Nexus 4 in Brazil

A quick heads up for our friends in Brazil -- you can now purchase the Google Nexus 4. So sayeth our pal Carlos via e-mail, as well as Google's own Hugo Barra. You can snag it at Ponto Frio as well Fast Shop.

And while you're at it, be sure to swing by our Nexus 4 forums should any questions arise. 

Thanks, Carlos!


Reader comments

Nexus 4 now available in Brazil


Yea the prices in Brazil are absurd for cell phones or any electronics for that matter. Had to buy a Nexus 4 here in the US for my Dad so he take with him to Brazil.

Nice! A month before Google I/O!
Sad part is that this is probably the cheapest high end smartphone in Brazil.

(I am brazillian).