A simple setting hidden in a not-so-obvious place

Update: To clarify, this is for the international GS4 only. Looks like the US versions don't require any extra steps to enter mute mode.

If you've got an Android 4.2 phone set to vibrate mode, notifications that would normally play a sound alert cause a vibration. On the Nexus 4 that's easily avoided by cranking the volume all the way down to the "mute" level, but on the Samsung Galaxy S4 (international version only, for some reason) the lowest level on the volume bar is 'vibrate,' not 'mute.' So how do you avoid being pestered by vibration alerts? Turns out there's a simple toggle for it, though it's tucked away in a less than obvious place.

Mute setting To switch to mute mode on the Galaxy S4 and silence vibration alerts for notifications, long-press the power button and hit the "mute" button. Alternatively, "mute" is one of the options you can add to the quick settings bar in the notification shade. (Scroll to the right or expand the quick settings area if you don't see it.)

Once you're in mute mode, all incoming notification sounds and vibrations will be silenced, so you won't be bothered by email alerts in the middle of the night. To switch back, use the volume rocker or one of the other sound options in the power menu.

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Reader comments

How to stop notification vibrations on the Samsung Galaxy S4


that's not new.... i've muted my phone via power menu as long as i can remember - i even just checked my old droid charge and it works there....

heck ,that power menu is IDENTICAL to the one on the GS3 and Note 2

Not new on its own, but the fact that you have to use it if you want to avoid constant notification vibrations is new. On the GS3 and other phones setting it to vibrate mode would completely silence notifications. Not so on the GS4.

Not unless you've specifically told that app to notify you with a vibration. The translation of sound alerts to vibrations is new in Android 4.2.

I got my S4 yesterday. Yes, if you hold the rocker down it stops at vibrate. If you push the rocker down one more time, it goes to mute.

You don't need to access the notification menu bar to change the phone to mute.

Pull the notification bar down, tap the "sound" icon twice and your in mute mode. Easy to do no tricks to it at all! Smh

Hmm. Maybe i'm alone in this, but when I have my phone on vibrate (usually @ work) I only want it to vibrate for apps that I've 'enabled' the specific setting. I however still want my phone to vibrate so putting it on 'Mute' wouldn't solve that. (e.g. I d'ont need my phone to vibrate for my work email as i'm sitting on my laptop reading it already.)