Otterbox S4

Otterbox is here in Vegas at CTIA 2013 with its Defender and Commuter series cases for the Samsung Galaxy S4

CTIA is always a hotbed for the latest and greatest accessories and this year's show is no different -- Otterbox was onsite tonight at the Showstoppers kickoff event in Las Vegas' Venetian Hotel with both its Defender and Commuter cases for the Samsung Galaxy S 4. Otterboxes probably aren't the most attractive cases you can buy for your shiny new S4, and they certainly aren't the sleekest, but they provide the ultra-protection you've come to expect from the company. Both the Commuter and Defender series come in a slew of color options and they're both available now for $34.95 and $49.95 respectively. A quick video, and some more shots can be found in the gallery after the break.


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Hands-on with the Otterbox Defender and Commuter cases for the Samsung Galaxy S4


This was a total waste and the title/headline is totally misleading. Hands on in my experience means more than just pictures of it in your hand.

How is it misleading? They were hands-on with the cases, and they showed pictures of it in their hand.

They never said it was in-depth, or a hands-on video. Plus they are at the CTIA show with hundreds/thousands of other people. They're not going to give them all the time in the world to take the cases, put it on their phones etc.

Considering the S4 was announced 6wks before it launched, and has already sold 10m, Otterbox should have had this available sooner!!!

No people just want to make sure the wrong information isn't spread. Stores and carriers always stock up 100 times more than what they need.

Case in point, most carriers and stores ARE NOT SOLD OUT of the GS4, meaning they haven't sold 10 million yet, only shipped. Let's wait till we get some actual sales first.

And no, I'm still using my Galaxy S3, I'm waiting to hear more about this Nexus version of the GS4 and possibly Nexus 5 before I get another phone.

10 million shipped means they have shipped 10 million phones worldwide to stores and carriers.

The carriers are the manufacturer's customers, not us consumers. If Samsung is shipping units to carriers, it is because the carriers are buying them.

Is it just me or are these Otterbox cases for the Galaxy lineup ugly as hell?

Not just the ones pictured here, either. Every time I see some girl with her S3 and horrendously ugly purple Otterbox Defender I want to figuratively vomit.

Sorry to sound so dramatic, but unless you huck phones at walls for a living or are insanely clumsy, I don't see a purpose in killing these phones form-factor with a behemoth of a case like this. But that's just one persons opinion.

I hate the large cases too, but the Otterbox is what best protects my phone. I've had a TPU case on my phone once, and it fell off my bedside table onto wood flooring, and the tempered glass screen protector I had on it cracked on the corner that hit the floor. If I'd had the Otterbox on it, the case would have wrapped around the corners to protect that.

And every time I see "some girl" with her S3 and horrendously ugly shattered screen I want to figuratively vomit.

Seriously, I see way more people using phones through a shattered digitizer than I see people with decent cases that offer both drop protection (viscoelastic rubber) and impact protection (hard plastic shell).

while i totally get why otterbox would be quick to make cases for the s4, it kinda floors me they have nothing but screen protectors for the nexus4.

you could argue these are sold in much less quantities, in which case you'd be right....but they made cases for the freaking nexus one. c'mon.

Otter Box jack offs refused to make a nexus 4 case despite a lot of demand so I'm permanently boycotting there ugly cases. It's Seidio Active from now on.

I hate the fact Seidio didn't make an Active without the kickstand for the S4. Not worth the extra bump for that feature.

Compared to the S4 there is very little demand for the Nexus 4, not enough demand for Otterbox to consider a case for it.

Ugly. Useful for rough environments but still ugly.

I don't understand why so many people that are never in unusually rough environments use these. Oh well, different strokes for different folks. :-)

I just hope the belt clip for the defender has been redesigned. I've had mine for my gs3 for less than 2 months and I'm already on my 3rd belt clip.

I have the S4 32Gb with the Otterbox Defender and i really dig it. It much slimmer than I had with my HOX. the USB and headphone access "ports" feel much sturdier and not prone to over wear as the Defender form my HOX was. I love the defender and have had one on every device since my iPhone 3GS, never had a cracked screen or a broken device.

Does anyone else not like the defender on their S3? The corners of the rubber layer have stretched out and now it doesn't fit right because their is no plastic to hold it in place. Just a minor annoyance but it seems like the S4 defender will have the same problem...

Same here. No answer from OtterBox except to send pictures and we'll seen you a new one. Bought a Seidio case and won't be back.