Evo 4G software update

Sprint and HTC this morning released the expected software update for the Evo 4G. Said to be improved in Version 1.47.651.1 are Wifi signal strength reporting, improvements to the Exchange ActiveSync security policies, and network improvements to address battery life.

The update takes just a few minutes to download and install. You can get it by going to Settings>System update>HTC Update. Sound off in the forums if you're seeing improvements.


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Evo 4G software update now available


No update for rooted users. Many times they set it so the phone doesn't see itself as being eligible for an upgrade. For custom roms, it could easily break something. Even worse, the update could apply and it could close the access to root (this one apparently does break the unrevoked root). So, it's better to relax and wait for your favorite devs to either cook it into your rom or release a root-friendly update.

Also in central Ohio, no updates available. I have also tried several tricks including the profile update without success.

Does anyone know how the update are distributed? Are they cached via a geographically local repository?

I finally was able to get the software update. It installed after several reboots. There were a few hiccups with the update.

I would recommend not having phone connected to computer. Windows was mounting the phone at several points. Also windows was detecting all of the hidden stuff durring the update.

Upon the last reboot, the Sprint 4G splash was "stuck" for several minutes. The unit was responding with the haptic feedback when using to the touch controls but graphic was stuck till I hit Back several times in a row. ????

My EVO home screens are pretty much stock only adding Mobile and Hotspot on/off controls on the radio page. My voicemail(android included) icon on the home screen had an error. The SprintTV widget also had an error. Deleted and readded widget/shortcut.


Finally after 30min of using the phone with the new update, I recieved an upgrade notice again. Thinking that the phone didnt update a file correctly the first time I allowed the phone to update. Going on its 2nd reboot the phone never came back on.


The phone is completely unresponsive. There is no led light, no sound, no haptic feedback... nothing. I have let the phone sit without usb & battery. tried to drain the charge by holding power button down. nothing, no response.... Dead... Dead... Dead!

I definately would reccomend not having phone attached to computer as well as Ignoring a possible update message....

Good Luck!!!

I had the same exact problem, except that I was not connected to a computer or anything except wifi. The first time I tried installing, it said there was an error, so I tried again.... Like you said, the second time the Sprint 4G screen stayed on for a while and then the went off and never came back on. I went to a sprint store which was sold out of Evos, so no replacement. They tried a bunch of things (most which I tried also, plus a hard reset and a different battery) but nothing worked. The phone is completely dead..... Be careful guys! I also found a few discussion boards online that were having the same issues.

When I was on the pre, palm always had an official change log for every update, does that exist on a Google website or a sprint website in this case?

It is just so freaking frustrating to see Sprint and HTC right on the ball with these updates, while Verizon HTC Incredible owners are just left holding an outdated and forgotten brick.

I've contacted HTC and they've acknowledge the problems and promised updates. But when??

I wonder if the the delay is on HTC or Verizon? Anyone care to respond?

Sounds like some pretty good fixes. It's a shame that the Incredible, a phone that came out over a month before the EVO, hasn't gotten any updates to fix the reception or battery issues. I'm hoping that HTC is just rolling those fixes into the Froyo update...

My thoughts exactly. Not knocking down the EVO (FANTASTIC device in it's own right), but the Incredible has serious issues that need to be addressed with a sense of urgency (things you mentioned, call clarity, etc.). Read that VzW/HTC: SENSE OF URGENCY.

Anyway, enjoy the update EVO crew!!!!!

I have heard of battery issues, like the EVO, but how has reception been? I originally read problems of reception when the Incredible first came out, but nothing since... actually the opposite... many people talking about how good the reception is. The only thing I am still seeing is the the signal bars are inaccurate... such as, no bars, but still able to make clear calls.

