorry if this sounds old man waving stick at kids running across lawn but since when is a wire running to half a sphere whioh is connected to the phone magnetically considered 'wireless'? at least with a USB you can connected it to a PC. to me charging wirelessly means putting the phone down on the kitchen counter within range of something plugged in a power socket which charges through the air.

I got tired of waiting for this charger, I wound up buying the qe-tm101 qi charger from panasonic. Was $76 shipped and I couldnt be happier. Kind of neat too as the charger moves to find the phone

Just received mine yesterday. After more than 4 hours of charging, my Nexus 4 is still at the same power percentage as it was before I started to charge it. The phone got really hot, and I thought it was going to melt at some point. The famous Charging Orb will go back in the box, and back to Google. Thanks a bunch, Google!

Sure it's the charging orb and not the phone at fault?

I'd check the phone if I were you... just to be safe.

Not sure how'd you check it tho... Unless the orb is being replaced...

I guess I'll chime in on the topic since I received mine yesterday. Stylish wise, yeah, it looks cool and mine works like a charm. But I have to be honest....not sure if I'm glad I bought it. I mean, if you think about it, you still have to walk over and place it down on the orb to charge. That's the same amount of work, to a degree, than walking over an plugging the charging cable to the bottom of the phone.

But again, I do like the way it looks on my desk and who it props it up to view.

We still have to walk over and plug it in, but the nice part is it will save the charger port. I still remember the horrendous time with old Blackberry Curves breaking the charger ports from constant unplugging and plugging.

Good point....I am getting use to it an do enjoy just "laying it down" on the orb rather then inserting the cable....

To me this is nothing more than a gimmick and a total waste of money. Has society gotten so lazy that they cant take 15 seconds to plug a phone in?

Sure, it's not for everyone...

But I've actually had a couple of phones become useless due to the USB port wearing out, becoming very "loose" and eventually failing completely.

This charger may wear out the QI coils eventually, but at least the USB port will still be working...


I don't understand what the point of wireless chargers really is so long as:

1. You can only charge one device at a time

2. The charging power supplies all use proprietary plugs. The point is supposed to be to streamline cables and all, but ironically they all use different plugs.

3. The charging units cannot be plugged into USB power supplies.

I know in the future we will have wireless charging within X feet of a unit. And our whole desks will be able to charge our devices just by setting them on it. But at this point, they don't do anything really helpful. You are still tethered to a power outlet.

And Yes, I have used wireless chargers.

So the Nexus 4 gets its wireless charger pretty much as soon as the phone is released, but the GS3 still has yet to get one that Samsung said they were going to release???????????

Can the charger hold a charge on its own? That is, can I charge the charger and then unplug the charger to truly use it with no wires while say ... camping outside somewhere to have the charger charge a Nexus 4 without the charger being plugged in?

That would be awesome ...

I'll keep dreaming unless told otherwise.

Camping outdoors... just gave me an idea... you know those hand-warmer gloves you can get with batteries in them to run a little heating coil? How about a Kickstarter campaign to make gloves with batteries in the cuff that power Qi coils in the palms? Presto, hold the phone and charge your phone! The heat from the charging phone would keep your hand warm. To warm the other hand, just carry second phone!