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Update: Updated information from Verizon actually pegs the update as pushing out in phases, beginning Tuesday March 19. Even better news!

Those of you rocking a Droid 4 might want to gather round at this point. Seems Verizon has approved a pretty special software update for the QWERTY slider that will bump it up to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and all the goodness that comes with it. 

The rollout hasn't actually got underway yet, nor do we know exactly when it will. But, support documentation over on the Verizon website confirms the bump to Jelly Bean so Droid 4 owners will soon be able to experience that buttery smoothness of Project Butter and of course, Google Now. 

Aside from bumping up to Android 4.1, the update package will also include some device specific improvements. These include improved voice and data connectivity, improvements to mobile hotspot connectivity, and the removal of the pre-loaded MOG and Sling applications. 

Droid 4 owners will naturally be excited by this, so be sure to head on down to the Droid 4 forums to share it with us all. 

Source: Verizon


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Jelly Bean update coming soon to a Droid 4 near you


Hopefully this will clear up some of the bugs that has been plaguing my wifes Droid 4. It has gotten to the point I was thinking of buying her another phone all together. Hopefully this will save me some money.

So, a pre-ICS phone, gets ICS, AND JB?

But yet, HTC Vivid (pre ICS), gets iCS, won't release JB for the Vivid? FAIL

As of recent, it does. However, when I, my wife, and my mother-in-law all got our Droid 4s in May 2012, they still had Gingerbread, as ICS was not released for it yet.

This is freaking embarrassing, my HTC one for T-Mobile still runs on ics and this older droid 4 is already getting jellybean. Ughhh... HTC disapoints me much.

Motorola is rocking it with the updates. The fact that they are still supporting devices released in mid-late 2011 is great. Obviously, the Google buyout played a role in this. And it helps that Blur is slowly but surely becoming more stock-ish with each iteration.

And to think I hated Motorola.. but they seem to be doing making up for their mistakes with all these updates..

In the meantime my poor HTC Rezound just waits..

Never posted on any sort of tech forum before, so please forgive any obvious "noob tells", but I HATE THIS JELLY BEAN UPDATE! And here's why: I just bought my droid 4, and I love it because of the real keyboard. I really don't care about any other cool features, except maybe having a good camera, a good video camera....yep, that may be it. Obviously it sucks to not have flash, but on my last phone I just downloaded some sort of work around (yay me!) I thought maybe I could do that with this d4 as well. Anyway, back to the keyboard. Not only does the text do all sorts of effed up stuff when posting in text fields like this one and Facebook (I've had to go back a million times so far to fix double characters, cursor jumping all over, etc. I should've just left the screwups but I didn't want you to think I was having a stroke. Biggest complaint is the dang shift key! Now, I have to actually hold the shift key down to get upper case letters and punctuation, which is beyond ridiculous. It feels like I'm playing hand twister. Could you folks school me a bit on how these updates work? For example, how did these glitches get through testing by the developers? Is there actual testing? When glitches have been caught post releabase are there fixes released soon after. Oh, by the way, that "releabase" in the last sentence was a total EFF up, I just can't fix it anymore or I'll jump out of my window, which would only be a 3 Foot drop, but still, it's cold, there's snow on the ground and I have no shoes on. Last question: can I just go back in time to my last dessert? I think it was ice cream sandwich. I am fine with ice cream sandwiches, truly. I would much rather have an ice cream sandwich and my perfect keyboard than a measly little jelly bean and tthis keyboard with some sort of mmeth twitch brain disfunction.

I feel your pain, alicali. My Droid 4 got "upgraded" this morning, and I really miss the nice "sticky" shift key feature. Its absence seems app & text entry field specific -- it still works in some places, but not in many others. I hope they fix that soon! As for the jumpy keyboard & screen, I have noticed that if I use my Droid4 when it is plugged in, it behaves as if the touch screen were possessed. But running on battery it calms down. Could that be your issue?

alicali.. funny writing, sense of humor. Thanks.
Yes, my droid 4 has the same effed up issues.
I DO NOT believe this was intentional. I think it's something they need to / intend to / are planning to fix.
I think the best thing to do is contact android feedback sites and voice your complaints (I'm doing the same). They need to hear from us. I suspect they'll get to work on it if they haven't already.
Thanks again for your goofy writing.

Update. I found this:

"I had the same physical keyboard problems from my software update starting, well, DansDroid knows, don't know if I can say it ;) Anyhow I found a solution posted elsewhere and it seems to be how the language is coded to the physical keyboard. I tried it and it worked for me. FINALLY!

Moderator EDIT: Because the link provided points to a website with rooting/modding information, I'm putting the quote here for those who may have had this problem, I have not personally verified this solution as my D4's have not had this problem:

In Settings -> Language & input, go down to Physical Keyboard, select omap4-keypad and uncheck all the languages. Now, it should be set to Default and it should work well.

(reposted in this thread to alert additional users noting this problem) "

(I found it on this website:
I tried to post the entire url but androidcentral wouldn't let me.)

I'm testing it out now.