Updating in Raleigh, NC... it's great that it gives you the options for the type of connection you want to download the update over

i dont know what to do. i rooted once with unrevoked but then unrooted it by deleting unrevoked from my phone. I severly dont want to brick my phone because where i live there is a 2 week waiting list for the evo.i know that if you update twice itll brick but i dont know if i should take that chance. should i just bite the bullet and try and update it or should i wait and let this whole thing ride out

Don't touch it! If you like ANYTHING that having root can do for you, don't update your phone. You've gone this far without having this update, you can wait a little longer. If you don't wait, you might not be able to regain your root access (it might even break your ability to downgrade your version). If you can wait just a little bit, the devs will be able to take all of the root-friendly updates and create a nice update for everyone.

unrevoked is not "rooting" the phone, it is just a temporary sudo that doesn't allow any changes on the system partitions and should not interfere with updates.

Updated my phone. I don't see any obvious difference yet for the wifi strenght. Also, the release notes did not mention anything about wifi.

Gallery seems a lot faster when swyping through pictures....the android wallpapers have disappeared.

Just updated here in southern California ,looks like the update fix the screen issues that it had when tried to bring down the notification bar without touching the phone ...... anybody notice that ?

ok, here at my desk at work where my Evo hardly got one to no bars for wi-fi, it is now picking up two solid bars. Hopefully this update is doing what it's suppose to in all areas.

He'll ya...so damn sensitive now.I love my EVO. Anywhere u put the phone you can now bring the notification bar down.

He'll ya...so damn sensitive now.I love my EVO. Anywhere u put the phone you can now bring the notification bar down.

I never really had any issues with wifi signal. It loses signal at the exact some distance away from my router as my old Palm Pre did. But the way it reports the signal strength seems strangely inconsistent. I can't really tell if the overall reporting is better after the update. But I definitely don't have to be as close to the router to get a full signal reporting now.

The screen sensitivity/grounding issue has definitely been eliminated!

Looks like we did get N band. Setting my wireless router to 2.4ghz N band only and it works a treat. WiFi Analyzer shows the signal strength jumped quite a bit from -60DBm to -50DBm. Speed showing at 65Mpbs. Cool!

Updated fine.
No ill effects noted yet.
My qik is still listed... have never used it.
Quick-office icon changed.
Other than that... no difference noted other than it seems like there's more free memory? (Always a good thing, if true!)

Update here in Baltimore... problem occurs when I try installing over my original, rooted ROM. Install starts, then I get a page w/ and Android man and a triangle w/ exclamation point.

Might just put the stock ROM back on, update that, and flash back to my 2.2 EVOlutionX ROM. Froyo FTW!!!

WARNING: Bricked my phone. It turned off during installation and never rebooted. Now I've tried everything and it won't turn back on. Even when on the charger, it won't light up. The only solution is the repair center according to Sprint and they are still sold out so I won't even have a replacement.

Hopefully it's just me, but you may want to wait a day before updating.

Mine was stock, and it only updated once, not twice like what is bricking others'. Had it exchanged at the store though and ran the update again and everything went well, so I'm happy.

Yep...I'm having issues with the android widgets. If I trash them and re add them its seems to work fine...weird

I just noticed theupdate got rid of one of the walapapers. Only have Live, HTC, and Gallery for use of wall papers. Not a big deal though.

Got the update here in Hutto, TX which is right outside Austin. Seems to have worked fine, with one exception. Almost all of my widgets had to be removed from my home screens and readded. After the update, it said that there was a problem loading them.

Did anyone else have this happen?

Yes, many have had this issue as quite a few comments have been made about this. I had to reload all of my widgets too.

I just noticed theupdate got rid of one of the walapapers. Only have Live, HTC, and Gallery for use of wall papers. Not a big deal though.

Updated here in Toledo, OH. Maybe I'm crazy but homescreen switching seems a little smoother.

Also, I am seeing the same widget problems everyone else is.

My phone updated fine, and relatively quickly. As everyone is saying, you have to remove and re-add widgets. Unrevoked is still on the phone and appears to work fine until you attempt to use wireless tether. Should have thought that one over...

Sad panda :(

Don't notice any improvement in WiFi here.

I'm using the default Sprint scene. Can anyone tell me what the widgets were on the home screen and the first screen to the right. I can't remember?

I have a non rooted EVO & downloaded the update only once. It turned of during installation now it won't turn on. I tried taking out the battery and putting it back in but that didn't work.

