Samsung's marketing campaign for the new Samsung Galaxy S III (S3) focuses heavily on how the visuals and sounds in its software are "inspired by nature." But one of the less welcome results of this is the water droplet sound that plays every time you press an on-screen button, menu or widget. Thankfully there's an easy way to make this quieter -- or completely silence it -- if it's not your cup of tea. Check out the video above for a quick walkthrough.


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How to disable the water droplet sound on the Samsung Galaxy S3


I have no clue, but I would imagine you could. Even if you couldn't officially change sounds through a menu, you could probably find the system sounds folder and just drop your sound in there with the same file name.

I just replaced the sound files with a simple click. You need root though, but its easy enough. The files are called TW_Touch.ogg and S_HW_Touch.ogg. I just copied and renamed one of the other files on the phone. I have them backed up for when i flash a ROM.

I also changed the file to the basic generic click sound. I saved the stock file to flash back when I want to. Very simple but need root.

If you disable the water droplet, you disable nature...and by disabling nature, you disable the very essence of the Galaxy S III. You might as kick my dog or cut down a rain forest.

I cannot believe that that sound effect made it into a retail device. That would drive me absolutely crazy

Most other phones have some sort of obnoxious click on screen press enabled by default. Turning that off is the very first thing I do when changing ROMs, even before I log into Google or change the background all those damn noises get turned off.

Android's stock clicking noises aren't nearly as annoying, nor as loud as that sounds from the video

Even stock Android uses a click sound on touches. I can't believe anyone would want to hear a click or any other sound for everything...

Isn't that the beauty of Android? You can customise almost everything about your phone and make it your own?

I was sure, we could turn off the volume .....before I read the article or had a chance to hold my S III in my hands ...

I do use the click sounds of stock Android or pre-GS3 Touchwiz, but that water drop sound is extremely annoying!

The waterdrop sound on my phone seems to be independent of any of the standard methods to adjust or alter.
The only way I can get rid of the sound is to turn off ALL system sounds . . . No ringtones or other notification sounds. The 'waterdroplet' does not appear to have a source . . . This is getting frustrating.