The artist is Gérémy Arène. His tools are the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 with the S Pen, and the Sketchbook Mobile app. The result is amazing. 

I tried to say it before when we first saw the Galaxy Note 10.1. These are more than Android phones or tablets. The S Pen and Wacom digitizer makes them a real appliance. Gérémy says it better in this 10-minute video than I ever could.

Source: PhonAndroid (French); via +Cory Teague


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Give an artist the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, and he makes magic with the S Pen


I can't believe PhanDroid took the video from his channel (geremy902), added their intro and posted it on their channel so THEY'D get the YouTube payments, not the artist! UGH!

That wacom digitizer makes all the difference in the world. Love my Note 10.1. I considered buying an iPad before this,but the s-peN really puts this device in another playing field.

WOW! If i only had a small part of that talent I might be able to draw better than a preschooler. Good stuff.

Wow. Just another reason to get this phone. I thought my GS3 with stylus was good, but this is simply awesome.

I'll never be able to do that on mine, when I ever get it Verizon, but I wonder how long did that take in real time?

I'm no artist but I am detail orientated and the sheer amount of detail he put in there just makes my head spin!! Amazing what we can do with our devices!! I wish I had the talent to just draw masterpieces like that, lol!

I really enjoyed watching the process that goes into that type of realism. I was transfixed through the whole thing.

It's videos like this that confirm the Note is no mere smartphone. The capabilities of the Note are simply amazing.

There is no other device on the market that gives this level of functionality to the everyday consumer, while also being a powerhouse of a smartphone.

I purchased the original Note 5.3, I own the Note 10.1, and on Thursday I plan to have the Note 5.5.

Samsung should track this artist down and award him in some way.

i wonder if he used the screen recording feature of the phone to record it all. if he did and it did that good.... that is one hell of a phone.

edit: emailed to find out.

the answer is YES!

what an amazing phone.

oui j'ai utiliser l'application screencast et apres j'ai fait le montage avec windows movies

yes I use screencast application and after I've been editing movies with Windows

Please Verizon, I've been waiting for this phone! This is as close to the original Microsoft Note (I wish I could remember what they called it) device concept from several years ago as I have seen. I would have bought that thing in an instant if Ballmer had not squashed it (stupid move.)

Edit:It was called Courier! Cool concept. This is almost as good.

Many ridiculed Samsung for a 5+" display and resurrecting the stylus, but this concept has proven to be wildly successful. The Note 10.1 has revolutionized how I work. Contemplating the Note 2 when it comes to Verizon. The next iteration of the Note 10.1 (probably next year) will be a beast!

Just amazing work. Made me dizzy watching it, though. I wish they had suppressed some of the pop-up tool stuff :)

Wow this is simply amazing. The level of detail is the difference between Good art and amazing art. I have drawn a few pictures here at android)(central show-off-your-note-2-art-work-2.(sorry but links are not allowed)
I have no formal training except maybe watching Bob Ross when I was younger! I use sketch book too. It takes me about an hour maybe two for the later ones at the bottom. I will be replaying this video again for some tips. ..