Just to get everybody up to speed with the latest Verizon Droid happenings (and there's a lot):

  • A print Droid advertisement (in the San Diego Union Tribune) shows the date 11.06.09 along with the usual slew of "iDon't/Droid Does"-isms. We're going to assume that's the release date which makes a lot of sense considering the Verizon Droid Event is scheduled for October 28th and that'll leave Big Red ample time to prepare for the launch of the Droid. The November 6th date also falls in line with previous reports. [phandroid]
  • The Motorola Droid has popped up on eBay (looks like there is 3 available) for anyone willing to spend thousands of dollars on what might possibly be the best Android phone available. Would we recommend buying them? No, especially if the Droid is launching in early November and also no because we don't want you guys to drive up the price for us! We kid. kind of.
  • A GSM/HSPA version of the Droid (with AT&T 3G-friendly bands) has cleared the FCC and that has a lot of people whispering it could see light as the first Android device on the Death Star network. We're thinking this is too good to be true considering Verizon has created a whole ad campaign for the Droid and to see it on a competing carrier would be disastrous--put it this way, could you ever see Verizon paying for the marketing of a phone on AT&T? Plus, AT&T has yet to officially acknowledge Android's existence. We're thinking the Droid is heading to Rogers in Canada (same 3G-bands as AT&T) and will remain exclusive to Verizon in the US. [mobilecrunch]
  • BGR says that the DroidDoes.com website shown in all the Droid advertisements hit 2.5 million pageviews and 170,000 opt-in e-mail addresses in about three days. Yeah, we think this Droid is going to be a success.

That's all the Droid news over the weekend, we hope you're all caught up! Still, we're sure there will be more details coming out before the official Verizon Droid Event on October 28th starts so stay tuned!


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There is nothing wrong with Verizon promoting the Droid even though it is going to show up in AT&T's line-up. Most people don't change carriers just for a phone, anyway.

It's actually great to see 1) that Verizon is promoting new entries into the market, and 2) that the Droid will be available across all carriers. I absolutely HATE the exclusivity agreements that ruin the way phones are bought and sold in the U.S.

Glad to see that Droid and other Android phones will be different.

Catchy commercials and all. Also like the marketing muscle Verizon has to stomp on Apple (don't think anyone else could get away with it).

Speaking of getting away with stuff, how is it that Verizon can overtly call it's lineup "Droid"? I'm no lawyer, but I am an Android developer and I'm one of those guys who will read all 50 pages of a legal document before signing something. And it explicitly states on the Brand Guidelines page, item 4: "Any name with 'Droid' alone may not be used in a name" ( http://www.android.com/branding.html )

Cyanogen got a spankin' for "distributing" licensed apps (albeit the apps are free) because they had to set a "legal precedent". I'm a simple guy. So the statement "Any name with **'Droid' alone may not be used in a name** " makes me think that Google's looking the other way on this one. Or maybe my mind isn't twisted enough to see the legal loophole.

That being said, I hope this push makes Android a household name like Blackberry.

is verizon/google stepping in to get those phones off ebay? earlier I checked and there was on with 4 days laft at 1300 and one with 8 days left at 600, now there gone and theres new auctions again, and under completed items it shows none have sold.

@butcherbird I read that "Droid" is owned by Lucasfilm, and is being used under license. So if that is indeed true, it is all legal and legit. :)

I'm waiting for the GSM/HSPA version to hit. Even if AT&T doesn't get it and our Canadian friends do those AT&T friendly 3G bands will grab my import fees. CDMA/EVDO (aka Verizon) network s*cks, can you even have a voice conversation and use data at the same time yet?