Advanced audio and video capabilities purportedly heading to new Note device

With just over a week to go until Samsung's Galaxy Note 3 unveiling at its Unpacked 2013 Ep. 2 event in Berlin, we're starting to hear a little more about what might be lurking inside the company's next big-screen, high-end smartphone. Today the Korea Economic Daily, citing "industry insider sources, reports that the Note 3 will feature a 4K (3840x2160) video recording mode, as well as higher-definition 24-bit/192KHz music playback.

The outlet describes Samsung's 4K smartphone camera as a "world's first," however we suspect Sony might have something to say about that — it's expected to show its own 4K cameraphone, the Xperia Z1, at an event hours before Samsung's. Similarly, LG's already announced its G2 smartphone with 24-bit/192KHz playback, a step up from the 16-bit playback supported by current phones.

In any case, it's unlikely average users will see much benefit from 4K footage, as "Ultra HD" TVs remain expensive, and even high-end tablets can't display anywhere near that number of pixels. Regardless, there's no denying it's an impressive technical feat to cram this kind of video camera into device that fits into your pocket.

We'll be live from Berlin next week to bring you full coverage of Samsung's Unpacked event and the Galaxy Note 3 launch — as well as the rest of the IFA 2013 show.

Source: Korea Economic Daily; via: SamMobile, Engadget


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Galaxy Note 3 to feature 4K video, high-quality audio, Korean press reports


"In any case, it's unlikely average users will see much benefit from 4K footage, as "Ultra HD" TVs remain expensive, and even high-end tablets can't display anywhere near that number of pixels."

Thank you for acknowledging this. Thought I was the only one. you say, impressive.

Exactly, not just zooming either but if the sensor is capable of 4K then 1080P video will be even better than current 1080P cameraphones no doubt.

Prepare for your storage to be swiftly filled to the brim if you're gonna be recording 4K video constantly.

I'm more interested in the look of the Note 3. Gut tells me it'll just be a bigger S4, obviously. But I'm hoping we get surprised with some sorta different build material or something, or different design. Doubt it'll happen but here's hoping.

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I'm hoping for something a little more different as well. The GS4 was actually a scaled down Note 2 in some ways.

Keep telling yourself that. You may come to believe it. By the way, the Easter Bunny and Santa wanted to know if you were still taking your meds. :)

Unless our ears are future proof, or we evolve into a higher species, it will never matter. By the time we are able to hear the difference, the Galaxy Note 3 will be in a museum somewhere.

Pixels don't mean crap. I can't stand the Nokia commercial advertising their 41 megapixals. I mean seriously, do you intend on making a billboard?

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Except that they use the high number of pixels for some really nice zoom options, and the pictures it produces are much better than what most phones can produce. MP might not mean much but in this case they are actually useful. So marketing ploy, absolutely, useful, also absolutely.

I honestly do not get this statement. Motorolas recent phones have been priced right in line with all the other smartphone manufacturers.

With last years specs, the Moto X is way out of line. You can buy a new note 2 for cheaper than the Moto x. And the note 2 has better everything than the moto x. So if you compare the moto x to last years flagships then you would be correct, but this is 2013.

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Wow which phone last year had that X8 chipset? I missed that beast.

Get off the specs. We as tech enthusiasts should know better. If you are just a casual observer then I apologize and you can carry on.

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Android handsets have always been about specs. The x8 chipset is all hype, its an s4 pro, at least it says s4 pro on the Motorola website. Everything in tech is about specs. As a matter of a fact, everything in life is about specs. When you buy a car, does the ford Taurus cost the same as a Cadillac? No. Wait a tick, maybe Motorola could build cars and make a killing.

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Samsung is starting to annoy me with useless features on the software side. Absolutely no benefit to 24bit, 192khz digital music files without a GREAT DAC, great headphones/speakers, and 24 bit music files. Even then, benefits are questionable and some experts believe that 24 bit, 192khz output actually sounds WORSE THAN 16/44.1.

But your music files will take up plenty of space on your phone. Good job, Sammy.

The useless features you complain about are the same things that lure Apple users over to Android devices. As a former iPhone user I was growing tired of my same old small screen that could only do iMessage(when it wasn't down).

There are actual BENEFITS to the features that lured you over. Your EARS are physically incapable of discerning the difference between 16/44, 16/48, and 24/192. This is a physiological fact. A person making the claim that they can hear outside of the audible spectrum (which is what they would have to claim to assert that they can hear any difference), is akin to you claiming you can see infra-red, or x-rays.

Yeah you are right about it being pointless, but things are still a bit of a numbers game. It is stupid, like giving the customer something for nothing, but there it is

As far as the files go, you do not have to put files that big on you phone. Most are not. If you have files of that type, you get what you deserve.

IME 24 bit makes its presence felt in soundstage and imaging. The illusion of a three dimensional instrument in your listening room is something that must be heard to be believed. People who have not experienced it believe it to be nonsense. Anyway 24 bit makes it more possible.

As DaeDae states, the entire audio chain must be up to it.