I'm in Michigan, too, and had no problem. Sure you're trying "HTC software update" instead of "firmware" or other?


I was a Dumb-A & tried to update right after the update.
I've already taken the phone to Sprint & also have tried taking the battery out etc but nothing is working. So now I have to wait till a New Evo is instock.

I still love my Evo!

It's light years past the Pre~

-wish, or it would've been a good idea to post the warning on the 'Evo software Update Available' about updating twice ='s Brick

No update for me in Michigan. I still haven't seen this answered. If I have a rooted Evo using Fresh ROM, will I still receive an OTA update or only if it is not rooted? Does anyone know? Do you have a rooted EVO and received the update? I keep manually trying to update and it says that I have the latest update. Things that make you go.......hmmmmm
Have a great day! And thanks for your input. Love my EVO!!!

No no no, you won't get updates. Just wait one or two days until you can flash the latest and greatest Fresh rom. He has good turn around time, don't worry.

Dont do anything with the phone while it is updating. Just let it sit, do its thing, and when its all done, you'll get a message that it was successfully installed. It does take some time to install and stays on the 4G screen for quite sometime but dont worry about it.

PS. New Android user (coming from Palm Pre), loving the EVO, and first post on AndroidCentral!

Some other tips:

1) Use caution if you have rooted your phone!!! I don't have any answers about this, but obviously a lot of people are asking questions.
2) Make sure you have a charged battery, preferably have it plugged into wall power during the update.
3) Do not have it connected to a computer USB, if something is mounted it could cause problems.
4) It can't hurt to do a reboot before starting the update process to ensure everything is as clean as possible.
5) After an update, if it offers another update, NEVER ACCEPT IT, read the forums to see if there is an issue.

I'm here in San Antonio and the update went fine. Just let do what it do and everything should be fine....havent had any problems like the ones listed. Fondling my Evo to see if there is a difference...


The other poster is not alone.
It updated... and then tried to update again.... then, lights out nobody home

I've tried pulling the battery for 2 minutes.... no lights... no power... nothing

I'm off to the Sprint repair place within an hour.... probably they can reflash it and it'll be fine, but I expect I'll lose all my data.

Damn. I wonder what is going on. So many people (like me) had no problems at all. There has to be some common thread for the people that ended up with issues.

Did the update here in Dallas and everything seems to be working fine including widgets. The Android wallpapers are gone but I do have more bars on my Wifi at my office.

updated fine in san francisco. question to the folks whose phones got bricked... did you have security enabled exchanged on your phones? i had an eerily reminiscent problem a few weeks ago... the phone went into an infinite loop trying to boot up. somewhere in the forums i found a fix that suggested holding the volume down button while powering it on. it worked, lost a lot of data but not all... haven't loaded exchange back on since. waiting for froyo... wondering if this is one of the exchange issues that was supposed to be fixed with the update.

OK in San Jose, done in 10 minutes after a few cycles showing an update screen. I sweated a little as I was reading reports of bricked phones after I already committed to the update. I have an Exchange account set up, but only to sync, no extra security.

BTW, I get 4G in my office near the SJ airport.

Just updated in NYC. Minor issus. Keep getting a data error after the update which went away as I start making calls and going on the internet. My widgets wouldn't load so I had to remove them and when I replaced them everything was fine.

cool update... now I have full bars on my Wifi signal while I sit by the pool in my backyard.... Before today I barely had a bar showing up.....

Crap. Lost a whole paragraph,bad gateway.... Got it in Nashville and saw 3g for first time since getting phone. Just wifi or 4g prior. All links intact. Love this thing and experience so far and by God,Sprint really has improved their customer service...though no need for it with this phone. I thought I'd miss my Pre...but not for a second...

Crap. Lost a whole paragraph,bad gateway.... Got it in Nashville and saw 3g for first time since getting phone. Just wifi or 4g prior. All links intact. Love this thing and experience so far and by God,Sprint really has improved their customer service...though no need for it with this phone. I thought I'd miss my Pre...but not for a second...

