Samsung Galaxy Note 8 slipcover.

Android Central at Mobile World Congress

We've seen some Android tablets essentially ape the iPad's Smart Cover, which protects the screen while closed and doubles as a stand when folded in on itself. Samsung's gone a different route with the Galaxy Note 8.0 Stand Pouch.

Pouches in and of themselves are hardly new in the mobile space. But Samsung's here also doubles for a stand for the Galaxy Note 8.0. Slip the Note 8.0 into it (the inside is soft and warm and safe, like ... something soft and warm ... or at least soft) to keep things nice and safe.

The pouch -- notice how it's segmented here -- folds in on itself in the usual triangle manner. From there, you get a couple options for angles -- one high, for media viewing, the other low, say, for typing.

Samsung's got a host of colors -- I'm partial to the boring (but nicely textured) gray you see here.

We've got some more pics of the Samsung Stand Pouch after the break.


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Hands-on with the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 Stand Pouch


Looks pretty nice. Might pick one up for my Nexus 7 if it doesn't cost more than $15-$20.

I absolutely hate pouches. The best idea is a simple, elegant, slim and yet protective case that offers fast access to the device and wakes it up when opened and shuts it off when closed

I have finally become attached to the pouch. I hate using a tablet that is in a case, so pouches work perfectly for me. I carry them in pouches when on the go and then slide the tablet out and use it naked until I need to go some where again.