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Well, well, it looks like our friends in the UK will be able to purchase a Galaxy Nexus starting Thursday. Phones4u announced today on Google+ that the retailer will have the flagship phone exclusively at their store in Oxford Circus (which is one of the busiest). 

In addition to that awesome bit of news, the first 100 purchasers will get a £250 voucher for media content for the Nexus. 

They have also stated that ice cream sandwiches will also be served, which is worth the trip in itself. 

So there you have it. One store tomorrow from one retailer will have the Galaxy Nexus available for you lucky UK residents. Doors open at 8am, so be sure to get there early. 

Source: Google+


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Galaxy Nexus available in the UK Thursday from Phones4u!


which carrier? can the Brits simply just pop in a SIM card and voice+data works flawlessly on any and all UK carriers? how much? is the phone subsidized at all? just curious - but i'm confused on the UK system.

UK system isn't the confusing one :D

Phones are rarely exclusive, they all use the same radios so you can get what you want and put whatever network's SIM in you like. If a model's sold on a network it's probably soft-locked into that network, easily unlockable.



We stopped by the Oxford Street, London, Phones 4U store which has been exclusively selling the Galaxy Nexus since 8am UK time to find out about availability and sales. While Phones 4U PR – and indeed the sales staff we spoke to on the phone ahead of time – told us the unlocked Galaxy Nexus was priced at £549.99 ($868), in-store we were quoted £529.99 ($837). However, other stores had told us that unlocked sales would not be allowed at all, leading to frustration among Android developers wanting the official Googlephone to test their apps on Ice Cream Sandwich.

Indeed good Sir, it appears you must wait for Big Red to remove the stick from their arse and release the bloddy G-Nex so Google can finally sell it for other U.S. carriers. =\

Haha, Verizon was the first carrier that was confirmed to be carrying the Galaxy Nexus, hopefully they're not the last to actually release it.

You can import one of these phones and activate it. Costly but it can be done. We don't have that option at Verizon.

We Verizon customers will be the last in the world to get the phone.

I am upset that I am stuck with Verizon, but I am happy for the rest of the world.

Why so angry at vzw? It was announced the Gmail version was ready and not lte so it makes since. The more I see this phone on YouTube the more I like my bionic. For bloodsake head phone jack on.bottom of phone 32gb will only give about 21gb for media and backups.

Actually, whenever I slip my phone into my pocket, it's the top of the phone that goes in first. The headphone jack on the bottom works really well for my situation.

21Gb will surely be enough for apps. There's really no need to store music on the device anymore thanks to all of the great cloud based services. And for those who are stuck with the shitty tiered data plans, there's more then enough room to store a few movies/albums. Don't forget about google music's offline caching.

Actually, HP jack on the bottom makes PILES of sense if you are in the habit of using your phone in your car, as I am. Charger port and HP port both hanging down off the bottom rather than yanking on the top or side... Makes sense to me.

Also makes it easier to create a unified "dock" for the phone as well. No need for a fancy proprietary dock port, just put the HP and USB on the same side. Done.

Ha you are funny moto troll. 32gig you will only get 21? You really are clueless, if you look anywhere you will see the 32gb gets more than 21 usable gigs. You keep your bionic with it's awful screen and delayed updates since this phone clearly isn't for you.

Is this Samsung's first 4G LTE phone? I wonder if VZW isn't still sorting out some radio tweaks with Samsung.

Believe me, you don't want to have the radio problems that the Bionic owners are having. It a real s-storm over there on the Motorola Bonic forums about that.

No...they have the Charge on Verizon...and I do not recall any issues with LTE on that, but I don't know for sure since I don't have that phone.

The Charge on Verizon sucks. I had it, sold it on ebay and bought a Razr as a place keeper. The Charge looses data all the time. And the OS is very lagging at times. I'm sure some issues are due to RAM and others with the File System. It has been like that from day one. The Razr is making the waiting period much easier for me. I now have till January 9th for the Nexus. Hope it isn't much past November 28th. Plus with Google in Charge (pun intended ) of updates, problems will be quickly addressed.

All Verizon 4g phones have problems with data. It's not the phones, it is the new network. They are having some serious issues with it but they are not letting this be known officially.

It did get better the last time the 4g network went down overnight across the nation.

Hopefully this will be the last time a carrier has control over the release date on a nexus in the US. This isn't a Verizon phone, it's a google phone.

But its carriers that buy the rights to sell the phone. So carriers are still needed. Sorry to burst your bubble

I say let them have it first, so that they can discover the bugs and they can be worked out before being released over here.

Got my Razr as place holder as well, and very happy with it.. No rush ill chill with my Moto.. Lol. The charge I also had didn't even open it refund &, waited for razr curtosy upgrade the charge was..

I'm happy for the people over in the UK. Hopefully we will start seeing some more hands-on videos to tide us over.

whats all the fuss about lol? verizon made no promises other than it would be out before the year ended. I want this thing as much as everyone else, but lets take the hate down a notch lol. goosfraba goosfraba

Verizon has helped stoke the flames by running a web portal promoting the Nexus and soliciting people to, in the words of Verizon:

"Sign up to receive more information and be one of the first to get
the Galaxy Nexus by Samsung on Verizon."

Sure, that's not a promise of anything, but enticing people to "be one of the first" by entering their email gets people watching their inboxes for some kind of announcement.

I think VZW is just holding out to let the Rezound and Razr get some play before the Nexus kills them with ICS.

Verizon will not let a precious "DROID" phone be over shadowed by something else too quickly. While on that topic... if one more person looks at my phone and says "is that a Droid?" while simply referring to it being Android, I will punch them... in the nuts.