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Multiple content sources can now populate your home or lock screens

Facebook is rolling out a new feature to its Android beta testing group that enables the ability to add other media content sources to Facebook Home or your lock screen. The ability to set Facebook Home as just your lock screen and not primary launcher isn't new, but being able to customize what media sources populate it is. Now when setting up Home, you can choose to sign in and add Flickr, Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram accounts to the service.

After setting up your accounts, you will now see a mixture of photos from all of the services you've selected on your lock or home screens, rather than just content from your Facebook friends. You'll be able to "like" or comment on the pictures and simply hit the "view on" button to open the media in your browser as well.

Following questionable amounts of adoption of its Facebook Home product, its good to see Facebook take a step in the other direction to give us more options for content choices and display styles. As we said, the new feature is rolling out to the Facebook Android beta testing group now, and will hit a wider distribution soon.

Source: Facebook Newsroom


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Facebook Home opens up to show media from Flickr, Tumblr and others


I think a lot of us are suffering Facebook fatigue and therefore aren't using FB Home. So they're adding extra stuff to entice us.

How is the HTC first doing? I haven't heard anything since launch.

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All I know is at&t stopped selling it. Most likely because of horrid sales

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Facebook Home = FAIL!! Lets start thinking about who NEEDS what. Voice of Customer doesn't seem to be in anyones model anymore.

I tried days ago and uninstalled it after 10 minutes... I consider Home unattractive and impractical, although this last feature as being advertise as the great advantage of Facebook Home.