... And how much storage space? Better be 32Gb at least. It'll be ridiculous otherwise. Also, after testing out Allcast it seems to me like Google Fiber can't get here a minute longer. There's no way those 4K videos will fly well even on higher speed Wi-Fi or LTE.

My guess is that it will have 32GB storage on board, but I'll bet it has a microSD slot too because Samsung is good like that.

If this post turns out to be false, there will be complaints I bet. Just look at the rumors of the Moto X.

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If it does come to fruition then it will be pretty pointless but it would still be nice to have on occasion. I wouldn't use it as my standard quality though.

Samsung is known to pack a lot features into their phones, so I don’t why anyone is surprised by this. If you want phone with no features, then this is not the phone for you.

"Features" have corresponding "benefits". Smart-stay was a feature with a real (albeit dubious) benefit. These are just useless specs. This Samsung pimping itself out to the "my specs are better than yours" crowd, without offering any real benefit to the mass market.

All that said, the GNote 3 is still on my short (read: 3 or 4 phones) list for this year's upgrade.

It is selling points

How many people actually know what "Boom Sound" or Beats by Dre actually does? I knwo those two actually have benefits, but still. It is a talking point.

This is my next, and I can't flippin wait.

I bought the DNA last year over the Note II and while I still stand by my decision (absolutely love this phone) the 5 inch screen has made me itch for a bigger screen. Very excite.

No sorry, you cannot have it. I would not be able to be harsh with you anymore in the comments sections if we had the same phone.

Pick something else, the Note 3 is on my short list

Can't wait either. Curious what the off contract price will be, especially with the rumored 32gb option as standard.

Seeing the G2 with a step up in audio gives me hope that the next Nexus, if LG-made, will have better audio than the current N4. I can turn the volume up all the way on my N4 and it's still not loud enough. It can't even begin to drive my Grado SR-60 headphones.

It's time Android had consistently good components in their phones. Nexus should be a flagship for this.

Oh man, this is what my next phone going to be. So tempted to get it as soon my upgrade is available, but I'm sure in due time. There will be a Google edition. Choices....

I wouldn't count on a google edition note 3. There are too many features in Touchwiz for the note series. Your best bet would to use a different launcher if you don't like the way touchwiz looks.

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Nice, but high-def audio is pointless on a phone, 24-bit/192 output will NOT improve the sound of compressed MP3 files, and this better-than-cd quality is not commonplace when you buy it.

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The overwhelming majority of my 50,000+ music files are lossless flac, alac, or ogg files. I have a very nice set of Monitor headphones that I use, when I'm not using my ATH-M50's. I have Golden Ear Triton 3 speakers. 24/192 doesn't help there either.

24/192 helps on the RECORDING end of the Digital Audio processing engine. It provides no benefit at all to the end user/listener, whose hearing is limited to frequencies much lower (every human being on earth).

OK so you are saying it is not just pointless specs since you can record audio with smartphones if I recall correctly....

Sigh....your recording capabilities don't alter your HEARING capabilities. You don't get bionic ears, just because the instruments used to record what you are listening to improve.

But is being able to record at the stated specs a benefit?

For the record, I agreed with you earlier in the thread and I still do.

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Yes, there are benefits to recording at 24/192. But anyone who NEEDS to record at this level, would NEVER use a smartphone to do so. Its like putting a rocket launcher on a Yugo. If you need a rocket launcher, chances are, you also need a tank.....not a Yugo.

Whaddaya mean, ya don't get bionic ears with these new specs?! I'll still be able to run fast and lift cars off the ground right?!

$1000 phone hmmmmm I'm just not there yet lol.

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some may say 4K screen is pointless...

however, this also means the Note 3 will be able
to output 4K video to 4K TV? (assuming you got
the money to buy a 4K TV)

so, I would not call this pointless.

So when it comes to Sony Xperia Z1 a 4K cameraphone is fantastic... When it comes to LG G2 a smartphone with 24-bit/192KHz playback is wonderful... And when it comes to Samsung Galaxy Note III with both specifications is useless?

actually, i would prefer quad front speakers that change output according to the orientation of the device.

I have to admit that my vocabulary is far too limited to adequately express how much joy this fills me with. Really hope the HQ audio rumor is true. 4K video won't do much for me though. Also hoping Samsung can boost the screen brightness.

This is so sad the hate from Samsung now.... If this was the HTC one max Yall would say can't wait 4k with boom sound omg etc, 3 phones already is using this technology but is catching no great, note 3 uses it u just go nuts bashing it lol Yall really hate Samsung why tho, I believe the hate for Samsung has surpassed apple hate...

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Nothing new from Samsung...
Gimmicky stuff which can't be used as stated by the article along with the fact that competitors have already come out with similar technologies...
Let's see the HTC one max...

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It's new technology that most newer phones will probably start packing so why bash Samsung but not bash phone industry as a whole for starting to use this technology?

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When you at the top, those below you do everything to knock you down.

*sigh* another day ending in Y.

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