Our lucky friends over at WMExperts have been testing Firefox Mobile Alpha 3, but we haven't had much hope for Android to get the Fennec browser. That is, until a recent Q&A with Madhava Enros, the mobile UI lead for Mozilla, left slip that "there is investigation going on into making it work on Android."

Yes, we know it is not much to go off of. But at least it is better than a flat "no." This indeed can be great news for those of you hopeing for a Firefox mobile expierence on your Android devices.

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Kevin says:

Hope this comes out for android. It would be nice to have pinch to zoom on the Droid.

Anonymous says:

U want pinch zoom get dolphin browser. Any way pinch is over rated

javaman83 says:

I'm much more interested in Opera mobile. The s60 version was great, and I'm sure the android version will be as well.

endonend says:

Mozilla CEO said back in October that Firefox (Fennec)is coming to Android:

pastapapa50 says:

What about Chrome for Android? Any signs of that coming our way?