Did the update it went prefectly. Don't do anything on it and let the process go. And have enough battery life to do it. I do miss the Android wallpaper, but the Mario live wallpaper fit just fine today, just in time!
Also, had a couple of widgets that needed to be re-applied to the home screens, but other than that no big deal!

I just updated my phone. My 3rd party widgets all broke. In place of the widget i get an gray box that says problem loading gadget. It even did that for sprint voice mail. Other than that the phone seems to be fine. I did notice an update to quick office. Just trying to figure out why some of my widgets broke. I just re-added them and they work fine it was just a pain to do so

I updated this morning in Brooklyn, NY. No problems. I also got 4g on Ocean Parkway between 18th ave and Foster ave. I guess there are some unofficial hotspots in NYC!

I'm in NE Ohio and was able to download the update about an hour ago. Might have been there sooner, but I didn't look. The phone does recycle at least 4-5 times, so be patient. I read about some of the bricking going on, and got a little worried after the first couple of reboots.

I too had some gadgets that are showing up with the gray box saying "Problem loading gadget" will have to fix that once I get home. Can only play with the phone so much at work.

This is f***ing rediculous. I updated the phone, then it said I had another update...figured this was maybe a follow up. Attempted to get the second update and it BRICKED MY PHONE! Don't know who to be more pissed off with...Sprint, HTC, THE WORLD?!?! And to think I'm not the only one this happened to, but no one seems to be doing anything about this or care in the least. I guess this is HTC's or Sprint's way of saying "Well if you think it might damage your phone, don't get our updates" similar to Job's "Hold your phone differently if you don't want your calls to drop". It would be at least something if one of those two companies (HTC or Sprint) would issue a nationwide recall and give us a new phone.

I never thought I'd compare my experience to anything Apple, as I really dislike that company, but this is looking eerily familiar.

No it wasn't, and no task killer besides Astro but I didn't use it as a task killer. Didn't even touch that. Regular EVO, a few "Market" apps nothing crazy, and treated practically with kid gloves.

So I went to Sprint and like everybody else...have to wait to get a phone when they come in, which could be tomorrow or maybe even next week or longer, so I'm out a phone until then. This is absolutely crazy and I'm about to write the nastiest letter ever to HTC. If I were a betting man, I'd bet that a class action lawsuit would be appropriate here, unless they do something HUGE to compensate for this EPIC FAIL.

:( Yeah, that doesn't sound good. That was one of the many nice things about WebOS- it was impossible to "brick" a Pre or Pixi. If something went horribly wrong, you just download the WebOS doctor program on your Linux (or MS Windows or MACOS machine) and reimage it back to stock. Why that is not available for Android, I just can't imagine.... seems to basic to me.

I definitely agree, as I had the Pre before. Never had to reimage but I knew I could if I had to. I think maybe Google needs to have a few stations similar to "Apple Stores" (hate to make the reference but they do have the right idea) so that maybe those techs can do what the inefficient and rude Sprint techs can not. Sprint has been very good to me, but their technical side has absolutely not and I do not even bother with them. Basically if I can't figure it out, chances are they can't either. HTC better make good after this, so embarassing for their company, as well as the limitations of Android (albeit there aren't many).

Once again, there is only one (1) update! Even if you see another update available, DO NOT install it! (Notice, they have the same #s).

I had no problems updating it in New Orleans. I took a while and I too was a little concerned since it went through several boot cycles. But it works great now and my Wifi signal is definitely better. The "screen grounding" issue was also fixed.

It did break unrevoked root, but that isn't a huge issue. I know the guys will have it fixed in no time.


OK ... I've spent the morning with this.... I'll share.

I tried to do the update.... bricked.
I thought they could reflash the firmware.... nope... requires a new phone.
... this is from a Repair Sprint store.
No apologies.... almost denying they did it... and I'm standing there with another guy whose phone is also bricked.

They could put me on a waiting list.... or... I could return it where I got it.

I called Radio Shack and they were GREAT... they had a spare and gave it to me.

