Epic 4G Touch ICS

A couple of weeks ago Sprint began the Ice Cream Sandwich rollout to the Epic 4G Touch. There were reported issues and problems, however, and the update was halted.

It now appears that the OTA has started rolling out again, as some of our lucky Forum members are reporting.

So if you're a Sprint Epic 4G Touch owner and are seeing the ICS OTA, we'd love to hear from you in the Epic 4G Touch Forum.

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Ice Cream Sandwich rolling out again for Sprint Epic 4G Touch


Did you have ICS on your phone prior to JB (CM10 DarkNight)? How did you do it? I am on ICS, official (manual update via QBKING77), and would LOVE to have JB instead. I know it is on Beta 2. How do you like it? Any tips?

Thank you...

Not to be a troll or anything, but I'm happy for the people with the E4GT that are finally getting the stock build of ICS that Sprint promised. I, myself own a Evo 3D, so I can only give thanks.

With that said, now I'll actually pay my Sprint bill because this update should make up for the lack luster service they have been giving me recently.

Just updated this morning.

Short answer:

Long answer:
version S:D710.10 S.FF18

They changed the "Swipe screen to unlock" method. It requires such a little swipe that I have unlocked the phone in my pocket several times today. I keep pulling it out and finding it on websites or with applications running.

I have a gnex and wife has the epic. And after using ics and now jb on my nexus. Touchwiz ruined ics. Not even worth the download.

Got the OTA ICS update today. Battery life did seem crappy at first, but it seems that switching to the stock ICS launcher/interface from the Samsung Touchwiz interface improves the battery life. Open "SprintID" and instead of the "Samsung" ID, choose "My ID". When you do this you will have to set up your homepage widgets again, but it may be worth it to avoid a factory reset.

Will test it out tomorrow to see if my inkling is true.

Just got it 5 minutes ago.So far so good.Battery a lil hot though but no lag.Give me a week because i heard a lot of people saying their's freeze up

i think it's only fair that people who had good experiences with the update post as well. a word to the wise: wipe cache andcdo a factory reset before updating as well. i do 2 or 3 wipe cache for good luck. then once you reboot dont configure the phone or contacts till after the update. it may take a min before the update shows up again but connect to wifi or make sure you have data and it will come. then after the update do your apps and sync contacts.

the update has more helpful features but at first it will eat battery till you figure out that you can disable bloatware in app settings! i was impressed by this. and for this alone was update worth it.

it works well and does have a finished feel its just that it's a different feel and there is some more learning to do.