The update to the Android Facebook app that CEO Mark Zuckerberg detailed this morning is now live in the Android Market. New features include:

  • Groups - Share posts with small groups of friends.
  • Places - Share where you are with your friends, see where friends are, and discover places nearby.
  • Improved notifications - view comments and updates within the app.

Update in the Android Market, or hit up the download links after the break.


Reader comments

Facebook for Android update in the Market now, get your Places on!


The current app is pretty worthless, giving much less functionality than just going to the website. News feed way behind, etc. So any sort of improvement would be, well, an improvement.

Sadly, it's still pretty useless. STILL can't tell if anyone commented on your photo (or like) unless you click on the comments link. That's pretty bad usability, and considering it's Facebook...makes it even worse.

The update is seriously a hell of a lot better than I expected. I could care less about Places or Groups, but the ability to go to notifications in-app is awesome. Pretty sure that people will still complain cause FB Chat isn't in yet.

An app like Trillian that handles multiple protocals > Facebook chat in the Facebook App

Go to notifications in app always seemed like something that should have been in from the start. That's bothered me since I installed the app.

Agreed here. This application desperately needs push, tagging and I'd love to be able to switch off that photo-stream that for me is totally unnecessary. It is an improvement though, hopefully it'll continue to be updated regularly.

absolutely agree, it needs these updates to notifications, photo tagging, etc. The notification options are really lacking. I'll be monitoring the battery suck for this update. I wouldn't have held a press conference to announce this update, its pretty minor.

Does anyone else experience problems updating from the old app and the new one? When I update my status or upload a picture it only posts to my profile and not the news feed. Any advice??

I soooo miss my palm pre for facebook. Tagging, instantly uploading directly from the gallery (didn't take you to the facebook app). And the integration of contacts. Which android has, just not as.... fluid.

why would i want to give my location, so someone else can say "hey look theres joe at his house" Or "look, hes at the deli". Come on REALLY??

Seriously, that would seem like a trivial bug fix. Clearly they're more focused on adding new and more spectacular bugs. Facebook App Fail.

does anyone know if we will have access to "DEALS" via the app or will we have to navigate to ??

Chat, Pages, Notes, Tagging, changing/renaming/editing of photos/albums, push notifications, and the live feed.

Work on that Mr. Zuckerberg, and you will have a fantastic little app.

Since when does a minor app update deserve 3 gushing posts on Android Central.

As soon as they said NO PHONE, the event should have been over as far as AC is concerned.

Face it, AC was played.

Three big stories about nothing, pushing traffic to a security challenged site. Way to go guys.

I don't know what's going on with this update. It keeps failing. I try and remove the old version and reinstall and even though it looks like the old version uninstalls it's still listed in my programs even though it's not in my settings list anymore. WTF?

Overall, a descent update but I'm still having issues with my status updates not showing up on the news feed when I update it in the Android application. GRRRRR!!!! Is anyone else having this issue other than me and if you are, any idea on how to fix it?????

I know, very annoying. I've contacted Facebook at least a dozen times in the last 3-4 weeks bout it and no response what so ever. I also sent a message to AC bout it, hoping they could dive into it alil bit and they too have said nothing bout it. In my opinion, the Facebook for Android app is bout as useless as it gets.

I'm in the same boat. I hope someone here might have some advice, but I'm glad to know I'm not the only one experiencing it.

Just downloaded the update. You'd think with a big announcement, they would have made big improvements. Nope.

they cant make big improvements they cant. Its been months and nothing from Facebook for Android. This has got to be the worst making of a app that billions of people want to use,come on Facebook get it together.

This update for android was a waste of time why is it so hard to update the app for android just like the iphone app?
Need UPDATE again ASAP

the Android version still seems to be lagging behind the WinMo and iPhone apps. Hopefully FB will figure out that the 2nd largest mobile OS needs to be a dev priority for them.

The last version decided not to give me status updates in the widget for a week...had to unistall and re-install. Will try the new version .

I would say someone should start a petition to get facebook to put out an app with all the same features as the iOS app... but I don't think anyone takes petitions seriously anyway.

I think it's an improvement. Still hate that I have to switch between the app and the web version to do certain basic things though.

Really!?!?….a big announcement for this little bit of stuff?? They could have saved us the trouble of anticipating something big..facebook for android still kinda sucks but good try tho

Whenever I post a status from this app it only posts on my personal wall instead of the news feed so none of my friends see it in there timeline. Anyone else having this problem or know how to fix it?

I tried the new groups feature and it gets stuck trying to load every time I try it. Everything else seems fast.

Seems to use less resources. I have the widget running on my Droid, and now I can put a live wallpaper up without too much hitching.

Facebook is nothing but a fad for sheeps to follow each other. My friends and family always know what I'm doing because I actually talk to them. Anyone else, if I wanted them to know what I'm up to, I would tell them in person.

When I'm on the iPhone, the app feels like Facebook. When I'm on Android, it feels like a layer accessing Facebook. I know that's what they both do, but it shouldn't feel like that. Also, it makes me feel like the iPhone has more functionality as a developing platform. I know it's easier to develop for and profit off of, but I mean, no tagging? I just feels so plain.

Whatever. It's a nice update. I'm looking forward to progress :)

Really disappointed; wanted to see Needs Facebook Chat, Push Notifications,Tagging of Photos, and photo rotation.

This newest update seems to have a lot of trouble loading about half the pics when I'm viewing albums. Anyone else having this problem?

Update: uninstalled >reinstalled >fixed ;-)

I just don't understand why we can't have push notifications for comments, likes, etc. The messages seem to be coming in pretty fast tho, faster than I actually have my notification interval set. Still. Facebook is one of the things I miss about my Blackberries (although that's about the only thing)

Right before a friend and I switched from the Storm to the DX we were talking about how horrible facebook for blackberry is and she said well it cant be any worse right? LMAO WRONG!

Anyway its a fairly new technology and I am sure with some patience it will get hammered out.

Worse than before!! I finally got used to not getting notifications unless I actually open up facebook. Now, even with the app opened, notifications don't appear.