Facebook calling

The Facebook Messenger app for Android was updated today, bringing feee VoIP calling to users in Canada. This mirrors the way things were done on the iOS app, which saw support for folks in the U.S. about two weeks after it debuted in Canada. While there's no guarantee the Android app will follow the same roll-out schedule, we're going to assume that it will cross the border soon.

In addition to the new VoIP calling, the app allows group conversations to be viewed in the sidebar, and allows them to be searched by name and friends. Hit the Google Play link to update.

Via: Cnet

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Comineeyeaha says:

Also worth noting: the bug where if you're using it in conjunction with 4.2.x, your keyboard doesn't work when accessing the message directly from the notification bar. Before, you either had to switch orientations back and forth, or you had to back out of the message, and then go back in. Now, it works perfectly fine. I mentioned it in a thread on Reddit, and one of the devs from Facebook noticed it and then got to work on it.

rwong48 says:


it wasn't so much a "keyboard not working" problem, it was the display not refreshing properly. the keyboard definitely works, even though you can't see what you're typing. you can even send it! :P

bigtank says:

Canada???all it will be is convos about maple syrup...WTH

Please help. I downloaded this app last week, used my number to sign in since I don't have a Facebook account, changed ROMs and now I can't log in.

burger30 says:

Works pretty good,

but only able to receive calls if your not connected to wifi

you are able to make calls using wifi but only to people not using wifi.