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As you probably know, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 was just released and is now available to buy all over. If you're itching to get your hands on a Note 10.1, but were wishing that maybe someone would just give you one, then you might be in luck! Lloyd (that's our little green guy up top) decided that he is going to give one of you your very own Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1!

All you have to do to enter to win is show Lloyd how much you love him by creating a bit of fan art. Make it funny, make it serious, but definitely make it awesome. (Bonus points if you create it on your Android phone or tablet.) Once you've got your creation, post it in this Android Central forums thread and tell us a bit about it (inspiration, what you drew it on, etc) as well as why you want to win the new Galaxy Note 10.1. Be sure your entry is in before Sunday at midnight PST. We'll announce the winner at the beginning of next week.

The competition is open to all readers worldwide. Good luck!

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Reader comments

Draw Lloyd fan art and win a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1!


I'm a classical pianist and in addition to the usual multimedia and gaming, I'd love to use the Samsung note to display my scores, so I won't have to carry the music around ;) That's why I drew Lloyd peeping over a piano in Ever note on my desire HD running Jelly bean ;)

I'll try to attach the note from here, if not - I'll email it after... thank you!


can I do it on paper and take a shot with my android phone cam?

Edit: I guess not, my phone isn't good enough to make me draw a good image. SGAce. if I do it on paper, may not be accepted to. what a shame.