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If you like to live dangerously, and can't wait any longer to get Android 4.1 Jelly Bean on your Galaxy S III, you'll be pleased to hear that a (very) early preview build of CyanogenMod 10 is now available for Samsung's 2012 flagship. The build isn't yet feature complete, but it seems to be about as functional as the current batch of CM9 nightlies of the S III. That is to say the current build includes a couple of known stability issues with the camera and Wifi tethering -- the kind of thing you'd expect from a nightly-level build. Also, this build is only for the international Galaxy S III -- that's the one with 'GT-i9300' listed under Settings > About device > Model number.

Preview builds are also available for some of the North American (Snapdragon S4-based) Galaxy S III's, albeit with far more stuff broken. Find 'em here and here.

So it's not complete just yet, but it's an early taste of Jelly Bean on the Galaxy S III, and early reports suggest it's very quick and surprisingly stable. If you're feeling brave, you'll find flashing instructions -- and some disclaimers you should definitely read -- over at the source link.

Source: XDA

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brendonsled says:

It is also on the us & canada version as well

aNYthing24 says:

Aw, I was feeling all smug about my GNex having JB. Now I'm a little jelly (bean) myself.

06cbrf4i says:

I have a Droid Incredible and a Galaxy S3 on Verizon. One is running Jelly Bean.

craigrn16 says:

They haven't made a Rom for niether so how?

calvin35 says:

I'm running this right now on my at&t S3. Unless you absolutely need your camera this thing is daily driver ready.

need your camera??? WTF....this is stupid. People bought it for the camera.

codiusprime says:

That's some XDA logic right there.

"This is totally daily driver worthy guys!!*"

*as long as you don't need touch, wifi, data, camera, or the phone to actually turn on

I love XDA, though admittedly the camera isn't really necessary for the phone to function.

I very very rarely use the camera on my phone. i would never buy a phone, or be deterred by buying a certain phone because of the camera.

no matter how many "megapixels" they continue to pack into the phones... a cheep point and shoot camera still trumps the hell out of phone cameras in terms of quality... If i am going to take some pictures... I'm going to grab my device thats soul purpose is to take pictures... not my device that is a phone, web browser, music player, etc... and happens to have a camera.

theophany#CB says:

Awesome. But seeing as the rest of us have phones with class-leading quality cameras that we paid top dollar for, we'd like to have the option of using it.

That's like saying "I bought an £120,000 Mercedes. The quality of the sound system is appalling, but it's ok, the sound system I have at home is better quality anyway." It isn't a valid point so much as a snide remark at people who want to buy more expensive gear.

theophany#CB says:

From the XDA forum post: "This is a PREVIEW : CyanogenMod 10 is nowhere near ready to be used as a daily driver"


sk8trix says:

I'm very excited and cant wait until the nightlies mature a bit CM9 is great but seing videos of cm10 just amazes me hope it's not long before devs put out a solid version

06cbrf4i says:

craigrn16, I got a alpha Jelly Bean build from XDA for my Droid Incredible. I don't think development for that phone is going to stop anytime soon. Love that phone.
Edit: Thx to all the devs who do this stuff.