I won't be allowing any updates for a while.
If you call Sprint, they know nothing about it and deny that it's happening.


Nope.... pretty much a stock unit.
Yes, I downloaded a pile of stuff (google goggles, google night sky, a bunch of games, etc) from Market, but no app killers or anything that did anything with the OS.
I did not root it.

Well, the real issue is that unlike Palm WebOS, apparently you can't restore an Android phone to a known image. With the Pre/Pixi, one can just download WebOS Doctor, press a key while turning the phone on, and image it right back to normal, making WebOS phones "unbrickable".

Sorry you had issues, I hope they get you up with another phone soon

Update went fine here in Memphis, TN. It rebooted a few times, but I let it do its thing. Definitely more responsive and seems to have improved battery life.

Update went great in North FL. I let it do it's thing. I noticed the Android wallpapers are gone, but new wallpapers are added to the HTC wallpapers. The best part of this update is I have noticed a HUGE increase in battery life!!! Thank you Sprint for fixing this. Wifi is better, but that has never been a big deal for me.

Came through all right in Seattle, WA. Had to remove and replace my BBC Live Stream widgit but that's about it. Had me a little worried, I admit, it took so long (15-20 minutes - maybe 5 for the download, the rest for the install).


Installed through HTC software update over WiFi. Update installed fine, had to remove and replace a few widgets on the home screen.. but other than that, it works great now. WiFi appears to be reporting back more accurately and it seems to have fixed my screen "grounding" issue. I can't vouch for the battery life yet but overall, I'm pretty happy about it.

The update is downloaded and installed (NYC). Seems to be working so far with no problems. Haven't tested the wifi yet, but hoping for improvement. Hoping for improved battery life, though I can't say I've had any problems with the battery so far...

Let me ask this one more time... Will i be able to get the update on a rooted EVO and i don't mean unrEVOked root?

Updated in VA on a stock EVO. Worked perfectly. WiFi now reports things MUCH better than before. No problems with widgets. Never had a "grounding" issue on the phone.

I suspect the people with problems have rooted and are using hacks and non-standard ROMS... in the WebOS world, it was imperative to remove most hacks before updating, perhaps that applies in Android too.

(Of course, in WebOS/Pre it was also IMPOSSIBLE to "brick" your phone, because you can ALWAYS reload everything from the WebOS doctor)

((And in WebOS/Pre you also don't HAVE to "root" your phone to get root, and it didn't break with updates. Yes, there are things I miss about my Pre...))

>Not much in the change log.

There rarely is. But they just had to make sure they added:

"WARNING - Rooted Devices: Most likely rooted devices will not accept or even receive the update which is expected and why roots void warranty."

All is good in St Petersburg... phone seemed to restart several times, but just let it do it's thing. Battery life does seem a bit better.

Dang it!!! My EVO is totally bricked. None of the Sprint stores in my area have new ones to replace it with. I was offered a refurbed EVO but I refused it.

I am quite disappointed. Actually, almost to the point of straight up returning my EVO. I never rooted my EVO. Add all of the apps on it came from the Android Market accept the app for Audible.com. Maybe the Audible.com app was the problem since was not in the Android Market.

I called Sprint customer care. They were helpful as they could be by finding a store with EVOs being shipped in almost daily; but I had hoped that they could ship me one over night or within a few days.

Fortunately, I kept my Palm Pre as backup and the I have a Google Voice number that I usually give out instead of my regular number.

Hopefully, Sprint will come through for those of us that have not rooted or done something funky to their EVOs.

How do I force this update? I rooted then un-rooted and have a feeling that's why I'm not getting the update.

What's the firmware/baseband/version supposed to be at PRIOR to updating?

Downloaded and installed the updat yesterday here in Florida and had no problems with it. I haven't experienced any problems with it since. I haven't had enough time to notice any changes in battery life or wifi performance...the only thing I have noticed is that it takes longer for the wifi signal to become operational. Other than this, no problems.

Did this update remove using stock Android? I had a defective evo, and had it replaced. On my new evo, I noticed I can't find Android launcher in the manage applications. Can anyone help.