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Following yesterday's Galaxy S III announcement in London, we some initial announcements from UK retailers and mobile networks, indicating broad availability for Samsung's new flagship phone when it arrives in late May. And today we have confirmation that the Galaxy S III will indeed ship on every major mobile network in the country, just like the HTC One S and One X before it. T-Mobile, Orange, Three, Vodafone and O2 have all done their official announcements, and many plan to stock it from May 30 (which leads us to believe that availability on the 29th may be limited to be select few stores.)

As we reported yesterday, Vodafone will exclusively offer the 32GB version in the UK for a limited time. Everyone else will get the 16GB variant.

O2 and Carphone Warehouse even have the first details of on-contract pricing. Carphone's offering the S III for free on £36-per-month plans from Vodafone and Orange, both of which offer 600 minutes, unlimited texts and 1GB. Cheaper monthly plans are also available, if you're willing to pay an up-front fee. And for those wanting to order through O2, on-contract prices range from free to £299.99. If you want the handset without any up-front fee, you'll have to stump up £46 per month, which'll get you unlimited minutes, umlimited texts and 1GB.

SIM-free prices, it seems, will float around the £500-550 mark -- according to Clove Technology and Carphone Warehouse -- which comes close to matching the November launch price of the Galaxy Nexus. However, this price point also makes the Galaxy S III a little more expensive than its main competitor, the HTC One X.

Are you thinking about dropping some cash on a shiny new Galaxy S III when it lands on May 29? Be sure to let us know in the comments!

Source: O2, Clove Technology, Carphone Warehouse


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Every major UK network will carry the Samsung Galaxy S III


hold up, hold up, hold up, UK plans only offer 1GB???!! What is 1GB gonna do these days? I average about 6GB a month on Sprint and that's with using WiFi in my house. Today's phones are multimedia beasts, 1GB cannot be enough when you can stream HD video, check any website you want, and video chat around the world!

That being said, this phone looks awesome, will be getting it in white when it comes to Sprint.

Apparently you don't spend much time at home.

Its easy to stay under 2gig / mo by using wifi for all the big streaming needs and pinning your music to the phone via wifi.

/me: digs out latest bill... 5 people on the plan, 3 Android, 2 Iphone 4S, only one of them broke 1 Gig.

Not everyone spends there life on the smartphone, video calling = not big at all in the UK, HD streaming = not much available to stream in HD on a mobvile device, internet = I have one GB a month and rarely ever exceed 750mb a month and browse a lot of internet include YouTube on my phone. UK (particularly london) also has tones of wifi hotspots that a lot of networks pay BT to use, so large data intensive tasks can be offset from the mobile data plan. Plus with no LTE in the UK data isn't burnt through in minutes. I think about 95% of smartphone users in the UK (if not more) don't need more than 1GB and if they do the expensive 2GB plans will suffice.

£500 - £550 = $807 to $888 USdollars.

Which is QUITE A BIT more than an International GSM HTC One X, which are running around $610-630 in the US. About %25 more.

True, you have to crank in tax and shipping, etc.

But working from the advertised price pounds to dollars is as good a starting place as any.

You start from there, and decide if the feature differences are worth that extra 25 percent.

The HTC One X is already quite heavily subsidised in places, my favourite retailer ( owned by the Carephone Warehoouse) uses cashback schemes which I have been on that work perfectly, you can pick up the One X for free from £23.12 already, and that comes with 1.5GB data 100mins unlimited texts, or 750mb data 300 mins unlimited texts, these deals are likely to get much better over the coming couple of months, so Samsung has priced it about the price the HTC One X launched with and I expect it will come down pretty swiftly too.

@ Alex Dobie : How does the Blue look in real life? To me, the dark one up close looks cheaper than the white one. Is it good looking or do you prefer the white one?