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Unlocked German and Russian devices getting new version of Android, as Euro Note 3 receives 'stability' updates

The international LTE and HSPA+ versions of the Samsung Galaxy S4 (GT-i9505 and GT-i9500) have started receiving their Android 4.3 updates, marking the first major OS upgrade for Samsung's flagship.

Among all the standard under-the-hood changes brought in Android 4.3, the update reportedly includes Samsung KNOX for improved enterprise security, along with Samsung Wallet, some color tweaks for the device's display, and a smoother home screen experience. Other changes include new versions of the Samsung keyboard and browser and a reading mode, which tweaks the display in certain apps for easier reading. The new 4.3 firmware also adds support for Samsung's Galaxy Gear smartwatch.

According to SamMobile the Galaxy S4 LTE update is pushing out through Kies and over-the-air in Germany, while HSPA+ devices in Russia are also getting the update. As always, the new version will take a while to reach all devices, so hit the comments and let us know if you've gotten it already.

Meanwhile the European Galaxy Note 3 LTE (SM-N9005) has received a string of "stability" updates over the past week, eventually landing it at build XXUBMJ3. We're not seeing any noticeable changes on our device, but an early OTA to deal with any niggling stability issues is certainly welcome.

Source: SamMobile

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verpeiler089 says:

Please let us know if touchwiz still stutters and lags like crap.

Gator352 says:


still1 says:

haha.... dont forget the ugly font

troyboytn says:

We S4 users have the ability to change "the ugly font" through settings even on non-rooted devices..... Does your device do that?

moises1204 says:

probably haven't figure that out yet!!

Skiffle says:

My non rooted s3 has font changing options.. Above troll is a douche who knows zip about his device..

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carraser891 says:

my touchwiz doesn't lag at all

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verpeiler089 says:

Do you use a Note? Afaik they don't lag (but still suffer the ugliness of touchwiz). But ALL S4 lag... Some people just don't see it or gotten used to it.

XavierMatt says:

The note lags to. Just wayyyy less.

Editor in chief of

carraser891 says:

I have a Verizon s4. no lag whatsoever

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SpookDroid says:

They're just releasing 4.3 and WHAM!!! Google goes KitKat on their S-behinds a few days later ¬¬' I bet that's why they stop updating sometimes... But hey, update is better than no update, right? The Nexus line has to keep the edge somehow :P

What about 4.3 to note 2 ? I just can't wait

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Does the update also bring a region lock to the S4?

The region lock is only relevant at first power-on when you buy a phone.

willmays1 says:

Does this include the s4 active?

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tgrant1975 says:

Does anyone know what that means for the regular s4?? When should we receive that update???

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SpookDroid says:

What do you mean by 'regular S4'? If you mean carrier-branded, then you're in for a treat, my friend, as these updates take even longer to reach you, courtesy of your lazy-axx carriers. Could be months, or might not even come at all. Or, if they get their act together, a few weeks.

Last time they had a similar roll-out for the S4 it took about a month, a month and a half to reach all 'factory unlocked' units. Carriers', well, it took a bit longer (for some more than others).

tgrant1975 says:

Yeah that's what I ment, excuse my ignorance. Thanks.

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digital312 says:

So this means us Verizon S4 users should see this update drop sometime next spring?

Verizon you effin suck when it comes to pushing out updates.

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bearda says:

Verizon's doing pretty good pushing updates to the S4, really. Some carriers are WAY behind (T-Mobile, I'm looking at you). Like, haven't pushed an update since the device was released behind....

jimbo says:

Verizon's doing a great job at signing up 1.1 million new customers last quarter.

Samsung's proving to be extremely slow and somewhat inept at upgrading Android and their Touchwiz UI as a conglomerate juggernaut.

Both are profiting greatly. Well done?

As someone who works in cellular, no. Verizon did NOT sign up 1.1 million new activations. They pushed 1.1 million new contracts. Completely different.

jagp3 says:

GT I9505 here in Tulsa, Factory Unlocked, downloading a whoping 683.51MB update

Dethbass says:

Yeah, tmobile still hasn't upgraded to allow the apps to the sd card. Right about now, I have around 400 mbs of storage left. But I have a shiny new 64 gig card just waiting.

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BLCoyote says:

Then you could probably do with uninstalling a few.

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XavierMatt says:

Tmobile is supposed to update the htc like yesterday..... And where is it?

Editor in chief of

Still waiting in the UK on my unlocked S4

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eliasso says:

does the 4.3 have the move to sd card feature?

anyone who say there s4 or there note2 or note 3 doesn't lag is a big lier and a loser

jacobtf says:

And so does stock Android and so does iOS on an iPhone 5. All phones stutter and lag a bit sometimes. Deal with it.

Surely the biggest loser is the person going on and on about the lag.

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ismail yuce says:

I got em its nothing man 4.3 sucks

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What were you expecting?

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davy4475 says:

When will the update be ready for s4 on o2 in the uk

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badelhas says:


How soon will it be? 1 week, 2 weeks? Are they testing it now before full release?

so 6 weeks is soon is it??!?!?!?!?!?! RUBBISH!

Updating now in New Delhi. I9500 S4.

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Munyuk81 says:

Indonesia here. i9500 updated via kies monday night. as update on the phone states that server is overloaded.
boy... My s4 got updated so that it officially support my new galaxy gear, and bbm is released on android. all at the same time... almost like Christmas morning and birthday into one... LOL

SICK OF O2 THEY STILL HAVEN'T RELEASED THE UPDATE FOR 4.3 IN THE UK!!!! GIVE US THE DAM UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When the international (i9505) galaxy s4 is going to get the 4.4.2 update?